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Michelin Star Restaurants in Quebec City: 5 Elegant Restaurants With Excellent Cuisine

Skyline view of Old Quebec City with iconic Chateau Frontenac and Dufferin Terrace against St. Lawrence river in autumn sunny day, a national historic site of Canada, most famous landmark of Quebec.

Michelin Star Restaurants in Quebec City: 5 Elegant Restaurants With Excellent Cuisine

Located on the dazzling Saint Lawrence River, Quebec City is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec. As the second largest city in the province, there are plenty of things to do and see from museums to beautiful waterfalls. Quebec City is also an ideal destination for foodies with numerous fine dining restaurants and delicious local flavors scattered throughout the region. However, if you’re looking for Michelin Star Restaurants in Quebec City, you may be disappointed to find there aren’t any official Michelin restaurants in the area.

Despite the wide range of Michelin-worthy restaurants in Quebec City, Michelin has yet to rate any restaurants in Quebec. As of 2022, Canada does have a Michelin Guide for Toronto and Vancouver, so there is the possibility of Michelin adding a guide for Quebec City in the future.

Keep reading to find out what restaurants in Quebec City may be most likely to receive a Michelin Star if Michelin adds a Quebec Guide in the future.

The chef in the kitchen prepares fruit dessert. Close up
Chefs at Michelin Star Restaurants have to pay attention to even the smallest details of every meal.


Michelin Worthy Restaurants in Quebec City

The Michelin Guide has been a popular way to find the highest-quality restaurants since the mid-1900s. However, for most of its history, the Michelin Guide was confined to Europe, which isn’t surprising since the Michelin company was founded in France. To this day, France is still the country with the most Michelin Stars. 

Over the years, Michelin continued to expand its guide, making its way to the United States in 2005 and to Canada in 2022. Even still, Toronto and Vancouver are the only two locations in Canada with an official Michelin Guide.

Despite the slow expansion of the Michelin Guide in this area, Quebec City does have restaurants that may be worthy of a Michelin Star. If Michelin decides to expand its guide to Quebec City, here are some of the restaurants that could make the cut:

  • Restaurant Tanière³
  • Chez Muffy
  • Le Saint-Amour
  • Laurie Raphaël
  • Légende

Quebec City has a unique culture and cuisine with a rich history that makes it stand out from the other cities and provinces in Canada. Discover what makes each of these restaurants unique down below.

Restaurant Tanière³

There are few dining experiences more elegant and historic than dinner at Restaurant Tanière³. Located in a remodeled wine cellar in the heart of Old Quebec, the ambiance of this restaurant is evident as soon as you walk in the door.

Chef François-Emmanuel Nicol and director Roxan Bourdelais run the show at Restaurant Tanière³. Guests can choose from two distinct dining experiences: the Chef's Counter or the Dining Room Cellar. Both experiences offer a Tasting Menu that will indulge your senses from the beginning to the end of the meal. 

While the Dining Room Cellar offers an intimate experience at the Restaurant Tanière³, the Chef's Counter Experience gives you a front-row seat to the kitchen. No matter which dinner you choose, you'll enjoy a 15 to 20-course meal, depending on the season.

Chez Muffy

The farm-to-table experience at Chez Muffy is something you don't want to miss. Located in a historic warehouse from the 1800s, the relaxing atmosphere overlooking the Saint Lawrence River is almost as exquisite as the food itself.

At Chef Muffy, they know excellent food is never rushed. Many of the local ingredients come straight from the farm at the hotel and they focus on slow-cooking meat, fish, and vegetables for a fresh and authentic dining experience.

The market gardener at Chef Muffy works closely with the chef to ensure they choose the freshest and highest quality ingredients. You can enjoy breakfast or dinner at Chez Muffy any day of the week. The dinner menu includes a 4-course meal and you may enjoy items such as the Wild Caught Salmon or the Stuffed Veal Striploin with veal sweetbreads and green beans.

Le Saint-Amour

If you're looking for a place to have a romantic dinner in Quebec City, Le Saint-Amour is an excellent choice. This iconic restaurant offers traditional French cuisine with a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. A well-loved restaurant by locals and tourists passing through the city, Le Saint-Amour has received numerous recognitions and Traveller's Choice it as rated as one of the top ten favorite fine dining restaurants.

Le Saint-Amour also received the highest recognition of 4 Stars from the Debeur Guide and they were named the Restaurant of the Year in 2011. Chef Jean-Luc Boulay and his staff aim to constantly improve their craft by traveling across the globe to learn from and train with some of the best chefs in the world.

The menu is a celebration of vibrance, color, and the local flavors of Quebec. When you dine at Le Saint-Amour, you can choose from an A La Carte Menu or the Seven Course Discovery Menu. You might experience items such as the Foie Gras Terrine with sea buckthorn jelly and local candied berries or the Veal Sweetbreads and Lobster with shrimp, asparagus, and Lillet meat jus.

Laurie Raphaël

Dining at Laurie Raphaël is an incredible experience like no other. For over 30 years, Laurie Raphaël has offered gourmet cuisine in a luxurious and relaxing setting. Suzanne Gagnon and Daniel Vézina opened the first Laurie Raphaël as a way to celebrate the rich history and cuisine of Quebec.

The staff at Laurie Raphaël have received the AAA 5-Diamond Award for their culinary expertise. Laurie Raphaël is still a family-owned business and they've carried on the traditions of the original owners. Their passion for gastronomy and fantastic cuisine that celebrates the local flavors of Quebec has made Laurie Raphaëlstand out in the restaurant scene of Quebec.

Like many fine dining restaurants, the menus at Laurie Raphaël continuously change and evolve with the seasons. You can choose from the gastronomic experience or the personalized menu. You might enjoy classic dishes such as the Filet mignon with béarnaise sauce and chives. Don't pass up the opportunity to end your meal with desserts such as the Panna Cotta with goat cheese or the Strawberry Sorbet with apple honey meringue.


This lively and stylish restaurant offers a fresh take on Canadian classics in a cozy, laid-back setting. The cuisine at Légende is meant to celebrate the roots of Canadian cuisine and tell a story about the history of their ancestors. They offer a creative take on the local flavors and entrees of Quebec and have created a space where locals and tourists can comfortably share a meal.

Légende offers a tasting menu complete with six creative courses. Each course is meant to be shared and enjoyed by each person at the table. The tasting menu does change depending on the seasons and they also offer an A La Carte menu for guests.

If you choose the A La Carte menu, you can choose from items like the Maple-smoked Trout with buttermilk dressing or the Venison Steak with fermented elderberry meat jus and roasted sunchokes. They offer an extensive wine selection, craft cocktails, and delectable desserts such as the Cheesecake with poached sea buckthorn berries and sorbet.

Finding the Best Fine Dining in Quebec City

Quebec City is not only a beautiful city to visit for the breathtaking scenery, but it’s also home to a unique culture and delicious French cuisine. Even though there are many fine dining restaurants, there aren’t any official Michelin Star Restaurants in Quebec City.

The Michelin Guide didn’t make its way to Canada until 2022 and still has only rated restaurants in Toronto and Vancouver. However, considering the unique food scene in Quebec, there’s a good chance Michelin will expand its guide to Quebec in the future. If they do, some of these restaurants may be considered for the guide.

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