The 6 Richest Schools In Washington Will Blow You Away

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The 6 Richest Schools In Washington Will Blow You Away

Finding higher quality education usually means higher cost schools. Schools with higher tuition tend to have better teachers, academic opportunities, and intellectually stimulating experiences for students of every age. 

Finding the right school is becoming increasingly important in a parent’s life. Schools that don’t have tuition are often underfunded and undersupported. Parents who want to give their children the best education must be prepared to pay a pretty penny. 

Parents in Washington are no different. Finding a great school in the Evergreen State is important to a child’s education from elementary to high school to college. Every stage of education influences how students learn, who they are taught by, and how they embrace education in the future. Here’s a guide to the richest schools in Washington and how they are ranked.

Richest High Schools In Washington

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Students in more expensive schools often have better teachers.


The richest (most expensive) high schools in Washington are typically private schools. These schools tend to have costs that exceed $20,000. While they are the richest schools in Washington, they also have the best education in the state.

Lakeside School

Lakeside School is an elite private school located at 14050 1st Ave NE, Seattle, WA. It’s ranked among the top 25 private schools in the United States. 

One of the reasons they stand out is that they offer smaller class sizes, college counseling sessions, and a rigorous curriculum. The tuition for this school is around $40,000.

The Overlake School

Located at 20301 NE 108th St Redmond, WA, The Overlake School is also one of the richest schools in Washington with a tuition of $40,000. 

While they are one of the most expensive schools in the Evergreen state, they also have one of the best educational programs. They have guest lecturer programs. For example, they’ve had speakers that include Stanford particle physicist Helen Quinn. 

The Overlake School also has a Writer's Symposium. It brings a well-known writer to Overlake to talk about the writing process. Some guests include author and Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times writer Timothy Egan and novelists Tim O'Brien and John Edgar Wideman. 

Eastside Preparatory School

Eastside Preparatory School is slightly slower than other previous schools, with tuition at $33,000. It’s located in Kirkland, WA, and offers students an exceptional education. 

For instance, Eastside Preparatory School teaches a basic philosophy around three principles: 1. Inquiry. 2. Experience. 3. Integration. 

Students are rigorously taught how to develop critical thinking skills through these principles that help them in their education.

Richest Colleges In Washington

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The richest architectural history is often found at the most expensive colleges.

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Finding the right high school is as important as finding the right college for students. Like high schools, colleges with high tuition tend to have a better overall academic experience. 

Whiteman College

The highest price college in Washinton is Whitman College at $55,000. Located at 345 Boyer Ave, Walla Walla, WA, Whitman College has one of the finest liberal arts programs in the country. 

They also have one of the oldest buildings among colleges in the state. For example, they have The Memorial Building, built in 1899. 

Gonzaga University

Next on the list of the most expensive colleges to attend is Gonzaga University at $52,000 annually. This school is a private Jesuit school that is located at 502 E Boone Ave, Spokane, WA, and offers students a variety of educational opportunities. 

For instance, Gonzaga’s Graduate Accounting ranks among the top 30 best graduate programs. They also have an MBA program that ranks among the best in the nation. The campus is a mix of historic brick buildings and brand-new state-of-the-art facilities. 

University of Washington 

The University of Washington is the least expensive of the aforementioned colleges but still has high tuition at $12,000 annually. 

Located in Seattle, Washington, with roughly 60,000 students, The University of Washington is known for its groundbreaking research, especially in medicine and science. 

University of Washington in the News!

The University of Washington known for its research made 2023 headlines for a variety of impressive feats. Take a look at the headlines below to get the full story!

How to Choose the Best School With the Best Education

Finding the right school can tremendously impact your child’s education. Tuition is one factor to consider that shows how much a school invests in its students and the quality of their education. 

When you decide on what school is best for your child, consider the richest schools in Washington and what they offer. They may be expensive, but they may be worth it, considering all the opportunities they offer your child. 

These higher-tuition schools can offer students better teachers, better support, more programs, and a better-rounded education that helps your child exceed their academic potential.

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