Sahil is a name of Hindi origin that is given to boys as a way to set them on a path of leadership in life. While the name is most commonly used in India, people around the world adore it as a baby name. Several well-known Indian actors and cricketers are named Sahil. Keep reading to get lost in the sea of Sahil facts!

Meaning of the name Sahil:

  • Hindi: leader. It can also mean “like the bank of the sea.”
  • Arabic: Shore, coastline.
  • Sanskrit: Seashore.

Origin of the name Sahil:

Hindi. Sahil's deepest origins come from Sanskrit. While the name refers to a physical shore or coastline, it has come to mean a person who guides in a way that the sea guides.

Symbolism of the name Sahil:

Sahil is a powerful name that implies fitness for leadership. Many Indian parents use this name to inspire their sons to do great things!

Style of the name Sahil:


Gender of the name Sahil:

Sahil is exclusively given to boys in Indian and Arabic cultures.

Pronunciation of the name Sahil:


Syllables in the name Sahil:


Emotion evoked from the name Sahil:

This is a true power name. People from places where this name is prominent will instantly recognize its connection to leadership. Of course, many parents also love this name due to its connection to the sea. They envision their child growing up to be a great explorer of the world.

Alternative spellings for the name Sahil:

Sahill, Sahyl, Sahyll, Zahil

Nicknames for the name Sahil:

Sahl, Sal, Sam, Sid, Hill

Popularity of the name Sahil:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Sahil has never made the list of top 1,000 baby names at any point from 1900 to today. The name is much more popular globally than it is in the United States.

Related names for the name Sahil:

Aribam, Shahil

Great middle names for Sahil and their meanings:

  • Alec (protector of men)
  • Gareth (gentle)
  • Krish (dark, mysterious, attractive)
  • Matthew (gift of God)
  • Onkar (God)
  • Parth (star, ruler)
  • Timothy (honor)
  • Yash (success)

Famous people with the name Sahil:

Sahils in movies/pop culture:

  • “Sahil” (classic movie from 1959)