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Henrietta is an old-fashioned name with centuries worth of history going all the way back from being the name of King Charles I wife. From there, Henrietta has been used for years as a replacement for the male name “Henry”. Keep reading to learn more facts about the name.

Meaning of the name Henrietta:

Germanic for “home ruler”.

Origin of the name Henrietta:

Henrietta is a gender-twist take on the name “Henry”, which is a name with Germanic origins as it comes from “Henrik” or “Heimiric”. The name Henrietta didn’t arrive first though. Instead, the French name “Henriette” came, and from there, spawned Henrietta. This is all thanks to King Charles I wife, the French Princess Henrietta Marie, who arrived with him in England in 1625.

Symbolism of the name Henrietta:

Henrietta as a baby name is backed by history thanks to its introduction in England in 1625. This feminization of the name “Henry” not only has a vintage touch but a powerful one as well thanks to its Germanic roots meaning “home ruler”.

Style of the name Henrietta:


Gender of the name Henrietta:

Henrietta is used by many as a feminine form of the English name “Henry”.

Pronunciation of the name Henrietta:


Number of syllables in the name Henrietta:


Emotion evoked from the name Henrietta:

Henrietta is a vintage baby name that evokes a more mature and refined feeling.

Alternative spellings for the name Henrietta:

  • Henryetta
  • Henrieta

Nicknames for the name Henrietta:

  • Hetty
  • Etta 
  • Henri
  • Henny
  • Retta
  • Etty

Popularity of the name Henrietta:

According to the Social Security Index, Henrietta found its most popularity as a baby name in 1903 when it ranked #127.

Related names for the name Henrietta:

  • Harriet
  • Henriette
  • Henrika

Great middle names for Henrietta and their meanings:

  • Grace (virtue name)
  • Mariana (grace, drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved)
  • Fay (fairy)
  • Jean (God is gracious)
  • Sadie (princess)
  • Frances (from France; free man)
  • Hope (virtue name)
  • Jane (God is gracious)
  • Louise (renowned warrior)

Famous people with the name Henrietta:

  • Henrietta Ónodi (Hungarian artistic gymnast)
  • Henrietta Maria of France (wife of Charles I of England)
  • Henrietta(American woman who’s the source of the HeLa cell line)
  • Henrietta Swan Leavitt (American astronomer)
  • Henrietta Emma “Etty” Darwin (daughter of Charles Darwin)
  • Henrietta Leaver (Miss America 1935)
  • Henrietta “Hetty” Taylor (London-born Jacobite scholar and First World War nurse)
  • Henrietta Amelia Leeson (English actress)
  • Henrietta Garnett (English writer)
  • Henrietta Baker Chanfrau (American actress)

Henriettas in movies/pop culture:

  • Henrietta “Etta” Bishop (a character on the American TV series “Fringe”)
  • Henrietta Biggle (the character from the American cartoon series “South Park”)
  • HenriettaLange” (a character from the American TV show “NCIS: Los Angeles”)
  • Henrietta(a character in the American 2005 film “Imagine Me & You”)
  • Henrietta Pussycat (the character from the American show “Mister Rogers Neighborhood”)
  • Henrietta(a character in the 1971 American film “A New Leaf”)
  • Henrietta(the character in the American children’s series “Bear in the Big Blue House”)
  • Henrietta (a character in the Japanese anime/manga “Gunslinger Girl”)
  • Henrietta (a song by the Scottish band The Fratellis)
  • HenriettaTristain (the character from the Japanese anime/light novel “Zero no Tsukaima”)
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