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Many people think of Chuck as a nickname for Charles or Charlie, but for decades it was a given name in its own right. It's short, sweet and to the point, and pairs well with most multi-syllable middle names. Chuck also comes with a variety of celebrity and pop culture influences. Some say this “grandpa name” is ready for a comeback.

Meaning of the name Chuck:

German: Free man
English: Free man
French: Free man

Origin of the name Chuck:

Chuck is a derivative of the name Charles, which is derived from the German name “Karl.”

Symbolism of the name Chuck:

The baby name Chuck is largely associated with pop culture these days, including game show hosts, rock musicians and actions stars. For this reason, modern parents may see the name as a symbol of pop culture or entertainment.

Style of the name Chuck:


Gender of the name Chuck:

Chuck is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Chuck:


Number of syllables in the name Chuck:


Emotion evoked from the name Chuck:

The baby name Chuck evokes images of someone who is likeable and good-natured.

Alternative spellings for the name Chuck:


Nicknames for the name Chuck:

Popularity of the name Chuck:

Chuck was on the list of the top 1,000 baby names for boys in the United States from 1932 until 1979. According to the Social Security Administration, it last ranked at number 990 in 1979.

Related names for the name Chuck:

Great middle names for Chuck and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Chuck:

  • Chuck Berry (musician)
  • Chuck Barris (game show producer and host)
  • Chuck Leavell (musician)
  • Chuck Norris (actor)
  • Chuck Woolery (actor, game show host)
  • Chuck Taylor (football player and coach)
  • Chuck Yeager (pilot)

Chucks in popular culture:

  • Chuck E. Cheese (mascot for the restaurant of the same name)
  • Chuck Bartowski (character on the TV show “Chuck”)
  • Chuck Bass (character on the TV show “Gossip Girl”)
  • Chuck McGill (character on the TV show “Better Call Saul”
  • Chuck (character from the “Angry Bids” games)
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