Use This Chart to Discover Your Celtic Zodiac Tree Sign

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Use This Chart to Discover Your Celtic Zodiac Tree Sign

The ancient Celtic druids believed that trees were sacred and deserved reverence. According to their beliefs, trees possessed special powers and were the homes of magical beings like fairies and other spirits. This made trees the focal point of the Celtic belief system.

The Celtic calendar, similar to the Chinese calendar, has thirteen lunar months that follow the cycles of the moon. Each lunar month in the Celtic calendar is twenty-eight days long and represented by a tree. People began associating certain trees with distinct personality traits, which eventually helped create Celtic astrology.

Additionally, the Celtic Tree Zodiac assigns a letter to each tree sign based on the ancient shamanic alphabet known as Ogham. Consequently, some call it the Ogham Zodiac instead of the Celtic Tree Zodiac. The Druids thought that these letters signified different magical aspects and traits. Furthermore, the Druids thought that the letters attracted good fortune, prevented harm, and enhanced inherent powers. By understanding this alphabet, the Druids thought one could tap into nature's divine energy to manifest desired outcomes.

Celtic astrology links personality traits and characteristics to tree signs, much like Western and Chinese astrology associate them with celestial objects and animals, respectively. Our simple chart can help you discover your Celtic Tree Zodiac sign. Once you find it, you can learn more about what your sign means in the article below.

Where Did the Celtic Tree Zodiac Come From?

The Celtic people created an astrological system known as the Celtic Tree Zodiac, based on the teachings of their Druids. The Druids were leaders, scholars, and priests within Celtic communities and originated from the Celtic people of Britain, Ireland, and Western Europe. However, the Druids' influence declined over time due to various factors, such as the Roman conquest and the spread of Christianity.

The Celtic Druids, in their complex spirituality, greatly valued nature and the divine. Accordingly, the Druids worshiped gods and goddesses connected to nature. Furthermore, they believed that spirits inhabited natural areas such as trees and rivers. The Druids performed rituals to honor these spirits and maintain harmony with the natural world. The Celtic Tree Zodiac evolved from this nature-based spiritual practice.

The ancient Druids thought of the universe as a great tree with deep roots and many branches, so it makes sense that their zodiac is tree-based. According to their astrological system, each tree sign represents a lunar month. Moreover, the Celtic Tree Zodiac takes into account the characteristics and symbolism of each tree, as well as its place in Celtic folklore and mythology.

While the Celtic Tree Zodiac is similar to other forms of astrology, it is unique in its focus on trees. Now is the chance to find out your Celtic Tree Zodiac sign and see what it reveals about your personality. By examining each sign in greater detail, we will learn about the qualities associated with each tree and their broader astrological significance.

Free Celtic Tree Zodiac Chart

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Birch: The Achiever (December 24 – January 20)

  • Character Traits: Ambitious, motivated, and passionate
  • Ogham Letter: Beithe, which represents change, fresh starts, and new opportunities.
  • Animals: White Stag and Golden Eagle
  • Gemstone: Clear Quartz

The birch tree is a hardy tree that thrives in any environment where it is planted. Moreover, birch trees typically grow in clusters, with one seedling growing into an entire forest. People born under the birch sign come into the world during the darkest part of the year, and their sign represents light entering darkness. As a result, they are optimistic individuals who can see positivity in everything.

People born under this sign are resilient like birch trees and can thrive in any environment. They also exhibit high levels of motivation and ambition. Consequently, they are an inspiration to those around them. People also admire this sign's calmness under pressure. Their ability to both inspire and lead with calmness makes them exceptional leaders. Vine and Willow signs have the best compatibility with Birch.

Rowan: The Thinker (January 21 – February 17)

  • Character Traits: Original, visionary, and creative
  • Ogham Letter:  Luis, which represents awareness and comprehension.
  • Animal: Green Dragon
  • Gemstone: Peridot

The Celts believed that the Rowan tree protected against evil spirits. As a result, they often planted it near their homes or used it to make talismans and charms. The tree also had associations with healing and divination. Some believe that the Rowan tree was also part of Celtic burial rites, but this is difficult to confirm due to the limited historical documentation.

Those born under the sign of Rowan tend to be philosophers and visionaries. This sign also has a reputation as a loner. Often, people born under this sign struggle to connect with others because of their unique way of thinking. Yet, if they can overcome this tendency, they have the power to draw people in with their creative and unusual ideas. Those born under the Rowan sign are most compatible with the Hawthorn and Ivy signs.

Ash: The Enchanter (February 18 – March 17)

  • Character Traits: Creative, intuitive, and spontaneous
  • Ogham Letter: Nuin, which represents peace and calm.
  • Animals: Seahorse and Seagull
  • Gemstone: Coral

According to Norse mythology, Odin, the chief god, hung himself from Yggdrasil, the World Tree, for nine days and nights to gain the knowledge and wisdom of the runes. Ancient artists often depict Yggdrasil as an ash tree. Because the Norse and Celtic people lived in overlapping regions during the Viking Age, there was a cultural exchange of ideas, particularly in Britain and Ireland. Scholars debate the extent of direct influence between the two religions; however, evident overlap exists between Norse and Celtic beliefs.

People born under the Ash sign have dreamy, intuitive natures. As a result, people born under the Ash sign draw much inspiration from the beauty of the natural world due to their reflective nature. Moreover, they tend to have a rich fantasy life and love to daydream. Their creative imaginations draw them to art and literature. People born under the Ash sign are most compatible with the Willow and Reed.

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Each sign in the Celtic Tree Zodiac is linked to a letter from the ancient Ogham alphabet.

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Alder: The Trailblazer (March 18 – April 14)

  • Character Traits: Pioneer, creator, and pathfinder
  • Ogham Letter: Fearn, which represents strength, protection, and resilience.
  • Animals: Bear, Fox, and Hawk
  • Gemstone: Ruby

The Alder tree is closely linked with the Celtic deity Bran, who the Druids believed to be the protector and guardian of Britain. People value the wood of the Alder tree due to its strong and water-resistant nature, which is a result of the tree's ability to grow in damp environments such as along the banks of rivers.

In Celtic tree astrology, the Alder sign represents natural leadership and pathfinding. Consequently, those born under this sign possess a fiery passion and charm that enables them to attract loyal followers easily. Due to their self-assurance and dislike for superficiality, they have a strong compatibility with the Hawthorn, Oak, and Birch signs. People born under the Alder sign prioritize action and results while highly valuing their time.

Willow: The Observer (April 15 – May 12)

  • Character Traits: Intuition, flexibility, and emotional resilience
  • Ogham Letter: Saille, which represents feminine energy, growth, and healing.
  • Animals: Adder, Hare, and Sea Serpent
  • Gemstone: Moonstone

The moon rules the Willow zodiac sign. Additionally, people connect the Willow with water and women's menstrual cycles. Because of its association with water, particularly rivers and streams, the ancient Druids saw the Willow, with its flexible branches, as a guardian tree.

Furthermore, people thought that the Willow tree possessed healing qualities. As it turns out, the Celts' belief in the healing properties of willow branches and leaves was not unfounded. Subsequent scientific research confirmed their intuition. We now know that willow bark contains a compound called salicin, akin to salicylic acid, which exfoliates the skin, clears congested pores, and alleviates inflammation.

The moon rules the Willow, so those born under this sign embody the mystical lunar qualities of creativity, intuition, and intelligence. Due to this lunar influence, they understand the cyclical nature of life, which results in a realistic life perspective. Their enhanced powers of perception usually help them identify where they will be successful. The Willow is most compatible with the Birch and Ivy signs.

Hawthorn: The Illusionist (May 13 – June 9)

  • Character Traits: Curious, empathetic, and serene
  • Ogham Letter: Huathe, which represents boundaries. protection, and purification.
  • Animals: Owl and Bee
  • Gemstone: Topaz

The ancient Celts saw the Hawthorn tree as a symbol of balance, protection, and transformation. As a result, they saw it as a sacred guardian tree, one that holds great significance in Celtic lore. According to Celtic beliefs, the Hawthorn tree wards off evil spirits and serves as a portal between the human world and the Otherworld.

Those born under the Hawthorn sign live a double life. While they appear completely ordinary to others, they have a deeply passionate and creative inner world. As a result, your first impression of those born under the Hawthorn sign is usually wrong. And because they are constantly evolving, they are incredibly adaptable to any situation. Moreover, those born under this sign are great listeners and secret keepers. These folks are most compatible with Ash and Rowan.

Oak: The Stabilizer (June 10 – July 7)

  • Character Traits: Strong, stable, and wise
  • Ogham Letter: Duir, which represents wisdom, protection, and the sacredness of nature.
  • Animals: White Horse, Wren, and Otter
  • Gemstone: Diamond

The Oak tree symbolizes strength, protection, and longevity, serving as a gateway between the earthly and divine realms. Taranis and Dagda, deities often connected with the Oak tree, embody thunder, lightning, and fertility. The Celts held sacred groves of Oak trees in high reverence, using them for worship and ritual. There, the Druids sought wisdom and connection with the gods.

Like the tree that represents them, those born under this sign have incredible strength and endurance. They also typically want to help those in need and advocate for the less fortunate. Moreover, they thrive in family and community settings because of their reliable natures and willingness to extend a helping hand. The Oak is most compatible with the Willow, Ash, and Reed signs.

Angel Oak Tree Panorama
The ancient Druids saw Oak trees as symbols of resilience. They also held them sacred, frequently using them as meeting places for ceremonies, rituals, and gatherings.

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Holly: The Ruler (July 8 – August 4)

  • Character Traits: Truthfulness, determination, and sensitivity
  • Ogham Letter: Tinne, which represents truth, balance, and regeneration.
  • Animals: Cat and Unicorn
  • Gemstone: Carnelian

Holly trees protect against negative energies and evil spirits, and people associate them with strength and resilience. In Celtic tradition, people highly regarded the Holly tree for its evergreen leaves and red berries during the winter season. The Celts believed that these berries symbolized vitality and represented the hope of revival amidst the darkness.

People born under the Holly sign have a natural talent for dealing with challenges. They show great skill and tact in overcoming obstacles. Furthermore, people born under the Holly zodiac sign exhibit a remarkable ability to bounce back from setbacks. While some people may interpret their unwavering confidence as arrogance, they also admire their leadership qualities. Beneath their ambitious exterior, they are kind, generous, and affectionate. The Holly sign is most compatible with the Ash and Elder signs, as they help keep them balanced and active.

Hazel: The Knower (August 5 – September 1)

  • Character Traits: Wisdom, creativity, and foresight
  • Ogham Letter: Coll, which represents divination, flexibility, and protection.
  • Animals: Crane and Salmon
  • Gemstone: Amethyst

The Hazel tree symbolizes wisdom, inspiration, and divination in Irish mythology. According to a well-known folktale, nine hazel trees surround the Well of Wisdom. These trees drop hazelnuts into the well, and whoever eats these nuts gains knowledge and poetic inspiration.

In another folktale entitled “The Salmon of Knowledge,” a hazel tree grows beside the Well of Wisdom. When a salmon eats the nuts from the hazel tree, he gains all the knowledge of the world. Perhaps for this reason, the ancient Celtic priests and seers used Hazel wands for divination and magical rituals.

Those born under the Hazel sign are highly intelligent, efficient, and organized. Furthermore, they excel in academia due to their innate ability to retain and recall information. They can effortlessly recite and explain various subjects with remarkable accuracy. Occasionally, this braininess makes them appear like a know-it-all to others. However, these folks are genuinely smart and are usually right.

They also have keen analytical skills and excel at anything that allows them to put those skills to work. Unfortunately, Hazel's need for control and order can lead to compulsive behavior if left unchecked. This sign finds harmony with Hawthorn and Rowan.

Vine: The Equalizer (September 2 – September 29)

  • Character Traits: Passion, creativity, and resilience
  • Ogham Letter: Muin, which represents connection, celebration, and growth.
  • Animals: Lizard, Hound, and White Swan
  • Gemstone: Emerald

The ancient Celts saw that people spoke freely after drinking wine, so they connected the Vine with truth-telling and the gift of prophecy. Additionally, people saw the Vine as representing community and celebration since the sharing of wine with others brings joy and laughter.

The Vine is the most unpredictable zodiac sign in the Celtic Tree Zodiac. Since they are born close to the autumn equinox, their personality is more changeable than other signs. Indecisive, they are often full of contradictions and find it hard to choose a side in debates.

However, they are sure about the things they enjoy in life, which are food, wine, music, and art. This zodiac sign possesses a refined taste and relishes indulging in enjoyable experiences. They prefer luxury and refinement above all. This sign's expensive tastes pair well with the Hazel and the Willow.

Closeup of blue grape in vineyard with sunlight. Winery and grapevine growing background frame. Grape growing and wine making design banner.
The Celts saw the vine as a symbol of celebration and community.


Ivy: The Survivor (September 30 – October 27)

  • Character Traits: Adaptable, determined, and loyal
  • Ogham Letter: Gort, which represents growth, loyalty, and regeneration.
  • Animals: Boar, Butterfly, and Goose
  • Gemstone: Opal

Ivy represents luck and can famously grow anywhere. However, gardeners know how quickly it takes over wherever it is planted, so it is often seen as a parasitic plant. The Celts thought Ivy would protect them from curses and evil spirits. Consequently, people allowed Ivy to cover the outside of their homes, and it is often found at burial sites. As a result, people saw Ivy as a symbol of resilience and transformation and as a connection to the spirit realm.

People born under Ivy have gentle natures and offer nurturing support. Their sharp intellect and ability to overcome challenging odds are often overlooked due to their giving nature. This sign, born when the sun is beginning to wane, often has adversity in their life, but they always approach it with grace and perseverance. Ivy does best with the strong signs of Ash and Oak.

Reed: The Inquisitor (October 28 – November 24)

  • Character Traits: Adaptable, resilient, and intuitive
  • Ogham Letter: Ngetal, which represents connection, healing, and protection.
  • Animals: Hound and Owl
  • Gemstone: Jasper

Typically found by rivers or in marshlands, the ancient Celts used reeds to make arrows. Reeds came to symbolize growth, adaptability, and flexibility. Moreover, since they grow near water, Reeds represent the fluidity of life and emotional depths.

The Reed zodiac sign always wants to know the truth and will passionately search for the hidden meanings of things. As a result, they love legends and stories as well as gossip and scandals. Their dedication to finding the truth means they often make great detectives, journalists, or archeologists. While this sign tends to manipulate and scheme, their relentless quest for truth means they get along well with the Ash or Oak signs.

Elder: The Seeker (November 25 – December 23)

  • Character Traits: Wisdom, healing, and strong intuition
  • Ogham Letter: Ruis, which represents the cycle of life, connection, and foresight.
  • Animals: Badger, Black Horse, and Raven
  • Gemstone: Jet

The Elder tree has the nickname “fairy tree” because the Celts thought that fairies and other spirits lived inside it. The ancient Celts considered these trees as the gateway to the realm between life and death. Moreover, they often planted these trees near their homes to protect them from evil.

Individuals born under this sign have an unrestrained and adventurous nature, making them the daredevils of the zodiac. Due to their freewheeling lifestyle, they are often outsiders because people misunderstand them. Despite their wildness, they genuinely care about other people's feelings and eagerly want to help.

Furthermore, they feel drawn towards the deeper questions of life and possess a philosophical inclination that others might miss due to their boisterous personality. Being born at the end of the cycle, those born under the Elder possess wisdom because they know life is short and should be enjoyed. The Elder is most compatible with the Alder and Holly signs.

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The wise and nurturing nature of those born under the Elder sign is occasionally overlooked due to their adventurous approach to life.


In Summary

The ancient Druids based the Celtic Tree Zodiac on the trees they considered sacred. Their system correlates each tree sign with a specific period based on the thirteen lunar cycles of the moon. Moreover, each tree sign has unique personality traits that are specific to their lunar month. Although the Celtic Tree Zodiac is not as well-known as the Chinese zodiac or Western astrology, it provides an alternative viewpoint on individual personality traits. With our simple chart, you can quickly discover and then learn about your Celtic Tree Zodiac sign.

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