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Banks is a name that is obviously meant to read as wealthy. Despite that, the name itself has been given for a variety of reasons ranging from a desire for respect to simple family traditions. Read on to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Banks:

English: By a river bank

Origin of the name Banks:

Banks is a name of English origin that literally means “by a river bank”.

Symbolism of the name Banks:

While Banks may have its origins in riverside territory, it most often symbolize wealth when used as a given name.

Style of the name Banks:


Gender of the name Banks:

Banks is almost exclusively used as a given name for baby boys.

Pronunciation of the name Banks:


Number of syllables in the name Banks:


Emotion evoked from the name Banks:

Banks is a name that typically evokes a sense of respect and dignity.

Alternative spellings for the name Banks:

  • Bancs
  • Baynks

Nicknames for the name Banks:

  • Banky
  • Bee

Popularity of the name Banks:

According to the Social Security Administration, Banks last ranked on the list of the most popular baby names in the United States in 2021 as the 503rd most popular name. Banks peaked in popularity during the same year.

Related names for the name Banks:

Great middle names for Banks and their meanings:

  • Adler (Eagle)
  • Allen (Little rock)
  • Atticus (from Attica)
  • Baxter (baker)
  • Carter (cart user)
  • Clinton (fenced settlement)
  • Dawson (son of David)
  • Fletcher (arrow maker)

Famous people with the name Banks:

Bankss in popular culture:

There are no notable fictional characters with the first name “Banks”.

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