Holland is a sophisticated baby name for girls. Elegant and cultured, this name has an elite undertone perfect for parents who want their babies to live in style. Holland Manner is the name of a main character on Angel, and Holland “Dutch” Wagenbach was a character on The Shield. Keep reading to learn more about this baby name.

Meaning of the name Holland:

Old Dutch: Wooded land, forest
Old English: Ridge land

Origin of the name Holland:

Holland derives from the Old Dutch words holt (meaning “forest”) and lant (meaning “land”). In Old English, Holland derives from the word hŏh (meaning “ridge”) combined with the suffix “land.”

Symbolism of the name Holland:

Holland originated as a place name in both Old Dutch and Old English. In the United Kingdom, Holland is a division of Lincolnshire as well as the name of eight villages dispersed throughout the country. Holland also has a rich history as the informal name of the Netherlands. North Holland and South Holland are two of the most populous provinces in the Netherlands, and the wooded lowlands serve an important role in Dutch culture. Symbols of Holland include the heraldic lion as well as tulips, clogs, and windmills.

Baby name Holland

Style of the name Holland:


Gender of the name Holland:

Holland is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Holland:


Number of syllables in the name Holland:


Emotion evoked from the name Holland:

The name Holland evokes feelings of honesty and harmony.

Alternative spellings for the name Holland:

Nicknames for the name Holland:

  • Hols
  • Holly 
  • Hollie
  • Land
  • Landy

Popularity of the name Holland:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Holland was the 711st most popular baby name for girls in 2020. Holland was the 740th most popular baby girl name in 2019 and the 837th most popular baby girl name in 2018.

Related names for the name Holland:

Great middle names for Holland and their meanings:

  • Amalia (work, industriousness, diligence)
  • Brooke (freshwater stream)
  • Cressida (golden)
  • Davida (beloved)
  • Emory (universal ruler)
  • Keziah (cassia, cinnamon)
  • Letitia (joy, happiness)
  • Mavis (songbird)
  • Miranda (admirable)
  • Nadine (hope)
  • Sabrina (river goddess)
  • Yolanda (violet)

Famous people with the name Holland:

  • Holland Bailey (actress)
  • Holland Carlson (daughter of television personality Miranda Joy Carlson)
  • HollandMadeleine Gentry (daughter of television personalities Erica Rose and Galen Gentry)
  • HollandWalker Hartington (daughter of television hosts Courtney Hansen and Jay Hartington)
  • Holland Marie Roden (actress)
  • Holland Stephens (TikTok personality)
  • Holland Virginia Taylor (actress)
  • Holland Zander (daughter of singer Robin Wayne Zander)

Holland in popular culture:

  • Holland Manner (character on Angel)
  • Holland Tunnel (vehicular canal under the Hudson River)
  • Holland “Dutch” Wagenbach (character on The Shield)