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Emory is a unisex name of English origin that means “industrious”. Although Emory was more common as a boy’s name in the early 20th century, popularity fell in the mid-1970’s. Since 2011 Emory is more popular as a girl’s name.

Meaning of the name Emory:

English: industrious

Origin of the name Emory:

Emory is a unisex baby name of English origin that means “industrious”. Emory is a variant spelling of Emery and derived from the Germanic name Emmerich that was introduced to English by the Normans.

Symbolism of the name Emory:

Emery is a type of stone that is ground into a powder and used as an abrasive material. Many are familiar with the emery board but it is also used in flooring and to grind rice.

Style of the name Emory:


Gender of the name Emory:

Emory is a great name for both boys and girls.

Pronunciation of the name Emory:


Number of syllables in the name Emory:


Emotion evoked from the name Emory:

Emory evokes feelings of intelligence and hard work.

Alternative spellings for the name Emory:

Emery, Amery, Emerie

Nicknames for the name Emory:

Popularity of the name Emory:

According to the Social Security Administration, Emory is a unisex baby name. As a boy’s name Emory was in the top 1000 names from 1900 to 1974 and then returned in 2012. As a girl’s name Emory entered the top 1000 in 2011.

Related names for the name Emory:

Great middle names for the name Emory and their meanings:


  • Monroe (mouth of the river)
  • Gray (gray)
  • Jules (youthful)
  • Kit (young fox)
  • Rupert (bright fame)


Famous people with the name Emory:

  • Emory Johnson (American actor)
  • Emory Isaac Cohen (American actor)
  • Emory Parnell (American actor)
  • Emory Blake (American NFL player)

Emorys in popular culture:

  • Peter Emory (television, “American Gothic”)
  • Erwin “Whistler” Emory (film, “Sneakers”)
  • Emory Dick (television, “Popular”)
  • Lucky Emory (television, “Them”)
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