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Devlin originated as the English version of O'Doibhilin. It has an unfortunate translation, which is “unlucky.” As of 2021, Devlin is relatively rare, ranking on the top 9,000 list.

Meaning of the name Devlin:

Irish: unlucky

Origin of the name Devlin:

Devlin originated from the surname that is the same. Devlin was the anglicized version of O'Doibhilin. O'Doibhilin came from the Gaelic word “dobhail.” O'Doibhilin originated in the English-speaking world in the Middle ages. It quickly turned into Devlin, further converting to a given name in the last couple of centuries.

Symbolism of the name Devlin:

The baby name Devlin has the same meaning as the original surname, O'Doibhilin. O'Doibhilin plays on the Gaelic word “dobhail.” “Dobhail” translates directly to “unlucky.”

Style of the name Devlin:


Gender of the name Devlin:

Devlin is a unisex baby name. Originally, it was more popular for boys. In modern times, some girls use it.

Pronunciation of the name Devlin:


Number of syllables in the name Devlin:


Emotion evoked from the name Devlin:

Devlin is a wholesome and approachable baby name. It is a kindhearted option.

Alternative spellings for the name Devlin:

  • Devlon
  • Develin
  • Develon
  • Devlyn
  • Develyn

Nicknames for the name Devlin:

  • Dev
  • Devvy
  • Devvie
  • Lin
  • Linnie
  • Linny

Popularity of the name Devlin:

Devlin has no history on the top 1,000 list of the Social Security Popularity Index. As of 2021, Devlin is a top 9,000 baby name for boys or girls. More specifically, it is number 8,928 in America.

Related names for the name Devlin:

Great middle names for Devlin and their meanings:

  • Tiernan (lord, master)
  • Ciar (black-haired, saint)
  • Teague (a handsome person, fair, beautiful)
  • Bran (bramble, thicket of wild gorse)
  • Kane (warrior)
  • Merrick (fame, rule, power)
  • Trevor (great settlement)
  • Elgin (high-minded, little Ireland)

Famous people with the name Devlin:

  • Devlin Barrett (reporter from The Washington Post)
  • Devlin Barnes (soccer player)
  • Devlin (rapper)

Devlins in popular culture:

  • Devlin Moran (character from “Who Shot Patakango?”)
  • Devlin (character from “Just Go With It”)
  • Devlin O'Ryan (character from DC Comics)
  • Devlin Waugh (character from Judge Dredd comics)
  • Devlin Agamand (character from “World of Warcraft”)
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