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The 15 Best Toys For 6-Year-Old Boys

Young boy playing with blocks

The 15 Best Toys For 6-Year-Old Boys

When looking for a gift to give someone special, everyone always wants to hit the nail on the head. By the time your little ones are 6 years old, it seems that things are gearing up to be more complex and more expensive. However, not everything has to break the bank. When kids turn 6, they are just starting to discover the world around them at a more complex level, going into 1st grade and getting a deeper understanding of STEM, creativity, and overall fun. There are a variety of toys and products that promote intellectual stimulation, as well as fun and excitement.

Boy builds his dream house with building blocks
Building promotes creativity and STEM skills.

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1. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Kidscope

This kid's microscope is a great way to promote intellectual stimulation in kids and begin their world of science discovery. The “kidscope” comes with 15 different slides for children to look at and can magnify the images up to 200x. In addition, it comes with information spanning over 200 facts about each slide and individual item and animal. Unlike other toys, the images in this item are real, allowing kids to truly understand the world around them in a deeper way.

2. Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom Playset

Kinetic sand is a great sensory stimulating item for kids of all ages. Kinetic sand has a variety of benefits for kids. It helps them develop fine motor skills, and also it helps them with sensory processing needs. Kids enjoy playing in the sand in general, and kinetic sand is a way to bring the fun of the sandbox indoors in a mess-free way.

3. Monopoly Junior

Monopoly is a classic game that all families love to play together. However, it takes tons of skills and patience, and a bit of knowledge on how to play the game. Kids enjoy playing board games with their families, so starting them off young allows them to fully understand how the game works and all of the rules that go along with it.

4. Hot Wheels Toy Car Track Set Spin Storm

What 6-year-old boy doesn't love cars and Hot Wheels? The classic toy has been a staple of many households for decades. This Hot Wheels car track not only comes with cars, but it's a project that you can put together with your son and also enjoy together, as well. Little boys love watching their cars go up the track and remaking it in different ways and formats.

5. Lite-Brite Learning Toy

Everyone can remember what it was like to get their very first Lite Brite as a kid. These creative projects are a great way for kids to explore their artistic side while also having fun. Lite Brite is a classic toy that lasts for ages and allows kids to manipulate their lights into multiple shapes and patterns.

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Blocks can be a great way for kids to build mechanic skills.

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6. Kid's Toy Camera and Camcorder

Most parents walk around with their cell phones in their pockets, able to take photos and videos on the go. But, not many 6-year-olds have that ability. Wanting to take photos and videos is all part of savoring memories for kids. Getting them their own camera/camcorder allows them to save memories and take photos of family experiences whenever they want. They can look back fondly on these, too.

7. Safe Piggy Bank

Whenever Grandma and Grandpa give the kids $5 for their birthday, they always want to save it and put it somewhere no one can touch it. Giving them a traditional piggy bank is nice, but these safe piggy banks give them a toy and a protective keep space all in one. Kids can set their own lock codes and make sure that no one gets their loot. It can also be used for other keepsakes, as well.

8. Glowing Fort-Making Kit

Anything, where kids are building and using their active imagination, is great for STEM and growth. Kids who build things are more satisfied with themselves by having created something by themselves. This is something they can also build and create, and then play with, as well. Forts are something all kids enjoy playing with, and this one won't take all the pillows off of your couch and onto the floor.

9. Hover Soccer Ball

This hover soccer ball is good for both indoor and outdoor use. For kids who are interested in sports and athletics, this can be a great way to practice and have fun. The foam bumpers make sure that nothing in your home gets damaged and also allow for a safe playing experience for kids with no injuries. Just be sure that the ball is used on hardwood surfaces and not on carpets.

10. Smart Watch for Kids

Apple Watches and FitBits are all the rage with adults, but kids always want to have something of their own, like Mom and Dad. Having a Smart Watch allows for kids to entertain themselves on the go, such as when they are out to eat at a restaurant or when they are in the car for a long ride. They can also tell the time, which is great for learning and growth.

Disney plush toys
Many toys can be purchased at a local store or even online.

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11. Light Up Sky Rockets

This is a great gift for kids who love rocketships and all things space. These light-up rockets work great when going to the park or even hanging out in the backyard. They are user-friendly and safe to use, as well. Not only are they fun, they teach kids about space, aerodynamics, and physics, all in one. Kids love to jump onto the rockets and launch them into space.

12. Indoor or Outdoor Archery Set

For kids who go to camp and enjoy the great outdoors, archery is something they look forward to. But, of course, with adult supervision. This archery set is completely kid-safe but allows kids to practice those important skills of methods, aiming, and releasing. It can be used both indoors and outdoors for tons of laughs and fun.

13. Dino Egg Dig Kit

Some boys just love all things dinosaurs and Jurrasic Park. They know all of their dinosaurs from A-Z. This Dino Egg Dig Kit gives them the ability to have their very own at home. The kit comes with a jumbo dino egg, 12 full-color dinosaur cards, 12 dinosaurs, 6 dig tools, safety glasses, a dinosaur structure book, a washable playmat, and a die. It gives kids the excitement of living at the time when the dinosaurs roamed.

14. Indoor Mini Hoop

This indoor mini basketball hoop is great for bedrooms and basements. Kids who love to play basketball but are stuck indoors because of some rain or snow will truly appreciate this gift. The hoop comes with the hoop itself, a net, balls, different game modes to practice, and a digital scoreboard to keep their score.

15. Multi Voice Changer

This multi-voice changer is a hilarious and fun gift that any little boy will absolutely love. The megaphone comes with 10 different voice-changing options, as well as a variety of volumes, too. It is a hilarious toy that can open doors to acting and theater admiration and hobbies. Overall, it's a good gag gift for little kids.

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