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The Best Tips for Naming Your Baby

The Best Tips for Naming Your Baby

Naming your baby is one of the most important things you'll do for them. You need to pick a name that they can live with, and that you like. If you're struggling to pick a name out for your baby, rest assured. We've got some great tips here for you.

Key Points

  • Make you pick a name that isn't too complicated or exotic. These names can be difficult for your child to spell, and can lead to ridicule from their peers.
  • Remember your child is the one who has to live with their name, not you.
  • Instead naming your baby after a living relative, consider someone further back in your family tree to avoid drama.

Baby Naming Tips

Look back into your family's history. If you have access to either your or your partner's family tree, look back into its history for inspiration. Naming your baby after a distant ancestor, especially one that may have accomplished a lot in their life, is a great idea. Make sure the name you select is a good fit for modern times; the name Amos may have been popular many years ago, but it will be viewed differently now.

Don't make your child's name too complicated or exotic. Remember, your child has to live with their name. If you give them a highly unusual name, they'll likely be subject to ridicule and teasing from peers. If the name you give them is too complicated, they may have a hard time spelling it. This could cause problems in school, especially when teachers begin docking points for a misspelled name.

Don't rush to name your child after a living family member. While this may seem like a sweet idea, it can actually cause a lot of issues. Certain family members may be upset that you chose to name your child after a different family member. They may expect that you name a future child after them. While this is unfortunate, it's a reality that many couples face. Having a new baby is already stressful enough; you don't need to add family drama on top of that.

Fiction can be an inspiration. Most people have a favorite fictional character. Consider naming your child after a favorite character. This can be an easy and satisfying way to decide on a name for your baby. Of course, like we talked about earlier, don't pick a name that's too unusual or complicated. Stick with names that are easy for a child to spell and pronounce.

Don't overcomplicate it. It can be easy to end up with a list of 250 names that you and your partner are interested in, or perhaps even more. Try to avoid ending up here. This is only going to make the process of picking a name more stressful, and it will take even longer. Limit yourself to 100 names. If you currently have a list that's longer than that, sit down with your partner and cut the list down until only 100 names remain. A list of this length is much more manageable.

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