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The Meaning of Popular Baby Names

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The Meaning of Popular Baby Names

Many parents use the meaning of baby names in order to choose the right name for their baby boy or baby girl. When looking for a name for your baby, one of the most fascinating things is finding out the meanings of the names you are drawn to. Having a baby is one of the most wonderful and amazing things that can happen to a couple. Giving that baby the perfect name can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Choosing a name by the meaning is one way to narrow down the list of names you like.

Key Points

  • Always up the meaning of a name you're considering for your baby.
  • There many popular sites out there that offer the meanings of every name under the sun. You shouldn't be short of resources to research names you love!
  • If want, pick names that are associated with traits you'd like to see in your child.

Why are Name Meanings Important?

Remember that their name will become a part of who they are. You can consider names that are commonplace or ones that are a little more unique, but either way more and more parents are looking at the meaning of a name when choosing one for their child. The name you're considering might have some sentimental meaning because it once belonged to a beloved great uncle of yours, but the name might mean something like “empty space”. Suddenly, it starts to lose its appeal.

Often when searching for the meaning of baby names, you will find yourself leaning towards names that mean something of importance to you. If you are hoping that your daughter will be independent and full of character, then why not look for names with meanings that are associated with such traits? One name that comes to mind is Emily, which means industrious.

There are entire books and websites which are devoted to providing the meanings of names. If you want, you can go really deep into the origin and history of a name you like. You might find that the unique name you were considering has a storied history! Always remember to respect the culture a name originates from.

If a name you've fallen in love with has an odd meaning, that doesn't obligate you not to use that name! You have the freedom to name your child what you want. While it's nice to have your child's name be associated with a certain trait, most people will still see them as an individual. Your child will make their name their own, no matter what.

Take your time, do your research, and you are sure to find a name that really does suit your new bundle of joy.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular baby names and their meanings.

Olivia – Olive tree, peace
Emma – Entire or universal
Charlotte – Free man
Amelia – Industrious, striving; work
Sophia – Wisdom
Isabella – Pledged, devoted to God
Ava – Bird, birdlike, life, voice, sound
Mia – Moon; Month; Beloved; Star of the sea
Evelyn – Desired, wished for; island
Luna – Moon

Liam – Helmet of will, protection; strong-willed warrior
Noah – Peaceful
Oliver – Olive tree
James – Supplanter
Elijah – The Lord is my God
William – Resolute protector, will, desire; helmet, protection
Henry – House ruler
Lucas – Bringer of light
Benjamin – Son of the right hand, son of the south, son of my days
Theodore – God's gift


Hopefully this article helped you to see your baby's name in a different light. Every name has a meaning; that meaning might matter a lot to you, or you might not care as much. Perhaps the real meaning for you comes from a different source- a fictional character, a beloved family member, or a happy memory. Good luck choosing the perfect name for your baby, and congratulations on your coming child!

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