Cute Baby Names

How should you go about choosing a cute name for your baby?

Baby names are personal, and cuteness to one person is the complete opposite to another. If you are choosing a name based on whether it is cute, popular or unique there are many other factors that need to be considered.

1. It is important that the name you choose goes nicely with the sound of your last name as well as ensuring that you choose both a first and middle name that go well together also. We've all heard the names that make us think “what were that poor child's parents thinking?”

2. If you have chosen a name or names that both you and your partner like try to see what the initials look like. It is important that you do not give your child a name that when the initials are put together they spell out a word that makes people laugh. Choosing a name like Anna Stephanie Solstice may sound cultured, but when you put those initial together…eek!

3. When considering some different cute baby names for your child ensure that the name will grow with them. Although the name may seem cute and trendy when they are a baby things can all change when they get to 10 years old.

4. Definitely avoid cute baby names which can be shortened to an insulting nickname. Growing up today for children is hard without the added difficult of having a name that people can make fun of.

5. When looking for a cute name for a baby, go through various baby name books or search on the internet for cute baby names. We have a list of both baby boy names and baby girl names. Look often and make a list. There are plenty of names available which look good and they have a special meaning. Why not go for a name that means “sweet” or “kind” or “brave” etc.

If you are looking for a shortlist of cute baby names for your child, grab some books or sit in front of the computer and do some research. As soon as you find a name that you like then write it down. Once you have your shortlist compiled start saying the name and see how it sounds and feels. You'll have the name you love in no time!