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Tucker began during historical England as a surname for those who worked with raw cloth and softened it. Now, it is a more rustic name that feels casual. It is primarily used for boys, and it has increased in popularity in more recent years.

Meaning of the name Tucker:

English: softener of cloth

Origin of the name Tucker:

Tucker originally began as an occupational name in old England for someone who is a fuller of cloth. This is someone who started with raw fabric and cleaned it to be used for garments. The name comes from the word “tucian” which is an Old English word.

Symbolism of the name Tucker:

The name Tucker comes from the Old English word, “tucian.” This word's translation means “torment.” When mentioning a softener of cloth, it would mention someone stomping on a cloth in water until it is soft.

baby name Tucker

Style of the name Tucker:

The baby name Tucker is traditional in Old English culture.

Gender of the name Tucker:

The baby name Tucker is primarily for males.

Pronunciation of the name Tucker:


Number of syllables in the name Tucker:

Two syllables make up the baby name Tucker.

Emotion evoked from the name Tucker:

Tucker feels like a more informal and casual name. It is not so informal that is a name that does not still sound professional, however. It just is more simple.

Alternative spellings for the name Tucker:

  • Tukker
  • Tuker

Nicknames for the name Tucker:

  • Tuck
  • Tucky
  • Kerr
  • Kerry 
  • Tuckie
  • Tucky

Popularity of the name Tucker:

The baby name Tucker entered the Social Security Popularity Index in 1978 as number 969. In the year 2011, it finally reached the top 200 list. 2020 put the name at number 192, and it seems to become more and more popular and modern.

Related names for the name Tucker:

Great middle names for Tucker and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Tucker:

  • Tucker Carlson (political commentator)
  • Tucker Max (author, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”)
  • Tucker West (Olympic luger)
  • Tucker Fredricks (Olympic speed skater)
  • Tucker Gates (television director, “Alias”)
  • Tucker Reed (author, “Amber House”)

Tuckers in popular culture:

  • Tucker McCall (character on “The Young and the Restless”)
  • Tucker Dobbs (character on “Baby Daddy”)
  • Tucker Jones (character on “Grey's Anatomy”)
  • Tucker Foley (character on “Danny Phantom”)
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