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Milana is a baby name reserved for girls. Milana is also a name with multiple origins. Read on to learn more about the name.

Meaning of the name Milana:

Slavic for “gracious, dear”.
Italian for “from Milan”.

Origin of the name Milana:

As a baby name, Milana originally has Slavic roots as it comes from the Slavic male name “Milan”. “Milan” is seen as a common Slavic name, in fact. Although it’s also found with Latin roots thanks to the city of Milan, Italy, it’s less commonly used as a Roman name. In fact, “Milan” started as a nickname or diminutive version of other Slavic names that started with “Mil-”.

From there, Milana came to be as a more feminine version of “Milan”.

Symbolism of the name Milana:

Milana is a baby name that can symbolize something precious and worth protecting. Also, depending on how it is used, Milana can have a connection to Italy for families wishing to represent their culture in a unique way.

Style of the name Milana:


Gender of the name Milana:

Milana is a baby name typically given to girls.

Pronunciation of the name Milana:

meh-LAH-na, mee-LAH-na, mi-LAH-na, meh-LAY-na, mee-LAY-na, mi-LAY-na

Number of syllables in the name Milana:


Emotion evoked from the name Milana:

Milana has an almost otherworldly like feel to it. The baby name Milana can evoke a sensation of being in awe, of something graceful and inspirational.

Alternative spellings for the name Milana:

  • Milayna
  • Melana

Nicknames for the name Milana:

Popularity of the name Milana:

Based on information from the Social Security Administration, Milana has seen popularity over recent years. The baby name Milana reached as high as #678 in 2015.

Related names for the name Milana:

Great middle names for Milana and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Milana:

  • Milana Dudieva (Russian mixed martial artist)
  • Milana Mišić (Finnish singer)
  • Milana Keller (Russian model)
  • Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub (American actress)

Milanas in movies/pop culture:

Milana is not normally found in use throughout pop culture.

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