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Mykel is an ancient Hebrew name, an alternate form of Michael which is also Hebrew. This name has been used for both girls and boys, but it is primarily a boy’s name.

Meaning of the name Mykel

Hebrew: One Who Resembles God
African: Peaceful

Origin of the name Mykel


Symbolism of the name Mykel

Mykel is said to have psychic powers and carries on bringing others joy. He has a receptive personality and is easy to talk to, making him a natural for carrying the burdens of others. Mykel is also pragmatic, and practical, and can be stubborn at times.

Style of the name Mykel


Gender of the name Mykel

Mykel is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Mykel


Number of syllables in the name Mykel


Emotion evoked from the name Mykel

Mykel is creative and outgoing. He always looks for balance in creating something new. He enjoys self-expression and tends to be quite talkative. Mykel enjoys music and art as a creative outlet. Sometimes he gets bored easily and may jump rapidly from one project to another.

Alternative spellings for the name Mykel

  • Mykal
  • Maikel

Nicknames for the name Mykel

  • Myke
  • Kel
  • Mook
  • Kely
  • Mykie

Popularity of the name Mykel

Mykel came onto the popularity charts in 1975 and gained points quickly through the years. The peak of popularity was in 1990. It stayed steady at that height until around 2015 when it took a large dip in popularity and then went back up.

Related names for the name Mykel

  • Makai
  • Michel
  • Mickey
  • Miguel 
  • Mike
  • Miko

Great middle names for Mykel and their meanings

  • Reuben (behold, a son)
  • Aviel (my father is the Lord)
  • Matz (gift of God)
  • Axill (father is peace)
  • Tyson (firebrand)
  • Uriel (angel of light; the flame of God)
  • Samson (like the sun)
  • Nathen (gift of God)
  • Jacob (supplanter)
  • Zethe (appointed)

Famous people with the name Mykel

  • MykelJenkins (American actor and winner of “I Wanna Be a Soap Star”)
  • Mykel Hawke (American survivalist and reality TV personality)
  • Mykel Benson (American AFL player)

Mykels in popular culture

  • Mykel and Carli (song by Weezer)
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