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Kameron is a spelling variation of the traditional name, Cameron. It is one of the most popular variation options, ranking at number 299. Though any spelling of the baby name is unisex, Kameron is slightly more popular for girls.

Meaning of the name Kameron:

Scottish: crooked nose

Origin of the name Kameron:

Kameron is a spelling variation of the original baby name, Cameron. This traditional option began as a Scottish surname that came from old Gaelic words. These were “cam” and “sron.”

Symbolism of the name Kameron:

Kameron means “crooked nose” as this is the same meaning that Cameron and the surname had. The Gaelic word “cam” translates to “crooked,” and “sron” translates to “nose.”

Baby name Kameron

Style of the name Kameron:

Modern as a spelling variant

Gender of the name Kameron:

Kameron is a unisex name option, but this spelling may be more popular among girls.

Pronunciation of the name Kameron:

KAM-ren or KAM-uh-ren

Number of syllables in the name Kameron:

Two or three depending on pronunciation

Emotion evoked from the name Kameron:

Kameron feels natural and wholesome. It is a kind name that has a friendly demeanor.

Alternative spellings for the name Kameron:

Nicknames for the name Kameron:

  • Kam
  • Kammie
  • Kami 
  • Ron
  • Ronnie
  • Ronney

Popularity of the name Kameron:

Kameron became a top 1,000 name option in America in 1984 at rank 990. It ascended to the top 300 list in 1998, remaining there until even now in 2020. As of last year, Kameron ranks at number 299.

Related names for the name Kameron:

Great middle names for Kameron and their meanings:

  • Jeanne (Yahweh is gracious)
  • Bailey (bailiff)
  • Layne (path, roadway)
  • Elise (My God is abundance)
  • Alexander (defender of men)
  • Liam (strong-willed warrior, protector)
  • Russell (red-haired)
  • Michael (who is like God?)

Famous people with the name Kameron:

  • Kameron Chancellor (NFL player)
  • Kameron Canaday (NFL player)
  • Kameron Mickolio (MLB player)
  • Kameron Chatman (NBA player)
  • Kameron Couch (professional dancer, “Dancing with the Stars”)
  • Kameron Michaels (reality TV star, “RuPaul's Drag Race”)
  • Kameron Hurley (science fiction novelist)

Kamerons in popular culture:

There are no pop culture references to the baby name Kameron.

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