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The baby name Brennon stems from an Irish given name and surname. Brennon is also a baby name that has a peaceful feel to it. Keep reading to discover more information about the name.

Meaning of the name Brennon:

Irish for “rain, drop, moisture”.

Origin of the name Brennon:

The baby name Brennon comes with Irish origins. This is due to the fact that the name is a variation of “Brennan”, a name that originally began as an Irish surname. Also, “Brennan” is an anglicized version of the Irish Gaelic name “Ó Braonáin”.

Symbolism of the name Brennon:

Brennon has a connection to the weather, specifically rain. This allows the baby name Brennon to symbolize calmness as well as a renewal of sorts. There’s a spirituality within the name Brennon, one that speaks to rebirth and cleansing.

Style of the name Brennon:


Gender of the name Brennon:

Brennon is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Brennon:


Number of syllables in the name Brennon:


Emotion evoked from the name Brennon:

Brennon is a baby name that feels courageous, determined, and serene all at once.

Alternative spellings for the name Brennon:

Nicknames for the name Brennon:

  • Bren

Popularity of the name Brennon:

With data from the Social Security Administration, Brennon hasn’t spent much time on the top 1000 list of popular baby names. Brennon ranked its highest in 1999 when it landed at #866.

Related names for the name Brennon:

Great middle names for Brennon and their meanings:

  • Boyd (blond)
  • Miles (soldier; merciful)
  • Ted (gift of god; rich guard)
  • Joey (he will add)
  • Marlon (sea fortress)
  • Sunny (son)
  • Paris (French place-name)
  • Quinton (queen’s manor)

Famous people with the name Brennon:

  • Brennon Lund (American baseball player)
  • Brennon Dowrick (Australian gymnast)

Brennons in movies/pop culture:

Brennon is not a well-known baby name used in pop culture.

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