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Egypt is a name, at least for many, conjures images of an exotic land with a rich history. In recent years, though, it has also started to gain popularity as a name for children. Read on to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Egypt:

Greek: Mansion of the Spirit of Ptah

Origin of the name Egypt:

Egypt is a name of American origin that is derived from the Greek word Aegyptos, which gave rise to the name of the modern country of Egypt.

Symbolism of the name Egypt:

Egypt tends to symbolize a kind of marriage between the ancient and the new, as well as the exotic and familiar.

Style of the name Egypt:


Gender of the name Egypt:

Egypt seems to be used primarily as a first name for female children.

Pronunciation of the name Egypt:


Number of syllables in the name Egypt:


Emotion evoked from the name Egypt:

Egypt tends to evoke emotions related to wanderlust and curiosity.

Alternative spellings for the name Egypt:

  • Aegypt
  • Ejypt
  • Ejipt

Nicknames for the name Egypt:

  • E
  • Jip
  • Egg

Popularity of the name Egypt:

According to the Social Security Administration, Egypt last ranked on the list of the most popular baby names in the United States in 2021 as the 937th most popular name for baby girls. The name peaked in popularity in 2019 as the 912th most popular baby name.

Related names for the name Egypt:

Great middle names for Egypt and their meanings:

  • Rose (flower)
  • Audree (noble)
  • Charvi (beautiful)
  • Eva (life)
  • Naila (successful)
  • Reveka (captivating)
  • Shayna (goodness)
  • Zahra (flower)

Famous people with the name Egypt:

  • Egypt Sherrod (American radio personality)
  • Egypt Reale (American actress)

Egypts in popular culture:

There are no prominent fictional characters named Egypt.

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