When you hear the name Dexter, you may initially think of “Dexter's Laboratory.” Others may imagine the newer Netflix show, “Dexter.” This nerdy baby name has a long history, however, dating back to Old England and Latin cultures. As of 2021, Dexter is a top 600 option at rank 533.

Meaning of the name Dexter:

Latin: right-handed, skillful
English: one who dyes, dyer

Origin of the name Dexter:

Dexter is a multicultural name for boys most of the time. It was originally a surname in England. It represented workers who dyed cloth and textiles. In Latin cultures, “dexter” is a word. It refers to someone “right-handed” or “skilled.” Dexter became a given name option in the past couple of centuries.

Symbolism of the name Dexter:

Dexter translates to “one who dyes” or “dyer” in Old English. It was a surname that represented families with a patriarch who dyed clothing. In Latin, this name comes from the word “dexter.” This term means “right-handed” or “skilled.” Think of the word “dexterity,” which has the same Latin origins.

Style of the name Dexter:


Gender of the name Dexter:

Dexter is a nerdy name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Dexter:


Number of syllables in the name Dexter:


Emotion evoked from the name Dexter:

Dexter is a devious and nerdy baby name. It is unique and youthful.

Alternative spellings for the name Dexter:

  • Deckster
  • Dekster
  • Dexxter

Nicknames for the name Dexter:

  • Dex
  • Dexie
  • Dexy
  • Dextie
  • Dexty

Popularity of the name Dexter:

Dexter was first a top 1,000 baby name in 1901 at rank 739. As of 2021, it is a top 600 baby name at number 533. Dexter ranked highest in 1968 at rank 262.

Related names for the name Dexter:

Great middle names for Dexter and their meanings:

  • Seamus (He supplanted, substitute)
  • Atticus (belonging to Attica)
  • James (supplanter)
  • Wolfe (wolf)
  • Blaise (lisp, stutter)
  • Lennon (dear one, lover)
  • Evan (God is gracious)
  • Oliver (olive tree, ancestor's descendants)

Famous people with the name Dexter:

  • Dexter Jackson (NFL player)
  • Dexter Bean (NASCAR driver)
  • Dexter Davis (NFL player)
  • Dexter Gordon (saxophonist)
  • Dexter Mills Jr. (rapper)
  • Dexter Vines (comic book artist)
  • Dexter Fletcher (actor, “Rocketman”)
  • Dexter Roberts (country music singer)

Dexters in popular culture:

  • Dexter (character from “Dexter's Laboratory”)
  • Dexter Morgan (character from “Dexter”)
  • Dexter (character from “One Day”)
  • Dexter Jones (character from “This Lullaby”)
  • Dexter Dizznee (character from “Keeper of the Lost Cities”)
  • Dexter Hartman (character from “EastEnders”)
  • Dexter (DC Comics character)
  • Dexter Barrington (character from “The Country Bears”)