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Are Akitas Good With Kids? What Parents Need To Know

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Are Akitas Good With Kids? What Parents Need To Know

Are Akitas good with kids? The short answer is that this courageous and loyal breed is much better suited to a family with older children. Akitas were originally bred in Japan with the traits of a guard dog intended for protecting Japanese royalty. They are fiercely loyal to their owners, affectionate and introverted dogs whose intelligence can make them fairly wary of strangers (via Dog Time). They are a discerning presence but a faithful companion. As with most dogs, early socialization and training can mitigate the more territorial traits of an Akita. If you can make the necessary arrangements for an Akita in your home and your life, they are sure to be loyal family pets. Keep reading to learn more about this breed and what it takes to own an Akita.

Akita Personality And Physical Traits

Akitas are well known for their loyalty and introverted personality. In Japan, they are hailed as a symbol of good fortune and health. They are guard dogs at heart despite their introversion and will be fierce protectors of their owners. And they are often intolerant of smaller children and other breeds of dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, they are happy to lounge and keep to themselves but can also be quite independent. Be sure that you can handle training and socialization for your Akita. This is the best way to ensure your Akita will be friendly, or at least tolerant, of strangers, other dogs, and smaller children. They enjoy quiet and can be happy to just spend a night indoors with their family. Decide what’s best for you and your loved ones when making this decision. Physically, Akitas have a long-haired, rather puffy coat. They appear in a variety of colors from fawnish red to dark browns, whites, tans, and blacks. Sometimes they will have some mask-like markings on their face. They have triangular, discerning eyes and pointed ears.

Why The Age Of Your Child Is Important

 It is important to consider that an Akita may be the best fit for a home with older children. Because each dog is different with training, it is not guaranteed that your Akita will learn to interact in a family setting. It is important that your child fully understand the boundaries of a dog, how to play with it etc. Teach your children ways to respectfully interact with all kinds of dog breeds. Older children may be able to help with the guided training of your Akita. This will in turn teach responsibility and strengthen the bond between your child and your new pet Akita. With proper training and socialization, an Akita is loving, playful, and affectionate with its immediate family. 

Asian mother and two kids sitting and playing together with Shiba inu dog in public park. happy family and pet
Akitas can do well with children if they receive proper socialization from a young age.


What If My Child Is Allergic?

Akitas are not hypoallergenic. People with allergies react often to dog dander, the skin that’s sloughed off with their fur. If this is you, Akitas might not be the dog to get. They are considered double-coated dogs which means their fur is thick and layered. There’s a soft inner layer that provides them warmth. And there’s a rough, outer layer that protects them from the elements and general outdoor debris. Because this coat is so thick, they shed seasonally and during this time require frequent brushing. For a household with dog allergies, that is a lot of fur to contend with. If taking medication will alleviate the symptoms enough, you can still consider this breed.

How Big Do Akitas Get?

Akitas are a medium breed of dog. The males clock in between 100-130 lbs and the females range from 70-100 lbs. In terms of height, they won’t get much taller than 2.5 feet (via Be Chewy).

Energy Levels of Akitas 

Akitas do require exercise although they are also a very chill breed that will happily spend time indoors just lounging. They are adventurous, independent, and courageous dogs that will enjoy outdoor adventure. They enjoy brisk walks, daily strolls, and plenty of time to be outdoors in a fenced area. A-Z Animals recommends changing up your Akita’s exercise routine so they don’t become bored and resort to habits like digging. 

How Much Does It Cost To Own An Akita? 

According to to Be Chewy, Akitas can cost anywhere from $600 to $2,000. This number is so varied based on several screening, pedigree, and breeder-dependent factors. A higher pedigree of parentage may result in a more expensive Akita puppy. Other breeders might offer a lower price but it’s important to do your screening for health concerns. Adoption is always a great idea, although Akitas may be harder to find in a shelter from a young age. 

Akitas enjoy daily exercise and outdoor adventures.


What To Know About Akitas

Akitas are a wonderful, loyal, and loving breed of dog. However, they do better with older children and in a single-dog household than other breeds of dog. Under the right guided training, they can be fantastic family pets, but it’s important to know they aren’t the most tolerant of breeds. They are affectionate to their family, adventurous, and playful. They’ll keep you active and also adapt to time spent lounging at home. The American Kennel Club is a good resource for reputable breeders if this sounds like a breed of dog that might be a good fit for you.

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