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Are Chihuahuas Good With Kids? What Parents Need To Know

Black Chihuahua is sitting and happy smile.

Are Chihuahuas Good With Kids? What Parents Need To Know

If you’re considering your next pet purchase, perhaps the Chihuahua has come to mind. Of course, an important question for anyone with a family is, are Chihuahuas good with kids? While this small breed of dog is cute and cuddly, they do not always play well with small children. Due to their size, they don’t enjoy roughhousing or have the patience of other breeds when it comes to curious kiddos. Chihuahuas are better with older children and can adapt well to apartment or house-style living. They are alert, charming, and nervous dogs who can become very attached to their family. It’s all about finding the right dog to fit your family’s needs. Keep on reading to learn more about Chihuahuas and what it takes to own one.

Chihuahua Personality And Physical Traits

Known as the national symbol of Mexico, Chihuahuas are what’s considered a “purse dog.” Chihuahuas have surprisingly big personalities despite their very small physique. According to the American Kennel Club, Chihuahua’s ancestry dates back to the 9th Century AD with the Toltecs who lived in ancient Mexico. They bred a dog called Techichi which is the precursor breed to the modern-day Chihuahua. The modern Chihuahua is very attached to its owner. They love pleasing their owners and have a bark that’s quite loud. They can be endearing and funny little dogs when they’re comfortable and enjoy the presence of their breed as opposed to other larger pets. Physically, they have two coat types, a long coat or a smooth short coat. They come in a variety of colors and patterns depending on their parentage. Look for Chihuahuas in shades of black, brown, light tan, whites, creams, and even fawn reds. They have perky ears and big eyes that add to the overall impression of alertness. There is also a breed of Chihuahua called a “teacup” Chihuahua. This means they are small enough to fit into – you guessed it – a teacup! 

Why The Age Of Your Child Is Important

While Chihuahuas are pack animals, they do much better around older children and other Chihuahuas. The main reason for this is size-related. Because they are so small, they must be handled gently and with care. They bark when they feel threatened and while training will help with anxiety, they should be supervised when with small children. Training and exposure to older children will help with any aggressive behaviors (via Dog Time).

A dog of the Chihuahua breed gives his paw to the owner. The little animal stands on the green surface of the sports field. A five-year-old girl in the background. A family walk with a pet. Outside.
Chihuahuas prefer to be around other Chihuahuas than other breeds of dog. They enjoy gentle human company.

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What If My Child Is Allergic?

Chihuahuas are not hypoallergenic although they are minimal shedders. The shedding level for this breed depends upon their coat length. Because dog allergies are often a response to the dander, or dead skin, released when a dog sheds. Since short-haired Chihuahuas require minimal grooming they may release less dander. Still, there are dog breed options that are considered more hypoallergenic. Some dog allergies respond to allergy medication (via A-Z Animals). 

How Big Do Chihuahuas Get?

According to The Smart Canine, Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of purebred dog. Depending on the gender, Chihuahuas can weigh anywhere from 1-6 pounds. Some variations of this breed can reach upwards of 12 pounds and still be perfectly healthy. 

Energy Levels of Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas have moderate energy levels in comparison to other dog breeds. They will require and enjoy a routine daily walk, or a couple of them. Your Chihuahua may be up for a game of fetch with smaller toys. They can be active pets but will also very much enjoy spending time on laps, indoors, and snoozing with their chosen people (via Dog Time).

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Chihuahuas are major chill-at-home dogs. They love some quality lap time.


How Much Does It Cost To Own A Chihuahua?

If you get your new Chihuahua from a breeder with pure pedigree, it might run you between $1,000 to $3,000. That’s not including the cost of clothing, feeding, and gearing up your new dog. Some shelters and other breeders might offer more in the range of $500 for your new pup, and of course, adoption is a great option. Keep your eyes out for local humane resource centers that may be selling Chihuahua puppies for a fraction of the price of a breeder (Dog Pricing).

What To Know About Chihuahuas 

Chihuahuas are lovable and feisty little dogs. Despite their size, they can be larger than life with a shrill bark and a strong attachment to their owners. They can be wonderful family pets if your children know how to treat a small dog. However, they will do best around older children who can handle them with care. These little dogs are pack oriented and enjoy lots of time spent with their owners. Whether you enjoy active time outdoors or lounging on the couch, your Chihuahua will be by your side or in your lap. Is a Chihuahua the right breed of dog for you?

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