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Are Collies Good With Kids?

Two obedient Shepherd dogs (blue merle rough Collie and tricolor Sheltie) posing together outdoors sitting on a green grass with fallen leaves in autumn

Are Collies Good With Kids?

Known for their gentle nature, Collies are a great breed and are good with kids. They are playful, and during times of roughhousing, they display patience and tolerance which is very important for families with small children. Today we're going to take a look at the Collie breeds and learn more about how you can care for a collie if you decide to make one of them a part of your family.

Rough collie
One of Collie's favorite ways to play is playing tug. Purchase some tug ropes or plush toys that you can use to play with and tug away.


Breed Traits and Characteristics

Before we get into it, no matter how good the breed of a dog looks on paper, it's imperative to understand that the behavior of a dog is heavily reliant on its training. Please note, that although this breed has a great track record, it is important that you still train your dog to behave as you see fit. With that being said, let's get into the characteristics of the Collie breed.

About The Breed

Often recognized as the dog from “Lassie,” Collies have been a pop-culture star for about one hundred years. These dogs are famously known to be fond of children and make a great addition to the family. With gentle training, this breed is known to learn quickly and happily. They are intelligent, loyal, and make for an amazing companion.

Size And Physical Characteristics

Collies are large-sized dogs weighing in from 60-75 pounds for a male or 50-65 pounds for a female. They typically stand anywhere from 22 to 26 inches tall. The colors you will see on a Collie include black, white, and tan and they often have a variety of sable or merle markings.

Although they have a beautiful furry coat, that does come with some shedding. From one to five, one being no shedding and five being hair everywhere, Collies score a three for shedding. Because they have quite a bit of hair, that means that they will require brushing more frequently. It is also helpful to get this breed groomed every couple of months. This is important to factor in before committing to this dog and what that could mean for your budget.

Social And Family Life

Collies are pretty even-keeled when it comes to openness to strangers. They aren't the most extroverted but they are not shy. They are also very adaptable so whether you're moving, changing schedules, experiencing extreme weather, or being noisy, they handle change very well. This can be very important for families especially if they are still growing their family and welcoming new babies.

Because Collies are playful, they can be a great companion for your children while you bring a new baby home. They can serve as a friend so that children have something to keep their attention on while their home life is changing. On a scale of one to five, one being not recommended and five being great with children, Collies score a five. They are also very affectionate and lovey, not just with their owners but also with others.

Personality Traits

Because of their intelligence and their eagerness to please, Collies score well on their trainability level. Some breeds with lower energy tend to do what they want when they want to do it. Collies have a decent energy level and often want to make their owners proud.

One thing to note which might not be great with young children is that Collies love to bark. On a scale of one to five, one meaning barking only to alert and five being very vocal, Collies score a five. This is something to think about as they might bark often during nap times.

How do you get your Collie to rest? Although they have a good energy level, mental stimulation is what often tires out dogs and forces them to rest. Collies are herding dogs, which means that were initially bred to have a job that required problem-solving, decision-making, and concentration. Without having a job like herding, giving your dog an activity that will provide them with mental stimulation will be helpful.

Two obedient Shepherd dogs (blue merle rough Collie and tricolor Sheltie) posing together outdoors sitting on a green grass with fallen leaves in autumn
Staring is considered one of Collie's character traits. If you notice a Collie staring at you, it is actually a livestock herding trick! Staring mimics predatory behavior and often gets livestock to move.


Variations Of The Breed

Although the characteristics above mostly refer to the “Rough Collie” all Collie variations hold these characteristics. Other variations include the Smooth Collie, Border Collie, and Bearded Collie. The Smooth Collie is most similar to the Rough Collie but with a much shorter and softer fur coat. Border Collies and Bearded Collies are a smaller variation of the Collie breed. Typically weighing in at 30-55 pounds, they are seen as medium-sized dogs rather than large ones like the Rough and Smooth Collies.

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