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Are Australian Shepherds Good With Kids? What Parents Need To Know

Are Australian Shepherds Good With Kids? What Parents Need To Know

When it comes to dogs, there are so many breeds out there. When parents and families want to bring a dog into their home, they have many questions. Many families worry about whether or not a dog breed will be good around their children, especially young kids. Some dog breeds can be high energy and aggressive, making them not great “kid dogs.” However, it's crucial before bringing a dog into your home to do adequate research about the individual breed. This way, parents can rest assured that their newest member of the family is safe and loving. Australian Shepherds are a dog breed many people flock to due to their looks, but without knowing the details, they may not be the dog for you.

Australian Shepherds Basics

The Australian Shepherd is a herding dog, originally used on ranches for herding animals. They are medium size dogs, ranging from 40 to 60 pounds. Australian Shepherds also have a pretty long lifespan, around 10-12 years. Many families find this to be intriguing, as no one wants to bring a dog into their family and lose them shortly after. They tend to have a happy demeanor and they get along well with other dogs and pets when they are socialized from an early age.

They Have a Happy Personality

Australian Shepherds are always happy and eager when it comes to their owners and families. They are extremely energetic and have a ton of energy. For families with children, this can be a great thing. Kids are often energetic, as well, and both the kids and the dog can tire each other out by playing a lot. Australian Shepherds do require a lot of exercise. This breed requires at least 40 minutes of exercise per day. This can be a lot for families who have working parents and young children. However, if you do have an Australian Shepherd, allowing them time to run outside in your yard can be a great remedy for this.

When properly trained, Australian Shepherds are very friendly.


This Breed is Team-Oriented

Australian Shepherds are dogs that want to be part of a team. Australian shepherds are good with kids in the sense that they will always be loyal to their pack. Their pack will become your family. When families bring Australian Shepherds into their homes, they are loving and caring. They like to share in activities and do things with families, such as hiking or going on outdoor adventures. They are excellent travel companions if going camping or somewhere outdoors.

However, Australian Shepherds are Always Herding Dogs

As their breed was created for ranches and animal herding, it is in their nature to “herd.” They are very well known for trying to herd smaller kids. This can lead to some issues with babies and toddlers if the dog is not properly trained. Australian Shepherds in their natural nature are pushy, as they pushed livestock along to help their ranchhands. This can cause them to be pushy with small children. Many people who have Australian Shepherds note that they can nip and paw at the feet of young kids, particularly babies. Training can correct this, but training must start early on.

are australian shepherds good with kids
Australian Shepherds require daily mental and physical stimulation.


Socialization is Important

When bringing an Australian Shepherd into your home, it is very important to train them and socialize them early on. To avoid any issues with children, training dogs away from nipping and pawing is a vital need. In addition, socializing dogs from when they are puppies allows them to become comfortable and friendly with other dogs and people. This can also prevent high-energy dogs like Australian Shepherds from jumping on people when they come into your home.

They Need Stimulation

This breed of dog not only needs physical stimulation through regular daily exercise, but they also need mental stimulation as well. When Australian Shepherds have too much energy, they end up doing things to get their energy out. This can be negative for many families. Some dogs may rip up things in the house or chew things when they are overstimulated. A tired dog is a happy dog because it means they are getting all of its energy out in a productive way.

The Verdict

The final verdict about whether or not Australian Shepherds are good with kids is depending on how much time you have to train and interact with your dog. If you are someone who has a very busy schedule and is not home often, Australian Shepherds may not be the dog for you. However, if you have time to socialize, train, and positively interact with your dog, they can be loving and caring family pets.

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