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11 Large Dogs That Are Good With Kids

little girl and newfoundland

11 Large Dogs That Are Good With Kids

If you’re considering adopting a new furry family member and you’ve thought at all about getting a bigger breed of dog, here are the best large dogs that are good with kids. According to Chewy, large dog breeds are within the weight range of 50-60 pounds and this includes any dog that weighs over 90 pounds. This category encompasses a fair number of breeds so it is important to do your homework and know which options will be best fit for a family, especially one with smaller or younger children.

As with all dogs, owning a large dog is a responsibility, especially in terms of ensuring they have enough space to play and lay and live within your household. Reader’s Digest encourages everyone to own larger dogs because certain larger breeds can be especially patient and easy to train. Sometimes, they don’t even require all that much more active playtime than other, smaller breeds of dog.

Keep on reading to find out more about the large dogs that are good with kids, and see if one is will be your next choice of pet! 

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are great family dogs. While they grow quickly from their cute puppy phase, they'll continue to be a great companion.

©Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

Labrador Retrievers are friendly, outgoing, and incredibly affectionate dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, they are one of the most popular dog breeds because of their sweet temperament and trainability. Labradors weigh between 55-80 pounds depending on the gender and can come in light, almost white shades of blonde to chocolate brown and black colorations.


Newfoundland dog at home is laid out on the sofa.
Newfoundlands are gentle and very furry giants.


Newfoundland dogs are patient, sweet, and great with kids. Perhaps one of the most famous literary Newfoundland is the nanny dog “Nana” from Peter Pan! Their incredibly furry coat requires some serious grooming and they are not hypoallergenic. Weight-wise, Newfoundlands can reach upwards of 150 pounds for most males. In terms of coloration, this breed comes in shades of gray, brown, black, and a combination of black and white (via AKC). They're quite happy to lounge and enjoy walks when you are also excited to be out. Just be sure to towel them off once you're back indoors. Their rough and medium-length coat is sure to retain some dirt!

Golden Retriever

An adult Golden Retriever dog plays and runs in a park an open field with green grass
Golden Retrievers are known for their boundless energy and affection when it comes to playing with children.

©iStock.com/Tatyana Consaul

The Golden Retriever is up there with Labrador Retrievers for being the most popular dog breed partly because they are known as one of the large dogs that are good with kids. These are high-energy dogs. They have lots of energy and very much enjoy lots of playtime with their people. Goldens are a part of the sporting division dog shows. They have beautiful coats that come in a range of colors. From a reddish copper tone to light, almost white-blonde fur, it appears feathered around their tail and near their neck and ears. With training and socialization, they can be wonderful playmates and affectionate family dogs (via AKC).

Border Collie

Child hugging border collie
Border Collies are active and loving members of any household.


The Border Collie is on the smaller end of the large dog breed, weighing between 30-55 pounds depending on gender. They are a herding breed and therefore, incredibly intelligent and loyal to their chosen family. They are independent but incredibly trainable and at the top of the scales for showing affection to children and adults alike. Expect many licks if you choose to get a Border Collie. Border Collies come in color variations of black, white, brown, and red (via AKC).

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German Shepard

German shepherd catches frisbee in mouth
German Shepards are incredible athletes and loyal family dogs.


The German Shepard has a reputation for being a guard dog, but their sweeter tendencies as a family dog will come out with the proper training. This breed is athletic and courageous. They're a great fit for active families who enjoy hiking and getting out into the world. German Shepards can get quite large and muscular, weighing about 50-70 pounds for females and upwards of 90 pounds for males. Color-wise, they are recognizable for their tan and black markings, though they can also appear in reddish hues, silvery tones, and with creamy mixed coats as well (via AKC).

Bernese Mountain Dog

Purebred adult Bernese Mountain Dog outdoors in the forest on a cloudy day during autumn.
Bernese Mountain Dogs are patient and affectionate dogs who can reach behemoth sizes.


The American Kennel Club characterizes this breed within the “working dog” class, for their strength, calm demeanor, and gentle personality. These dogs can be very large, getting up to 115 pounds for males and between 70-95 pounds for females. They are affectionate people pleasers that do very well in cold weather. Bernese Mountain dogs have a thick, silky coat that shows up in variations of black and white, rust-colored, and brown.

Great Dane

Despite their size, Great Danes are very gentle with children.


Great Danes are not only great in size but also in temperament. They are dependable, calm, and sweet. While their personality is sweet, their stature is something to seriously consider when deciding to invest in this particular dog. Standing, they are taller than most humans and on all fours, they still reach about 30 inches or 2.5 feet. Weight-wise, males range between 140-175 while females can be slightly smaller at 110-140 pounds. Great Danes can appear in several colors including mixed black and white, grey, brown, and brindle (via AKC).

Australian Shepard

Beautiful young Australian Shepherd keeps the red ball
Australian Shepherds enjoy playing with their family members, no matter their age.


The Australian Shepherd is a sweet breed of dog. They're quite beautiful dogs too. With soft, feathered fur and fluffy, perky ears, they sometimes have electric blue eyes that are quite striking against their coloration. They are quite active pups who do well with lots of exercise and play. Australian Shepherds grow between 50-65 pounds depending on gender. Known for “shepherding” cattle or sheep, this breed is the best fit for people who can let them run a fair amount (via AKC).


Boxers are enthusiastic and affectionate family dogs.

©iStock.com/Kurt Pas

Boxers are an excitable and playful breed of dog. Recognized best by their wrinkled face shape and floppy ears, this breed of dog is as powerful as it is affectionate. When socialized from a young age, they make wonderful family dogs. They are protective yet loving and will bond deeply with their family. Fully grown, Boxers reach about 65-80 pounds and most of that is pure muscle. Color wise they are often hues of brown with splashes of white (via AKC).

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Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard, Rescue Dog
Saint Bernards are huge yet very friendly.


Originally from the Swiss Alps, these giant dogs are gentle and observant family pets. Similar to the Newfoundland breed, Saint Bernards are watchful and patient companions for children. Weighing in between 120-180 pounds, these dogs will typically appear in color combinations of browns and whites, oranges and whites, and reds and whites. They have dark noses and darker ears that give their face an overall friendly appearance. Combined with their sweet demeanor, it's easy to see why these dogs are called “nanny dogs” (via AKC).


Rottweilers who are well-trained and socialized make fantastic family dogs.


This breed in particular has a reputation that does not befit its true personality. Rottweilers are large dogs that are good with kids. With socialization and training, any aggressive or territorial traits can be channeled into a loyal and loving personality (via Native Pet). Descended from the Mastiff, Rottweilers are a very strong and confident breed of dog. When comfortable and happy, they have a silly side that is quite charming to their nearest and dearest family members. Coming in shade combinations of black and dark brown, rust, and mahogany, they can weigh between 80-135 pounds depending on gender (via AKC).

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