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Are Great Danes Good With Kids? What Parents Need To Know

Are Great Danes Good With Kids? What Parents Need To Know

Many families choose to bring a pet into the home when they have kids. However, families want to ensure that the dog they get into their home is safe and friendly. Dogs can range in temperament and energy levels. This can have a large impact on how they interact in the home. Size, life span, and exercise needs are also things that many parents take into account when selecting a family dog. Families with young kids want to ensure that the dog will be safe to have around their babies. Families with older kids want to ensure that the dogs may be low maintenance. Many families also have a preference for dog size. Some families like larger dogs and others like smaller dogs. Great Danes are a great choice if your family is looking for a larger dog.

Great Danes, while they are bigger dogs, are easygoing with children.


About Great Danes

Great Danes are one of the larger dog breeds in the dog family. The average size of a Great Dane is 100-120 pounds. They are very protective and loving dogs, especially with children. However, one downside to having a Great Dane is that they have a relatively short lifespan. Great Danes live for an average of 6-8 years. This is one thing that can make it difficult to have a Great Dane as a family dog. Children who may get attached to their Great Dane will be heartbroken when their time comes. However, Great Danes do not require much exercise, only needing 20-40 minutes a day. This makes them easy dogs to care for. Their coat is also short, which makes them easy to groom and care for, as well. However, Great Danes shed a bit, so vacuuming may be done more frequently in your home.

Great Danes are Gentle Giants

While their size may be deceiving, Great Danes are known to be gentle giants. Despite their size, Great Danes are amazing dogs to have with children. They are extremely affectionate dogs who value their owners. Great Danes are known for trying to be lap dogs and even putting their giant heads into their owners' laps. They are extremely gentle with children and are aware of their size for the most part. Sometimes, they do tend to play and cuddle with young toddlers, knocking them over, but this is never malicious. Because they are low energy, they do not get rowdy with kids.

It's good to know that Great Danes are extremely patient. Young children love to play with their pet dogs, sometimes even pulling at them. While Great Danes have long tails and floppy ears, they do not get angry or aggressive when kids pull on them. Instead, they appreciate the love and affection.

They are Also Protective

Great Danes are guard dogs that are loyal and protective of their owners. While they are not major barkers, they are watchdogs who will protect your family at all costs. This makes them excellent pets so they can always be protective of your children and can alert you of danger or anything they feel may be unsafe.

Great Danes love the outdoors but don't require a lot of exercise.

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They Are Easy to Train

Getting a puppy can be stressful, especially if parents are trying to train them around their kids. Fortunately, Great Danes are easily trainable and they are quick learners. Many owners may be nervous about accidents, as they are such big dogs. However, they do respond quickly to commands. A few repetitive sessions of training can go a long way with a Great Dane.

Considerations for Getting a Great Dane

While Great Danes are loving, patient family dogs, they are a large breed. If you live in an apartment, getting a Great Dane may not be for your family. Great Danes need a lot of space to stretch out and move around. A house is a better option so that they can have room to play and grow. If you have a yard, you will need a higher fence so that your Great Dane does not jump over it, or have too much freedom alone. Because they are so tall, it can pose an issue should they see something they want to go after and hop over your fence.

In addition, thinking about mobility in the car is another thing to consider. Dogs do require time out of the home, such as traveling with family, going to the groomer, or a trip to the vet. If you do not have a larger car that can fit your Great Dane, this can pose an issue down the road.

Another thing to remember is that size does oftentimes matter with dogs. Remember, if you are getting a bigger dog, things do cost more. That means collars, beds, dog food bowls, toys, and other things may be more costly than they would be for a smaller dog. One thing that will cost more is dog food. Bigger dogs tend to eat more, meaning they will require more food over time. This can be a big cost for families, as well.

Great Danes are easily trained and listen to commands.

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The Consensus

Overall, Great Danes are excellent family dogs if you have energetic children and a large home. They are loyal companions who do not require a lot of exercise and time outside. Great Danes are loving, affectionate, cuddly, and easy to train. They may be unaware of their own size at times, but they are patient and understanding with young kids. They also make excellent family guard dogs. Any family who loves big dogs would love to bring a Great Dane into their home.

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