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Are Weimaraners Good With Kids?

A Weimaraner puppy chewing on a plush toy

Are Weimaraners Good With Kids?

A dog that’s thrilled to jog alongside you, your spouse, and even a little one in a jogging stroller? Sounds perfect for an active family. But are Weimaraners good with kids? Learn about this pooch, including what you can expect with their temperament, their social needs, and their exercise needs. Plus, learn what you need to consider before bringing this large breed pup home!

Weimaraner: A Bit About This Pooch

According to the American Kennel Club, the Weimaraner is a dog that reaches 25 to 27 inches tall if male, and 23 to 25 inches tall if female. Male Weimaraners can weigh between 70 and 90 pounds and their female counterparts are lighter, typically weighing between 55 and 75 pounds. Their life expectancy is listed as between 10 and 13 years. These dogs are affectionate with family and sometimes good with other dogs, but they should not be smaller than them. Ultimately, these dogs were bred to hunt, and they have a strong prey drive. A home with cats is not suitable for these pups either.

You can expect moderate shedding with these dogs but they don’t require daily grooming. They have smooth, short coats that may be either blue, gray, or silver. Typically, you can expect this dog to have a solid-colored coat but in some cases, they may have a small white marking on the chest. They have long ears, and their eyes may be either a blue-gray color or an amber color. They’re intelligent and graceful, impressive with their presence alone.

Weimaraner dog and spring
Weimaraners are athletic dogs that do well alongside active families.


Considering they were bred as hunting dogs, these pups require a significant amount of physical activity. This is not the type of dog you can usher into a kennel and leave alone for several hours during the day. They prefer to be around you and they need plenty of mental stimulation to remain healthy. Without proper exercise and sufficient mental stimulation, these dogs can become destructive in and outside the home. This might result in digging in your backyard or chewing items throughout your home.

Weimaraner: Temperament

This puppy is energetic, requiring lots of physical activity. They’re super smart and they love interacting with their human family. So long as they’re properly socialized, they can interact with other large dogs. But again, smaller pets like cats (and even rodents and reptiles) should be kept away from the Weimaraner, as placing them together could pose a serious danger to your smaller pet(s). They’re great watchdogs that are exceptionally vigilant and protective.

They want to play nonstop, and they don’t mind if you break a routine. They’re pretty adaptable. They don’t particularly gravitate to strangers, but they can open up to them with some time. You can expect moderate barking and high energy with these dogs. They’re generally quite eager to please, which makes training them a breeze. Keep in mind, however, that these pups need some kind of a job or activity to keep them mentally stimulated and overall healthy.

Weimaraner: Social and Exercise Needs

If you lead an active life, this is a great dog to keep alongside you during your long runs. They’ll happily join you on hiking trips or hunting trips. They will not, however, tolerate being alone for long periods. These pups are chewers. You have to be ultra careful to ensure that they don’t swallow something that they’re not supposed to. However, in a home with kids, you’ve already baby-proofed, toddler-proofed, and even teenager-proofed, so that would be helpful before bringing this dog home.

Weimaraner Hunting Dog puppy looking straigt at the camera
Weimaraners love chewing; you must be mindful about puppy-proofing the home before they arrive.

©Marius Philipp/Shutterstock.com

When they are not getting proper social interaction with people or they’re not expending all their energy through physical exercise, they get destructive. These pups thrive in homes with those who are familiar with the breed and who can handle their personalities and needs. When socialized, trained, and cared for well, these pups thrive. They are happy to join you when you go jogging or biking! But be prepared to take charge, as this can be a willful dog without your mindful vigilance and instruction.

Are Weimaraners Good With Kids?

Weimaraners are fantastic with kids and are eager to become a solid part of your family structure. They respond exceptionally well to training and love on their human family with their entire being. They’re affectionate with their people, including with young children. However, before committing to bringing this dog home, you have to commit to offering it an active lifestyle with plenty of mental stimulation. This pup is ideal for active families. They fit in beautifully when they have plenty to do, especially outdoors!

What to Consider Before Bringing a Weimaraner Home


You’re dealing with an active dog with a Weimaraner and they’re incredibly intelligent. They learn impressively fast, which means that they are picking up on both good and bad habits. It’s highly suggested that you get your Weimaraner involved in a training class.

At home, you must be consistent with the training methods as well. These dogs love positive reinforcement; they are happy to please so long as they’re getting something out of it. Early socialization and training are extremely important for these types of dogs.


These pups are high energy so that means they need consistent exercise. In an active family, these dogs thrive. You have to get all of their energy out so that they can exhibit the best of their personalities. This, along with mental stimulation, are the keys to getting your pup to flourish in a family home. Without these two keys, you are going to face a bored, unhappy pup, which impacts the home as a whole.

Weimaraner dog in action in park
Weimaraners need lots of physical activity to remain both physically and mentally healthy. Without this, they get bored and destructive.


Health Concerns

Since Weimaraners are so active, you can expect them to get into a little bit of trouble at times. It’s not that they’re intentional about it but they’re excitable so they’re likely to experience scrapes and sprains when out and about. Remember, as well, that these dogs are chewers. They could easily injure their teeth or their gums in their quest to chew everything possible.

Aside from that, you want to speak with your veterinarian about their hips, their eyes, their thyroid, their heart, and their spine. Being that this dog is going to be experiencing a lot throughout its lifetime, you need to stay on top of their veterinary care to be both preventive and proactive.


Weimaraners aren’t high maintenance when it comes to grooming. But you do need to stay on top of their coat health by regularly brushing them to remove any loose hair. You also need to keep their nails neatly trimmed. If your Weimaraner is walking around your house and you can hear its nails tapping on the ground, they’re much too long. Additionally, you want to make sure that you’re taking care of their ear health so they don’t develop any infections.

Veterinary Care

Considering that this pup is likely to get into some trouble, you need to think about the cost of veterinary care. Your best bet is to purchase a solid pet insurance policy that covers, at minimum, accidents and illnesses. You also have the option for other coverages that may include dental care and routine care. When you have a pet insurance policy, you don’t have to think twice about getting them the veterinary care they need when something unexpected happens.

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