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Are Samoyeds Good With Kids?

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Are Samoyeds Good With Kids?

Are Samoyeds good with kids? That's a question every parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent is asking before they buy this dog. Samoyeds are known as herd dogs and are often known to chase or nip, but they are also some of the friendliest dogs with kids.

However, your child's age also matters when it comes to Samoyeds. For example, there's the “wolf” Samoyed, a leaner and more agile breed. There's also the “bear,” a heavier breed of Samoyeds. Both are great to have around children. Each breed has unique styles that make them fun to be around.

In this guide, we explore how Samoyeds are good with kids. We also look at how you can train Samoyeds, why your child's age matters and some boundaries to put in place when you have a Samoyed.

Are Samoyeds Good With Kids?

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Having a dog at home can teach children the responsibility of caring for something.


The short answer is that Samoyeds (or Sammies) are good with kids. They are loyal animals that love companionship. They are often recognized as sled dogs and were a part of the expedition to the South Pole in 1911.

One of the unique traits of Samoyeds that sets them apart from other dogs is that they are beyond loyal. They are also spirited, which is why they are great herd animals. They are also affectionate animals that love being around people, especially kids.

How Do I Train Samoyeds?

However, like any dog, Samoyeds need to be trained. They need to learn obedience when to go outside for a potty break, and when to sit.

The best way to practice and train a dog is to do it every day. Start with basic commands. This helps reinforce their listening skills. It helps them understand what command you're saving over and over again. Here are a few basic training tips to help your Samoyed be better trained and around children.

  • Start with commands like “sit.”
  • Move to more complicated commands like “leave it.”
  • Set boundaries in the house of what they can and cannot do.
  • Exercise a Samoyeds brain with brain-taxing puzzle toys.

Why Your Child's Age Matters

While Samoyeds are great with kids, it's also helpful to know what age your kids are because these dogs can play rough. As sled dogs, Samoyeds are considered energetic and intelligent. Their energy can sometimes be too much for little ones.

You should also consider whether the space in which your little ones play will ever conflict with where the dogs like to play. You should have separate areas that give your Samoyed the freedom to run and play without a potential conflict with your child.

However, a Samoyed is a great dog to teach your child responsibility if you have an older child. Your older child can learn to train the dog, take it on walks, and pick up after it. Additionally, having a dog, especially something like a Samoyed, can provide health benefits to children.

Studies have shown that having a dog around children can lower stress and anxiety. It can also help children be happier.

Rules to Consider With Children and Samoyeds

Like any dog, you should consider having ground rules in the house that keep Samoyeds from thinking they are the boss. It also helps your child know what boundaries are in place and what they can do with the Samoyeds.

For example, crate training is something to consider in your home. It gives your Samoyed a personal space to live in. You should also have ground rules for when the dog eats and needs to be taken for a walk outside. Other rules might be what rooms the dogs can go in.

Overall, having rules protects yourself, your kids, and your home. It sets boundaries so the dog doesn't believe they are in charge. It also helps your child understand the boundaries when they play with a Samoyed.

Keep Health Up-To-Date

Maintaining your Samoyed's health is always important. It protects them from certain diseases.

One of the best ways to keep your dog's health up to date is to meet your dog's nutritional value. Give them proper food and avoid giving them what you eat at dinner. You should also keep your dog at a healthy weight, which means you or your child is responsible for walking the dog throughout the week.

Here are other considerations that can keep your dog healthy and happy.

  • Keep vaccinations up to date.
  • Take the dog for an annual wellness checkup.
  • Give the dog a well-balanced diet.
  • Brush the teeth of the dog.
  • Keep the dog well-groomed.

Should You Consider a Samoyed at Home?

Samoyeds are great with kids. However, it doesn't mean you don't have to train them or set boundaries in your house. Having any dog, especially an energetic Samoyed, requires rules and reinforcing those rules. If you don't, the dog will think it is in charge.

Having a Samoyed can help make a child more responsible and happier. They are some of the finest dogs to have around children. They are fun, smart, energetic, and a great companion.

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