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Are Cats Good With Kids?

Are Cats Good With Kids?

Are cats good with kids? There are somewhere between 40 to 70 different kinds of cat breeds. But are they all great for kids? Are some cat breeds better than others?

The short answer is yes! Some cats play too rough and aren't the best for first-time pet owner or their kids. Other cats create more of an allergy for people. Some people are more prone to watery eyes and sneezing from these cats. Other cats don't like being held or touched, making them unsuitable for kids.

However, there are a lot of cats that are good for kids. They like to be held and touched. They enjoy the companionship of others, especially kids. But what are these cats? Which breed of cats should you avoid around kids?

This guide looks at what kind of cats are good with kids. We also offer helpful training tips that can make having a cat more enjoyable around the house because they are trained.

Are Cats Good With Kids?

Cats are amazing creatures and amazing for kids.


While cats may be known as man's best friend, cats are the next best thing. Some might argue that cats are better than dogs because they don't bark and aren't as rough as cats. That might be true in some instances, but knowing what cats are the best for your kids is also important.

Best Cat Breeds That Are Good With Kids

To better understand the best cats suitable for kids, we discuss some of the best cat breeds and why they are great for families.

For example, American Shorthair cats are one of the best cat breeds. They are friendly around families, especially kids. They are gentle and amongst the most popular for families with young kids. Another benefit is their lifespan. They have one of the longest lifespans of a cat. They are also great at killing bugs and rodents in your home.

Another great cat that's good with kids is the Ragdoll. These cats are known to be the best at cuddling with people. They love to get on your lap and snuggle in while you read a book or watch TV. They are also laid back when it comes to teaching them new tricks.

The Manx cat also makes the list of best cats good with kids. They are active cats that love to pounce around the house while being gentle around kids. They are considered similar to dogs in that they are loyal and have playfulness.

The Himalayan cat is the last one to consider that's good with kids. This cat is a mix between a Siamese and a Persian. They love sitting on laps and are among the most gentle cat breeds. They are playful and gentle around kids and never seem bothered by anything.

How Do I Train Different Cats?

With any cat you get, you'll need to reinforce boundaries that tell your cats what they can and cannot do. They need to know where to pounce and how to act around kids.

Here's a list of the best tips for training cats.

  • Play gently with cats to teach positive boundaries.
  • Keep cats in one room to get used to the environment.
  • Reward with treats and snacks when the cat does something positive.

Establishing Rules Between Children and Cats

Regardless of what cat you get in your house, there should always be rules. You want the cats to understand what they cannot do. You also want to make sure your children know the boundaries of what a cat can do.

For example, knowing how to act around a cat properly is essential. Not pulling the tail or being too rough with the cat is important for kids to learn. This also helps minimize scratches or incidents that could potentially hurt the child.

Keep Health Up-To-Date

It's also important that whatever cat you get is updated on their health. This helps your cat stay healthy and happy. It also helps them stay spry when they are playing with kids.

These are some guidelines to keep in mind that can help your cat stay in the best shape and enjoy playful interaction with your kids.

  • Vaccinate cats when necessary.
  • See the vet for routine checkups.
  • Provide a balanced diet.
  • Play with them and keep them active

Should You Consider a Cat for Your Home and Kids?

Having a cat at home is an excellent pet for kids. Studies have also proven that having a cat inside your home can benefit your mental and physical well-being. In fact, it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve heart health.

Overall, having a cat in your home is perfect for kids. The key is to know what breed of cat to choose. The list in this article offers some ideas on what kind of cat is best and what your family may enjoy the most.

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