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Cast Iron vs. Copper: Which is the better material for cooking?

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Cast Iron vs. Copper: Which is the better material for cooking?

Cast Iron vs. Copper: What's better for cooking? There are quite a few differences between them regarding how they are made, how they affect the quality of your food, and their price. But what's the best for whatever you're eating?

That comes down to a lot of different factors. For example, cast iron is known for browning, sautéing, baking, and frying. Its sturdiness makes it one of the best when cooking the food evenly. Copper cookware is known for nearly the opposite effect. It's good for making candy, chocolate, and other sweets.

This guide looks at the durability, the price, and the health factors associated with cast iron and copper cookware. You'll have a better understanding of how both work.

How Durable, Pricey, and Healthy Are Cast Iron?

Beef Leg Slice with marrow. Top view, flat lay.
The right cookware can make amazing food.


Next time you're in a restaurant, you should ask the chef what kind of cookware they use to make the dishes. While stainless steel is often the most popular choice, you may be surprised that they use cast iron for pancakes, steak, and making sauces.

Cast iron is more than a popular choice at restaurants. It's also used in many homes. It's known for its durability. Made with iron pig and melting iron ore, cast iron can last years, even generations, if well cared for. It even dates back to the Warring States period, initially created in China.

Price considerations

Cast iron is also one of the most expensive kinds of cookware. The durability makes it expensive, with a price tag between $100 and $300. It may cost more if you choose to buy a set that comes with pots and pans. While stainless steel, aluminum, and other cookware will only last about five years, other cast iron can last twenty to thirty years.

Health benefits

Additionally, when you purchase cast iron, you benefit your health. You get a bit of iron in your body whenever you cook with cast iron because of its iron properties. Another added benefit that makes cast iron unique from other cookware is that it doesn't leach any chemicals. For example, aluminum and other cookware can sometimes give off a metallic taste to certain foods. You can cook anything with cast iron, which will always taste delicious.

However, some of the drawbacks of cast iron cookware are that it is heavy and pricey, and you must be careful when cleaning it. You should only use a little soap because you don't want to take the fat off of it that protects it. You don't want to put it in the dishwasher because it could ruin it.

While there are drawbacks to any cookware, cast iron is considered one of the best because of its durability.

How Durable, Pricey, and Healthy Are Copper Cookware?

Copper is another form of cookware that stands the test of time. It's been a part of cultures for thousands of years. One of the main advantages of copper is that it's used as a heat conductor.

Copper cookware has the benefit of evenly cooking your food.

Durability and Benefits of Copper

The properties found in copper cookware allow it to thrive under different temperatures and maintain thermal consistency. While it's not as durable as cast iron, copper cookware is still an affordable and reliable cookware.

One of the drawbacks of eating with copper cookware is that it can be easily scratched or dented. If you use the wrong utensils on your copper cookware, you'll discover your cookware leaches toxins into your food. This could potentially cause vomiting, diarrhea, or nausea.

If you want to ensure that your copper cookware is used properly, follow these procedures:

  • Don't overheat your copper cookware
  • Don't use metals on your copper cookware that could damage the copper.
  • Don't use acidic food on your copper cookware.

Cast Iron vs. Copper: What's Better for Cooking?

Finding the right foods to cook with either cast iron or copper cookware can make a world of difference in how your food tastes. While cast iron is good for most foods, it's better to use copper for specialized kinds of foods.

These are the best foods to cook with cast iron.

These are the best foods to cook in copper cookware.

  • Jams
  • Jellies
  • Caramel and chocolate sauces

Cast Iron vs. Copper: What's Better for the Kitchen?

Choosing between cast iron and copper cookware is about what you enjoy cooking with more. If you don't know which one to use, consider the benefits both offer. Consider how cast iron is great for steaks, bacon, and bread while copper is more designed for jellies and jam.

When you have a better idea of how they both work, you know what's better for your kitchen. Either way, you'll discover that both are great for cooking.

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