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The 10 Best Schools in Wisconsin Today

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The 10 Best Schools in Wisconsin Today

Wisconsin, colloquially identified as the “Dairy State,” is popularly known for its dairy industry. The state is home to over 6000 commercial dairy farms with over 1.28 million cows. The roughly 5.86 million residents consume more cheese per capita than any state in the U.S. 

Wisconsin also has a robust public education system with over 2100 schools. As of 2022, the state served 846,693 K-12 students in 2,176 schools and 423 school districts. Picking out the ideal school environment for your child from this number can be challenging. 

Luckily, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on the ten top-rated schools in the state. Our rankings considered student population, academic achievements, extracurricular opportunities, faculty experience, and parent and student reviews, among many other metrics. 

Our guide is broken into three categories, with the schools ranked in ascending order within the specific cluster. Keep reading to learn about the ten best schools in Wisconsin today and what makes them stand out. 

Best Elementary School 

Lincoln Elementary School

1741 N Wauwatosa Ave, Wauwatosa, WI 53213

Lincoln Elementary School is a top-rated public school with numerous state awards and honors for its academic excellence. It serves approximately 315 students in junior kindergarten through fifth grade. The school falls under the Wauwatosa School District and receives a 10/10 rating from GreatSchools.org. 

The state report card on the school’s academic performance reads “Significantly Exceeds Expectations.” The students’ performance on standardized tests reflects these findings, with most of the kids performing at or above their grade level. 89% attain proficiency in social studies, 85% in science, 80% in math, and 77% in English. 

Lincoln Elementary also provides several enrichment programs that promote the holistic development of the kids. Examples of the special courses include Spanish world language and music. Students in grades 4-5 can perform in ensembles such as band, choir, and orchestra, exposing them to diverse musical experiences. 

Outside class, the school has numerous clubs and organizations your child can join, such as the book club and Girls on the Run. A parent review on GreatSchools.org hails the school for creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for their mixed-race child.

Additionally, the parent noted that their child had a severe speech delay, and the other kids at the school went out of their way to help him feel included and welcomed. The school is an excellent pick for families in Damon Woods, Historic Heights, and Wauwatosa Village. 

Drought Elementary School 

21016 7 Mile Rd, Franksville, WI 53126

Drought Elementary School is a top-rated school in Franksville within the Norway J7 School District. The school serves roughly 105 students in prekindergarten through eighth grade. The school received an overall 10/10 rating from GreatSchools.org. Niche.com ranks it as the best elementary school in Racine County. 

State-mandated tests have revealed that a majority of students exceed the proficiency requirement for their grade level, with 58% proficient in English, 52% in math, 78% in science, and 85% in social studies.

As students progress through their academic journey, they have access to a vast array of extracurricular activities that can help them hone their leadership and critical thinking abilities. From basketball and kickball to track, volleyball, and softball- the possibilities are practically endless. Participating in these activities will inevitably lead them down paths filled with growth opportunities.

The school takes pride in providing personalized instruction to each student, enjoying a student-teacher ratio of 10:1. Additionally, all the teachers at the school have more than two years of experience and are certified. The school also employs a part-time psychologist that helps the kid’s with their counseling and emotional needs. 

A parent at the school indicated that there aren’t enough adjectives for them to describe how amazing this school is. The parent describes the school as close-knit, supportive, and vested in the students. 

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Mill Valley Elementary School

W191 S6445, W191S6445 Hillendale Dr, Muskego, WI 53150

Mill Valley Elementary is a high-performing elementary school in Muskego within the Muskego-Norway School District. For the 2020/2021 school year, the school had a total student population of 495 in prekindergarten through fourth grade. 

According to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction school progress report for 2020/2021, Mill Valley Elementary is within the 99th percentile of K-5 schools in the state’s priority area performance in English Language Arts and math. GreatSchools.org notes that 92% of the students performed at or above grade level in math and 76% in English. 

The school also offers enrichment programs such as arts, music, and physical education to the kids. Classes at the school are relatively large, with one teacher for every eighteen students. Nonetheless, the faculty is highly experienced and qualified to provide quality education to the kids. 

All the full-time instructors at Mill Valley Elementary are certified. Additionally, over 76% have three or more years of teaching experience. The school also has a part-time psychologist and part-time social worker.

All fifteen reviews on niche.com for Mill Valley Elementary are 5/5 stars, speaking highly of the students’, parents’, and teachers’ experience. One parent highlights the school's welcoming environment and numerous family fun events as two of the many positives. 

Lake Country School

1800 Vettelson Rd, Hartland, WI 53029

Lake Country School is a top-rated elementary school in Hartland, WI, under the Lake Country School District. It serves approximately 499 students in junior kindergarten through eighth grade. The school received a 10/10 rating from GreatSchools.org and was identified as the best elementary school in the state by GreatSchools.org and Niche.com.

The school offers a comprehensive curriculum with numerous enrichment programs that further develop the kids’ interests and talents. According to state test scores, 88% of students attain the proficiency level in science and social studies, 81% in math, and 72% in English. 

The school offers the Project Lead The Way(PLTW) Gateway STEM curriculum, providing an excellent foundation for students interested in STEM Careers. Other specialized programs include art and design, health education, physical education, music, band, and world languages. 

Students can participate in various extracurricular activities as they proceed to higher grades. Your child may join after-school clubs such as the lego club, student council, cub scouts, forensics, and Good News Club. They can also join one of the school’s athletic programs, such as basketball, volleyball, or track. 

Lake Country School is an excellent pick for families searching for a well-rounded education for their kids. 

Best Middle Schools

Winneconne Middle School

400 North 9th Avenue, Winneconne, WI 54986

Winneconne Middle School is a nationally-distinguished public school in Winneconne within the Winneconne Community School District. The school received the National Blue Ribbon designation in 2019, a testament to the quality of education provided. Winneconne Middle serves roughly 406 students in sixth through eighth grade.

Winneconne Middle offers an enriched curriculum with numerous rotational specialized programs. Most of the students at the school achieve or surpass the expected level of proficiency for their grades. 73% attain proficiency in math and 61% in English. The school also offers Spanish and music as enrichment courses. 

The school has one teacher for every fourteen students, which matches the state average student-teacher ratio. This allows the teachers to provide personalized attention to each student. Moreover, the teachers are highly experienced, with all holding certifications and having more than three years of experience. 

The students participate in various extracurricular activities through clubs, organizations, and athletics. Your child may be interested in the art club, drama program, ski club, forensics, spelling bee, and robotics club. Additionally, they can enlist in the school’s sports teams, such as basketball, cross-country, football, track, and volleyball.

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Oostburg Middle School

408 New York Avenue, Oostburg, WI 53070

Oostburg Middle is a public middle school within the Oostburg School District. The school serves roughly 239 kids in sixth to eighth grade. GreatSchools.org gave the school a perfect 10/10 rating. 

The institution is proud of its track record of educating kids that proceed to excel at higher levels, basing it on an internal focus on high-quality instruction, intervention, and assessment. 65% of the students attain proficiency in English and 60% in math. 

Oostburg Middle encourages its students to participate in extracurricular programs allowing them to grow outside the class setting. Examples of fun programs include jazz band, choir, underwater robotics, NASP Archery, and Geography Bee. 

The school has one teacher for every sixteen kids. Additionally, it employs a part-time nurse and psychologist who cater to the kids’ medical and emotional needs. 

Parent’s at the school provide overwhelmingly positive reviews. Here’s what one parent had to say about Oostburg Middle on GreatSchools.org, “We have 4 children enrolled in the school system, and they all are doing very well. Caring teaching makes great schools, and Oostburg is one of the best districts in the area.”

Leonardo Da Vinci School For Gifted Learners

139 S Monroe Ave, Green Bay, WI 54301

Leonardo Da Vinci School For Gifted Learners is a public magnet school in Green Bay that provides a rigorous academic curriculum for academically-gifted kids. The school is under the Green Bay Area Public Schools District and serves roughly 355 kids in kindergarten through eighth grade. GreatSchools.org gives the school an overall 10/10 rating. 

Students at the school consistently surpass proficiency standards for their grade levels in standardized tests with remarkable results. An impressive 91% of students achieved math proficiency, 92% English literacy, 95% science competency, and 98% social studies ability. 

The school has one faculty member for every sixteen students, enabling it to maintain small class sizes. This allows academically gifted learners to receive individualized attention and feedback. Leonardo Da Vinci School for Gifted Learners also employs a part-time nurse and social worker. 

Students at the school can participate in numerous extracurricular programs, such as show choir, National Honor Society, theatre arts, forensics, science fair, and running club. Leonardo Da Vinci School For Gifted Learners has several athletic teams, including basketball, track, and wrestling. 

The school is an excellent pick for families searching for an appropriate level of challenge for their academically gifted kid. 

Best High Schools

Brookfield East High School

3305 Lilly Road, Brookfield, WI 53005

Brookfield East High School is a public school within the Elmbrook School District. It serves roughly 1,298 students in ninth to twelfth grade. GreatSchools.org gave the school a 10/10 rating. 

The school has a 99% four-year high school graduation rate, with 70% of the graduates pursuing a college program. 97% of the students undertake ACTs, with an average score of 24. 

Brookfield East High offers 26 unique advanced placement courses, which allow students to earn college credits. The advanced courses see a 52% participation rate. Besides, the school offers dual enrollment classes in which 48% of the students participate. 

The school also has two special STEM programs through Project Lead The Way curricula for biomedical science and engineering. 92% of the teachers have more than two years of experience, and all are certified. 

Here’s what one former student had to say about the school on GreatSchools.org, “As a person who has moved a lot, I can surely say that this is one of the best schools I have attended. The variety of class choices and AP classes are outstanding and the school cafe is soooo cute.”

Brookfield Central High School

16900 Gebhardt Road, Brookfield, WI 53005

Brookfield Central High is a top-rated public high school serving roughly 1,244 students from grades nine through twelve. It’s within the Eimbrook School District. The school offers a rigorous college preparatory education, with GreatSchools.org giving it a 10/10 rating.

Brookfield Central High boasts a 100% graduation rate, with 68% of the graduates pursuing a college program. The average ACT score at the school is 23, ranking the institution far above the state average in college readiness measures. 

Additionally, Brookfield Central High offers opportunities for students to earn college credits while still in high school. Students can enroll in one of the 28 advanced placement courses available. Approximately 97% of the students participate in AP programs. Alternatively, your child can enroll in dual enrollment classes with a 44% participation rate. 

The school encourages its students to participate in various athletic teams, such as football, cross-country, swimming, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, gymnastics, basketball, lacrosse, golf, and tennis. Brookfield High has over 51 clubs and organizations your child can choose from. 

Eisenhower Middle/High School

4333 South Sunny Slope Road, New Berlin, WI 53151

Eisenhower Middle/High School is a top-rated public high school within the New Berlin School District. It serves approximately 1,114 students in seventh through twelfth grade. The school received a GreatSchools.org rating of 10/10.

Eisenhower High School received a National Blue Ribbon designation in 2006. The school has a 98% graduation rate, with 41% joining college. 98% of the students participate in advanced placement courses, with the school offering over 26 AP programs. Additionally, the school has three specialized STEM courses through the Project Lead The Way program, including PLTW Gateway, Biomedical Science, and Engineering. 

Besides the AP courses, the school provides another opportunity for students to earn college credits through dual enrollment classes. 43% of students participate in dual enrollment programs. 

The school has numerous extracurricular opportunities to help students develop their interests and talents outside the classroom. Eisenhower Middle/High School has over 33 clubs and organizations your child may be interested in. Additionally, the school fields various athletic teams in varsity and junior varsity leagues. 

A senior at the school left a five-star review on niche.com, praising it for providing a wide range of programs that offer numerous unique opportunities to the students. The student also loved that the school allows them to create their own clubs and organizations, saying that it has pushed them to think outside the box and “do their own thing.”

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Finding the Right School for Your Child

Wisconsin is famous for its dairy industry. The state also has a robust public school system with numerous top-rated elementary, middle, and high schools. From nationally-recognized blue ribbon schools to top-performing magnet schools, the state has a school that can fit every student profile. 

The schools on this list make an excellent starting point in your search for the ideal school for your child. Bear in mind that the perfect school depends on an individual and should match your child’s interests and learning needs. 

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