Playing Outside: Classic Games That Never Get Old

Rules to classic outdoor gamesPlaying outside is a lot of fun.  With enough space, the possibilities are endless. Playing some of the more classic outdoor games can never get old. Games such as tag, hopscotch, red rover, four square and duck duck goose have been around forever.
For some parents, it may have been a while since they participated in these activities.  Here are the rules of each game:


Tag is a game that can be played with any number of kids and it can go on and on for hours.  It is a game that provides kids with enough exercise as they run around the yard at a fast pace.  Traditionally, one person is picked to be “it.”  That person would run around trying to tag someone else in order for him or her to be “it.”  The game then continues from there.


Hopscotch is a game that has been around for a very long time.  And it is very easy to set up.  All you need is some white chalk.  Find some concrete to draw about eight squares on, and the kids are ready to go.  Typically, it is drawn in a “T” pattern.  Find something small to throw onto one of the squares.  This small figure will be used as a marker.  What each kid has to do is to hop from one block to another until he/she reaches the end, and then have to hop back again.  The kid has to bend down and pick up the marker.  What makes this game really fun and challenging is that each player has to hop around on only one foot.  If chalk isn’t available, masking tape can be used instead.

Red rover

This game is comprised of two teams of kids that are each holding hands to create a chain.  One side calls a member of the other team to come over.  For example, they could yell, “Red rover, red rover, send Timmy right over!”  Timmy will then run to the other team and try to break through their chain.  If Timmy breaks the chain, he will pick someone from the opposing team to join his team.  If he doesn’t, he has to stay with the opposing team.

Four square

With a piece of chalk or masking tape, this game is set up by drawing a square with four smaller squares inside.  One player stands in each square, to make four total players.  The first player bounces the ball to the square on his/her left and it continues until someone fumbles.  One bounce, with only using hands, is the main objective.

Duck duck goose

All the kids sit in a circle for this game.  The kid who is “it” goes around the circle tapping each kids’ head by saying, “duck.”  Once the “it” kid taps someone’s head by yelling, “goose!” that selected player will try to catch the “it” player before he/she sits in the goose’s spot.




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