Special K Diet

The Special K diet is a quick fix if you want to lose around six pounds in two weeks. You can supposedly achieve this by eating Special K cereal with skim milk and fruit for two meals each day. You want to choose one of Kellogg's Special K cereals and eat with 2/3 cup of skim milk and some fruit for breakfast, and then again for either lunch or dinner. You will do this everyday for two weeks.

If you get hungry in between meals you may snack on fruits and vegetables. Eating skim milk with your cereal is a great way to lose weight and it will also add calcium into your diet. Eating breakfast on a regular basis aids in weight loss. For your third meal of the day you can have your choice of foods as long as they are low fat and nutritionally balanced.

What do you eat on the Special K Diet?

With the Special K diet you may enjoy any of the products made by Kellogg's just for this diet; like Special K cereals, meal bars, snack bars, bliss bars, crackers, protein waters, protein water mixers for on the go, cereal bars and waffles. Special K cereals come in eight different flavors... you can choose from chocolaty delight, cinnamon pecan, blueberry, original, red berries, vanilla almond, fruit & yogurt, and protein plus.

The meal bars come in 5 flavors...honey almond, chocolate peanut butter, chocolaty chip, double chocolate, and strawberry. The snack bars only have two flavors chocolate peanut and chocolate delight.

The bliss bars are all chocolate dipped but you may chose between mocha, orange, and raspberry. There are two types of crackers - multi grain and Italian tomato & herb.

The protein water mixes are for when you’are on the go, you just add them to any water bottle; you can enjoy iced tea, pink lemonade, and strawberry kiwi. The protein waters are already mixed and come in the flavors iced tea, lemon twist, mixed berry, strawberry kiwi, and tropical blend. The cereal bars come in strawberry, blueberry, cinnamon pecan, honey nut, chocolaty drizzle, vanilla crisp, and peaches & berries.

The waffles come in two flavors...original and red berries. You can still enjoy going out to eat; just use that as your third meal and remember to eat cereal with milk and fruit for the other two meals.


Who has the best results on the Special K Diet?

The Special K diet is suggested for those adults who have a body mass index greater than 25. The diet is not to be followed longer than 14 days. 30 minutes of exercise is recommended as part of a healthy life style. Doing some exercises on a daily basis will help burn calories as you take them in.

Remember this diet is used as a kick-start to loosing weight and used to help you adapt a better and healthier lifestyle of eating. It can help those who tend to skip breakfast every morning and will help aid in choosing more vegetables and fruits in your diet.




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