Feeding Baby from Newborn to Three Years

feedingnewborntoagethreeNew parents are consumed with concerns for their children: which are the best diapers, what kind of schooling will be necessary, what is the best choices for feeding baby?


While some of those concerns will take several years to resolve, feeding baby is not something that should cause an undue amount of stress. A baby’s diet goes through some significant changes during the first year of life, but with a few simple guidelines parents can be confident they are giving their children the very best.

Newborn Foods

When it comes to selecting food for the newborn there is really only one choice: milk. The form this milk takes is up to mom and dad. Parents have three options when choosing their baby’s all liquid milk diet: breast milk, formula or an alternative milk product.

Breast Milk

Pediatricians agree that breast milk is the best option for babies. It has all the components needed for the healthy growth and development of growing infants. From the moment of birth they body begins producing colostrum, the pre-milk, if you will, which provides baby with anti-bodies and fatty nutrients which prevent substantial weight loss.

When the breast milk comes in around days 3-5 after delivery it has all the rich calories, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients baby requires. In fact breast milk changes constantly to meet baby’s changing needs, for as long as mom nurses. Nothing is more adaptable or ideal.

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