Anxiety Symptoms

MentalHealthSuffering from anxiety is something a lot of Americans have experience with. Many of us at one time or another will suffer from a form of anxiety. It is how we deal with this anxiety that contributes to whether it is something that will affect us long term. At one time of another we will all feel anxious about something – expecting a large bill that we can’t afford or whether the weather will be nice enough to go out tomorrow. These are natural anxieties and we all face them. People that suffer from anxiety long term actually become anxious about trivial things that under normal circumstances would not bother them. This could be something as small as going to the grocery store – they worry who they will see, what they will do when they get there etc.

These all seem like things that shouldn’t worry us, however when you suffer from an anxiety disorder they are all things that become extremely important. In fact, some people’s anxiety becomes bad enough that it has a negative affect on their day-to-day lives. It is hard to list the exact symptoms that could be experienced by some one that is suffering from an anxiety disorder, simply because there are so many different strains that people can suffer from.

Common Anxiety Symptoms

    • Phobias - Phobias are a fear of something, usually way out of proportion to the real danger that they face. For example being scared of a spider, even though deep down you know that a small spider can do no harm to you at all. Although phobias are common and people live with them every day, if they are so extreme that they affect your every day life then they is classed as an anxiety disorder.


    • Social Phobia – Social phobia’s are actual more common than we actually realize. One form of this type of phobia could simply be severe anxiety when having to speak out loud in pubic – IE giving presentations at work.


    • Agoraphobia – This is another common phobia but affects people in different extremes. While many people are wary of entering new places or unknown situations someone suffering from agoraphobia would probably experience a panic attack if they tried to do this.


    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – OCD is the compulsion to do recurring tasks. This could be anything from saying things is a certain order or washing your hands a number of times a day. Often OCD starts small but the amount of tasks a person has to do in order to feel safe often increases over time.


  • Panic disorder – Simply put this is where you live your live being in fear of being in fear. It often triggers panic attacks because you start to worry that something bad might happen.

These are just a few of the common anxiety problems that many adults throughout the United States suffer with on a daily basis.

Physical symptoms of anxiety disorders

These vary from disorder to disorder. Each of them leaves you with an anxious feeling however they can also leave you with a range of physical symptoms indicated below:

  • discomfort in your abdomen
  • very dry mouth
  • upset stomach
  • shortness of breath
  • pain in the chest
  • dizziness
  • needing to go to the bathroom more often.

It is not just physiological symptoms that you will encounter. You can find that you also suffer from:

  • difficulty sleeping
  • general feeling of being worried all the time
  • irritable and on edge
  • unable to concentrate
  • fatigue

Anxiety disorders vary largely from person to person and therefore the way that they are treated will be different for everyone.

Popular anxiety symptom treatments:

    • Self Help – Using relaxation techniques and exercise to help you stay calm. Your doctor can help teach you the best methods you can use to do this, many of them you can implement from your own home.


    • Seeking Help – Your doctor could also help provide you recommended help lines and websites that you can get where by you can talk to people in similar situations for help, advice and support.


    • Counseling – Speaking to a trained professional. They can help realize what makes you anxious and help you understand the reasons why you do not need to be anxious.


  • Medication - Although medication is an extreme measure it can sometimes be used to help a person over come their on going anxiety problems.

Medications that may be prescribed include:

    • Beta Blockers – These tablets can help relieve some of the physical symptoms that you may be feeling. They don’t treat the anxiety as such but will treat the other symptoms that anxiety causes.


    • Tranquillizers – These can help in the short term however are rarely used as a long term solution as they are high addictive. Tables such as benzodiazepine can help the sufferer stay calm in situations they usually would become anxious in.


  • Antidepressants – Although these are not right for every body however are commonly used to treat anxiety disorders such as social phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety brought on by depression.

Anxiety symptoms do vary from person to person but the good news is that they are treatable. If you feel anxious over things you would not normally then it is wise to seek advice from your doctor. They can help go through treatment options with you and help you decide your best treatment plan for anxiety.

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