Tapeworm Symptoms

Taepworm symptoms from this guy!You feel the need to make a visit to the toilet. So you make a bowel movement and it feels like it's very long. Next thing you know, you look down to flush and you see a 25 foot worm in the toilet bowl. Ok...this might be an exaggeration of extremely rare cases of tape worm symptoms, but it's possible. Tapeworms are worms that live in your intestines and they can make a nice comfortable home for years in your intestines.

Tapeworms are usually caused by consuming contaminated water or food. It's usually undercooked pork or beef and it has been contaminated with the larvae or eggs of the tapeworm. As they are ingested, they make their way to their new home, your intestines. They can live for more than 20 years and can reach for more than 50 feet in length. If you don't like unwelcome visitors taking up residence in your gut then it's a good idea to know tapeworm symptoms.

If you are like most people who have a tapeworm visitor, you probably aren't showing tapeworm symptoms. Luckily, you may be able to see tapeworm larvae eggs or even parts of the tapeworm in your stool.

If it is more serious, then you may be showing classic tapeworm symptoms. These symptoms include feeling nauseous, having a general feeling of weakness, losing your appetite, having pains in your abdomen, having diarrhea and having an unexplained weight loss. As the tapeworm infection gets worse, serious tapeworm symptoms may appear. These include vitamin deficiencies, high fever and even seizures.

It's relatively easy to treat a tapeworm infection so if you are showing any tapeworm symptoms or if you think you might have a tapeworm visitor, then visit your doctor for a checkup. He can help you get rid of the unwanted guest in your intestine.


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