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10 Reasons to Cook With Your Kids

Salad time with the kids in the kitchen - healthy life education

10 Reasons to Cook With Your Kids


10 Reasons to Cook With Your Kids

The kitchen is the heart of the home. I dream of the days where my kids will be doing their homework at the kitchen table while I’m preparing the night’s dinner. I’m sure it won’t work out exactly the way I plan with after-school activities and life in general but a girl can dream. We can chat about their day while they snack away at something delicious and relatively healthy. When they’re all done with homework, we can finish prepping the meal together. 

My kids are still young (5, 3, and not-quite 1) but they already enjoy helping scoop flour or mix batter. Here are 10 great reasons for getting kids involved in the kitchen.

1. Sensing accomplishment from contributing to the family.

2. Show greater interest in sitting down to a meal to show off what they prepared.

3. Enjoy one on one time with parents.

4. They can learn long-term cooking skills that will pay off for the rest of their lives. 

5. Increase their self-esteem from positive experiences.

6. Share heritage and traditions passed down from generations.

7. Gain a deeper appreciation of the time and effort put into a meal.

8. Be healthier by eating at home rather than take out or fast food.

9. Learning more about their culture by preparing those foods.

10. And lastly, if nothing else – You get more help in the kitchen!


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