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Chomo: Family Name, Meaning, History, And More

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Chomo: Family Name, Meaning, History, And More

Surnames can be a fascinating way to trace one's history whether it's through regional languages, immigration, or meaning. The Chomo family name is a unique one, with roots in ancient Greek and multiple variations on the surname. You may see this surname show up as “Chomo,” “Como,” “Choma,” and “Koma.” Records of this surname, and its variations, can be found across areas like Laos, Slovakia, Poland, France, Mexico, Tanzania, and Russia.

According to Name Doctor, the variations on the name “Chomo,” come from the words “hierós,” and “ónoma” which translate to “connected to the Gods,” and “sacred name.” These roots would've formed a last name similar to Geronimo, or Jerome, of which “Chomo” is a less common etymological variation. Read on to learn more about the Chomo family name. We'll talk about some of its variations, meanings, and history. Get an idea of how the “Chomo” name came to be and who else has it!

Origin And Various Meanings

While the surname “Chomo,” is hard to pinpoint in terms of direct origin, there are a lot of variations that may suggest its etymological roots. As mentioned above, the Greek roots describe a name variation of the “Chomo” surname. Meanwhile, the “Choma,” surname can be traced to the Czech and Slovak languages. In the Slavic context, “Choma,” translates to “small town,” or village. The spelling difference could be due to regional dialects or spelling changes over time (via Ancestry.com).

If we look at the Slovakian roots of the spelling variation “Choma,” it actually comes from the Eastern Slavic first name equivalent of “Thomas.” Considering the meaning behind Thomas, one could connect the meaning to the Chomo family name. According to Very Well Family, the name Thomas comes from the Hebrew word “ta’om,” which translates to “twin.” It is Biblical; showing up in the New Testament with St. Thomas, one of Jesus's 12 apostles. The name “Choma,” is also an anglicized version of the Hungarian name “Csoma,” which means it could've gone through spelling variations during immigration or anglicization processes.

Journeying down the roots of the Chomo name in Southeast, and East Asia, there are references to Chomo being a Laotian surname. There is also a mountain in Tibet called “Chomo Lonzo.” It is located in the Chumbi Valley, which is also sometimes referred to as “Chomo.” Perhaps the surname is connected?

The majestic Mount Everst (L-R : Lhotse, Everest, Makalu, Chomo Lonzo)
The Chomo Lonzo mountain is located in Tibet and is a possible tie to this unique surname.


Where Is The Surname Chomo Found?

Many surname-locating websites trace most individuals with the surname “Chomo,” to areas of Slovakia, and Tanzania. It can also be found across France and Spain. According to Ancestry.com, there's evidence of the Chomo family name in both the U.S. and Canada between the years of 1880 and 1920. Data suggests that most males with the surname Chomo were likely working as laborers during the 1940s. The earliest Chomo family may have been living in Connecticut, possibly after immigrating over. Another group of the Chomo family surname crops up in the state of Pennsylvania around the year 1920.

Variations Of The “Chomo” Surname

Another possibility for the spread of the last name Chomo or its variations can also be traced to the more Greek-rooted variation of the surname. According to Name Doctor, there was a well-known Bedonkohe Apache leader who fought the United States and Mexico during the Apache wars. He was given the surname “Geronimo,” by those he fought. Through assimilation and immigration, it's possible the surname stuck and gave rise to more descendants with this variation on the last name “Chomo,” throughout the territories previously occupied by the Bedonkohe Apache people.

As discussed there are a number of ways in which the Chomo name has appeared across different counties, cultures, and with different spellings. A number of Geneology.com users have submitted discussion board questions regarding the Choma family name. Their comments indicate that their ancestors hail from areas like Austria, Hungary, and East Galicia. All of these track with the previously mentioned roots of the name. Alternate spellings of the Chomo name include, but are not limited to:

  • Como
  • Choma
  • Koma
  • Chomita/Chomito 

The following names are likely influenced by regional differences and the Greek root of the surname. These variations would not be the same surname as “Chomo,” but are connected to this surname through meaning, etymology, and history:

  • Gerolama
  • Gerolamina
  • Gerolamo
  • Gerolima
  • Gerolomina 
  • Gérôme 
  • Géromet 
  • Geromina 
  • Geromino 
  • Geroni 
  • Geronim 
  • Geronima
  • Geronimo 
  • Geronimus 
  • Girolama

Notable People With The Last Name Chomo

As we've discussed, the Chomo name is rather hard to trace and shows up in lots of variations. However, there is at least one actress with the last name Chomo. Nicole Chomo was an actress who starred in a number of French films between 1953, till her most recent project in 2008. Better-known films include “Monsieur Hulot's Holiday,” “Les filles de Malemort,” and a small role in Cyrano de Bergerac” (1990). In terms of similar, and possibly derived surnames, one Robert Choma appeared as an editor on a number of television shows between the years 2009 and 2011. Mr. John Choma is a well-known American NFL player. John Choma played for the San Francisco 49ers the year they won the Super Bowl XVI in 1982.

Easy To Use Genealogical Resources

Researching surnames can provide a lot of information about a certain name's history or lineage. Where it started, in terms of meaning, and spelling, to where it is now, can change drastically over a few decades. While Google can work wonders in terms of helping with research, it can only do so much. If you're serious about continuing surname and genealogical research, consider consulting with relatives and family members to see if they have any helpful records or familial artifacts. Maybe a photo album will point you in the right direction? Also, public libraries, local newsrooms, and historical societies can provide all kinds of great, and typically free resources, and records to aid you in your search.

In terms of online resources, the following websites are mostly free and can provide a helpful push:

  • Our Public Records has lots of records for many surnames available for access online.
  • Family Search can help you find certain surnames and provides any freely available data in relation to a particular surname's origin or meaning.
  • Geneology.com is a thread-based (commenting) website where users can connect with other people looking for genealogical information regarding a certain family surname.

Paywalled Genealogical Resources

In terms of more in-depth resources, the following options have some kind of subscription, membership, or participating fee attached. However, they also offer some great databases, lots of resources, and more pinpointed genealogical findings than a standard search engine.

  • Find My Past is a membership-based database that offers its users a large database that could potentially help to find answers about a certain surname or family lineage.
  • My Heritage is another membership-based platform with a wide variety of resources for its users to look up and find out more information about a certain surname in a family tree.
  • 23 And Me is a bit different than these other options. It functions both as a lineage website but also as a genetic testing database. Simply send in a sample and you can learn about your own genetic makeup, as well as where your family came from, geographically.
  • Ancestry.com is a well-known resource for genealogical searches and offers membership access to more resources. They have the largest family matching database and also offer AncestryDNA. This functions similarly to 23 And Me but with a different resource setup.
  • FamilyTreeDNA offers a similar package to that of 23 And Me, with genetic testing and ancestral search resources through their online platform.
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