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February 29 Zodiac: What Your Leap Year Baby’s Birthday Means

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February 29 Zodiac: What Your Leap Year Baby’s Birthday Means

Only about five million people in the world have a leap-day birthday. Because leap-day birthdays seldom occur, little is known about these birthdays. Read on to learn more about what this exceptionally rare birthday means for your child.

What is my Child's Zodiac Sign If Born on February 29?

If your child's birthday falls on February 29, they are a Pisces, which is a February 19 to March 20 zodiac sign. Although leap-day babies will have the same traits as other Pisces, there are also less typical traits that many will share.

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Compassion is a vital trait of Pisces babies born on February 29.

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February 29 Baby Personality Traits

If your child is born on February 29, they are likely to have a strong artistic streak. Your child will want to express themselves through virtually any creative means, including visual art, music, or writing.

Compassion is another vital trait of Pisces babies born on February 29. These children will be able to understand others' struggles with perfect empathy.

Intuition is another positive trait that Pisces children born on February 29 share. When a baby has strong intuition at birth, they will enjoy a deeper understanding of the world and how other people think.

Optimism is one of the most vital traits of Pisces children with this birthday. These babies will also grow up to be very strong in their beliefs and convictions.

Loyalty is another strong leap-day baby trait, making these children excellent friends. Retaining childhood innocence is another trait these kids might share.

Balancing sensitivity with a sense of discipline helps make babies born on February 29 excellent parents later. These Pisces also enjoy a reputation for seeking financial and physical freedom.

Fearfulness is one negative trait that leap-day babies might possess. Another negative feature these children might share is trusting people too much.

Famous People with February 29 Birthdays

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Pisces enjoy a reputation for seeking financial and physical freedom.


Because of this date's relative rarity, there are few celebrities with this birthday. Dennis Farina, the character actor from “Law & Order” and “The Sopranos,” has a February 29 birthday.

Rapper Ja Rule is another leap-day baby who is quite famous. Mark Foster, the lead singer of Foster, the People, also has this birthday.

On February 29, 1940, Peter Anthony was born in Ireland, and in 1964, his son Eric Peter was born on the same date 24 years later. In 1996, Bethany Wealth, Anthony's granddaughter, was also born on this date.

Two famous people born on February 29 are infamous serial killers: Richard Ramirez, born in 1960, and Aileen Wuornos, born in 1956.

February 29 Date Compatibility

An Aries is a good match for a Pisces born on February 29 because both signs are creative and passionate. These signs complement each other so well that they will express themselves very freely.

Another sign that is a natural fit for a Pisces is Cancer. Pisces have an emotional need for nurturing, which is a trait that Cancers possess.

Capricorns are stable matches for Pisces. While many Pisces are natural dreamers, a Capricorn can support their partner's dreams while keeping them grounded in reality.

Scorpio is one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac. One of the advantages of a Pisces being with a Scorpio is the emotional connection that they will share.

Taurus brings a lot of structure to their relationships. Because Pisces have somewhat unpredictable energy, a Taurus' stability counterbalances this energy.

Will my Baby Born on February 29 Be Successful?

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Pisces tend to be idealistic perfectionists, even though these traits can go to unhealthy extremes.


Pisces babies are more sensitive to discipline than children of other signs. Your child is likely to grow up refusing to disappoint or otherwise displease people whenever possible.

Your child will often have a strong imagination put to maximum use. Children who are natural storytellers are creative and will also be able to figure out how to work through challenges more effectively.

Pisces who find their purpose in life, will put everything into it. Once your child reaches working age, they will have a clear sense of purpose.

Pisces tend to be idealistic perfectionists. Even though these traits can go to unhealthy extremes, your Pisces child will keep high standards for themselves.

Is It Rare to Have a February 29 Birthday?

A leap-day birthday is a unique event because it is the only birthday that only occurs every four years. Although people born on February 29 celebrate their birthdays on February 28 or March 1, celebrating on February 29 marks an important milestone.

Only one in every 1,461 births occurs on February 29, making it one of the rarest birthdays. If you are one of the lucky few to have a birthday on February 29, enjoy knowing that you're part of a relatively small group.

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