How to Make a Volcano

Earn some serious cool points with this explosive project. Learn how to make a volcano in no time! A sure cure for boredom, while gratifying the most inquisitive mind, a volcano is a perfect long afternoon plan. All you need is a few common kitchen ingredients and a little time.

For best results let your kids help with each step. This gets them involved and lets them learn with all 5 senses.

What do I need to make a volcano?

1. Your kids! and add the following:
2. 6 cups of flour (use the white stuff, we don’t need a particularly nutritious volcano)
3. 2 cups salt
4. 4 tablespoons oil
5. warm water
6. Plastic 2 liter bottle
7. dish washer soap
8. food coloring (red is great, but be creative and use whatever you want)
9. vinegar
10. a pan, a cookie sheet or jelly roll pan works well
11. 3 tablespoons baking soda
12. A funnel is handy, but optional

Putting together the volcano of fun:

To make the cone of the volcano combine the flour, salt, and oil with 2 cups of water. Let your kids help with this. The measurements do not need to be precise and they will love getting their hands dirty when mixing it together.

The dough should be stiff and smooth, add more water or flour as needed to get the proper consistency. You can add food coloring to the dough if you'd like. Fill the soda bottle with warm water and food coloring.

Put the cap back on the bottle. Stand the bottle in the middle of your cookie sheet and form the cone around it using the dough you made. This needs to be done before the water in the soda bottle cools.

If you’d like to take your time and get your volcano just right, put a cap on the empty bottle to prevent the top being blocked or accidental dropping of dough into the volcano.

Once the cone is formed, remove the cap from the bottle and add 6 drops dish washing soap and 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

To achieve the eruption of your homemade volcano; slowly pour vinegar into the soda bottle and watch the fireworks begin!

Your budding chemists will love this project. Don't wait for a reason, other than learning how to make a volcano is sure to create a memory of volcanic proportions for your child.


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