I Tried the “Secret” New Costco Food Court Item – And It’s a Winner

Costco Food Court Menu

I Tried the “Secret” New Costco Food Court Item – And It’s a Winner

Costco’s Food Court is beloved for its fantastic deals. There’s the classic $1.50 Hot Dog with a Soda deal, $1.99 slices of pizza, and other favorites like Chicken Bakes.

Recently, Costco removed some items from its Food Court and added new additions. Food Court fans have stumbled upon a “secret” item you can order and it’s causing a stir on social media. Let’s look at the new items in Costco’s Food Court and then how you can order this “secret” item that’s not listed on the menu but is delicious!

Costco Often Changes Its Food Court Items

Costco Food Court Sign

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In the past, Costco’s Food Court has had everything from cheeseburgers to BBQ sandwiches. However, the menu frequently changes. While items like Costco’s $1.50 Hot Dog and Chicken Bakes are staples with little chance of moving off the menu, other items frequently change.

The Most Recent Change was Removing a Roast Beef Sandwich

Costco Roast Beef Sandwich on Food Court Sign

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Costco had aRoast Beef sandwich on its menu that caused controversy online. The simple reason is it was too expensive, costing $9.99. Costco’s Food Court isn’t beloved just because the food is good, items achieve cult status because of their value. At $9.99, the Roast Beef sandwich was simply too expensive relative to other items like slices of pizza for $1.99 or desserts for $3 or less.

The Roast Beef Sandwich has Been Replaced By a Turkey Sandwich

Costco Turkey Sandwich

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Costco recently replaced its Roast Beef sandwich with a turkey version that sells at a cheaper $6.99 price point. I tried it recently and was pleasantly surprised. The sandwich was very flavorful thanks to generous amounts of cheese and turkey. In addition, it has a sun-dried tomato spread that’s outstanding.

In addition to changing out its sandwiches, Costco has also been making adjustments to the dessert side of the Food Court menu.

After a Long Run, Costco Removed the Churro from Its Food Court Menu


The has long been a staple on Costco’s Food Court menu. However, it has finally left Costco Food Courts. While the Churro was beloved, Costco fans had complained in recent years that its consistency and flavor had changed in recent years. The Churro leaving Costco’s menu made room for a new dessert addition.

Costco Replaced the Churro with a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Costco Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Replacing the Churro on Costco’s menu is their new Chocolate Chip Cookie. It costs $2.49 and clocks in at 750 calories, so it’s a substantial cookie that you’ll likely want to share. I’ve had the cookie a couple of times, and my biggest complaint is there’s simply too much chocolate.

I know, that might sound like heresy to chocolate lovers out there, but warm cookies that are heavy in chocolate require something like ice cream to balance them. That’s why Pizookies served at BJ’s restaurants come with scoops of ice cream on top.

Costco Fans Have Created a “Secret” Item – The Cookie Sandwich

Costco Ice Cream Sandwich

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Fans of restaurants like Starbucks or In-N-Out have created “secret” menu items where you make additions to drinks or burgers to create entirely new ones.

So it shouldn’t shock you that Costco Food Court fans have been finding their own hacks to create new items. One of the most popular ones is the “Cookie Sandwich.” You buy the Costco Chocolate Cookie Sandwich for $2.49 and then add an ice cream cup for $1.99.

After that, you can cut your cookie in half and spread ice cream between the sides to make a sandwich!

Adding Ice Cream to Costco’s Cookie is a Game Changer

Costco Cookie Sandwich

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As I noted above, Costco’s Chocolate Chip Cookie by itself has a bit too much chocolate and benefits tremendously from the balance of ice cream.

My one complaint – if you see the picture of me trying the sandwich above – the ice cream spills out the side very easily. That’s because the cookie is pretty strong and also warm, which melts the ice cream in the middle slightly. If you’re buying a cookie ice cream sandwich at a store it’s normally frozen together which prevents the ice cream from squeezing out the side.

Dipping the Cookie Directly Into the Ice Cream Works Better Than a Sandwich

Costco Cookie Spreading Ice Cream On It

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However, you don’t need to create a sandwich. Another option is simply spreading ice cream on the cookie and it works fine. In fact, I prefer this method.

The Costco Chocolate Chip Cookie is 750 calories, so splitting it in half with someone is probably ideal since that’s just a lot of calories and sugar! You can either dip the cookie into Costco’s cup of ice cream directly, or you can take a fork or knife and spread it on bites.

You’ll likely have plenty of ice cream left over, which isn’t a bad thing to snack on as you exit Costco. It is almost summer after all!

Costco’s Cookie with Ice Cream is Now My Favorite Snack at their Food Court

Costco Ice Cream with Cookie at Food Court

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Other desserts on Costco’s Food Court include:

  • Ice Cream Sundae ($2.49)
  • Ice Cream Cup ($1.99)
  • Cold Brew Mocha Freeze ($2.99)
  • Fruit Smoothie ($2.99)

If I’m heading back to Costco and want dessert, I’ll likely opt for the Chocolate Chip Cookie with Ice Cream as a primary option. The Cookie by itself is a good value, but when combined with ice cream I’d give it a solid 8.5 out of 10.

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