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The 7 Largest School Districts In Rhode Island Are Massive

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The 7 Largest School Districts In Rhode Island Are Massive

What are the seven largest school districts in Rhode Island, and why does it matter? Finding the right school district with the right schools is essential for any family, especially in Rhode Island. Some school districts vary so much in states. Some offer the best elementary and high schools with smaller class sizes, while other districts are considered some of the worst.

Every state has unique school districts of varying sizes. Rhode Island is no different. You may think of gorgeous beaches, parks, and New England charm when you think of Rhode Island, but they are also known for some of the best school districts. There are 66 school districts in the Ocean State, with 131,000 students and 271 schools. Looking at the seven largest school districts in Rhode Island can offer some insight into what makes these districts unique and provide families with better decisions.

Providence Public Schools

High School can be a good place to practice autonomy and find new passions.

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Providence Public Schools has 40 schools with around 21,000 students, making it one of the largest school districts in Rhode Island. One of the best high schools in the state is in this school district, Classical High School. It's ranked no. 1 in Rhode Island, has a graduation rate of 97%, and roughly has about 1100 students.

Here are some of the schools that are included in this school district.

  • 21 elementary schools
  • 7 middle schools
  • 9 high schools

Cranston Public Schools

Cranston Public Schools is a smaller district, with 24 schools and roughly 10,000 students. The average student-to-teacher ratio is 13:1. The district is recognized for having above-average test scores compared to other districts in the state.

These are how the 24 schools are divided in this district.

  • 21 elementary and middle schools
  • 3 high schools

Warwick Public Schools

Warwick Public Schools is a slightly smaller school district, with only 19 schools and 8,000 students. Located in Warwick, this school district has a student-to-teacher ratio of 12:1. It was ranked no. 17 for being one of RI's most diverse school districts and the best school district for athletes.

These are the schools that populate Warwick Public Schools.

  • 17 elementary and junior high schools
  • 2 high schools

Pawtucket School District

Pawtucket School District has 16 schools and serves a little over 8,000 students. With a student-teacher ratio of 13:1, this school district may not be the cream of the crop for the best school districts, but it still offers relatively smaller class sizes and a diverse student body. For example, this school district was ranked no. 3 in RI for being the most diverse district.

These are the total number of schools that comprise the Pawtucket School District.

  • 10 elementary schools
  • 3 middle schools
  • 3 high schools

Woonsocket Public Schools

Woonsocket Public Schools has a total of 10 schools and 1,500 students. While it's a smaller school district compared to others, it still offers some excellent education. For instance, Bernon Heights School, Globe Park School, and Harris School are considered some of the best elementary schools in that district. They have a student-to-teacher ratio of 16:1. Additionally, the district is so small that it only has one high school in the entire district.

These are the schools that are included in this school district.

  • 9 elementary and middle schools
  • 1 high schools

Cumberland School Department

Cumberland School Department has eight schools with around 4,000 students. This district, in particular, is considered to have the top 20% of schools in the state. Some of these top schools are Community School and Ashton School, both elementary schools. Additionally, Cumberland High School is ranked no. 19 out of the best high schools in RI.

These are a collection of schools located in the Cumberland School Department district.

  • 5 elementary schools
  • 2 middle schools
  • 1 high schools

Coventry Public Schools

Coventry Public Schools is the smallest of the districts on this list. However, it's also the 7th largest district in the state. Coventry Public Schools has five schools and around 4,000 students, comprising elementary and high schools. One of the best schools in this district, Nathan Hale School, is ranked no. 45 in the state. As a smaller district, the student-to-teacher ratio is also smaller than other districts, with it being 11:1.

Here are some of the schools that are part of this school district.

  • 4 elementary schools
  • 1 high schools

Which District Should You Choose?

While Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States, it still has some of the biggest districts. These districts offer the best education, from small classes to diversity and athletics. For families, these school districts also provide a glimpse of what's available and what city to live in in Rhode Island. Ultimately, the districts show what educational opportunities families can take advantage of when living in Rhode Island.

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