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The 7 Largest School Districts In Kentucky Are Massive

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The 7 Largest School Districts In Kentucky Are Massive

Finding the perfect city with the ideal school is the American dream. Families everywhere in the United States always look for safe towns, great schools, and lots to do. Kentucky checks all of those boxes. It's a state that has so much to offer for individuals and young families. While this state may be known for its bourbon, historical culture, and horse racing, it also has some of the best schools in the largest districts.

Knowing the size of these school districts, the student-to-teacher ratio, and where some of these schools rank gives you and your family insight into where to live. You'll better know where to send your kids to school. More importantly, you'll better understand where the best school districts are and how they compare to other school districts.

Jefferson County Public Schools

Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Kentucky has a lot of beautiful cities to visit. They also have some of the best school districts in these cities.

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Jefferson County School District is the largest district in Kentucky, with 170 schools and roughly 94,000 students. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, this school is considered one of the top three most diverse schools in Kentucky. It's also considered one of the best districts for athletes in Kentucky. The best public school in Kentucky is Greathouse/Shryock Traditional Elementary School. It's ranked no. 1 in the state.

Here are how the 170 schools are divided in this district.

  • 128 elementary and middle schools
  • 42 high schools

Fayette County Public Schools

Fayette County Public Schools is also one of the largest school districts in Kentucky, with 40 schools and 41,000 students. This school district is consistently ranked in the top 20% of schools in Kentucky. The student-teacher ratio is 14:1, lower than the state average of 15:1.

These are how the 40 schools are divided in this district.

  • 22 combined middle schools and elementary schools
  • 18 high schools

Boone County Public Schools

Another highly rated district in Kentucky is Boone County Public Schools. It's also the next largest, with 27 schools and 20,000 students. One of the best high schools in this district is Larry A. Ryle High School, which is ranked no. 20 as the best high school in Kentucky.

These are the schools that make up this large district in Kentucky.

  • 22 elementary and middle schools
  • 5 high schools

Warren County Public Schools

Warren County Public Schools has 34 schools and around 17,00 students. This school district is one of the top thirty school districts in the county. It also has a student-teacher ratio 16:1. One of the best high schools, Warren Early College High School, is in this school district.

These are how the schools are divided up in this school district.

  • 31 elementary schools and junior high schools
  • 3 high schools

Hardin County Public Schools

Hardin County Public Schools is another one of the largest school districts in Kentucky, with 26 schools and 14,000 students. This school district is in the top 30% of schools in Kentucky. Some of the best schools include John Hardin High School, Central Hardin High School, and North Hardin High School.

Hardin County Public Schools district offers a balance between elementary schools and high schools for families to choose from.

  • 19 elementary and junior high schools
  • 7 high schools

Kenton County Public Schools

Kenton County Public Schools is also considered one of the largest districts, with 26 schools and around 14,000 students. This district may not be the largest, but it is regarded as the best among the districts in Kentucky. It has an average ranking of 9/10, according to Public School Review.

These are the schools that are part of this large school district.

  • 22 elementary schools and middle school
  • 4 high schools

Bullitt County Public Schools

Bullitt County Public Schools is the last of the largest school districts on this list. It has 45 schools and 28,000 students. This school district isn't ranked the highest but also not the lowest. The schools in this district are considered average. The best high school in this district is Bullitt East High School, which has a graduation rate of 94%.

This is how the elementary and high schools are divided in Bullitt County Public Schools.

  • 38 elementary schools
  • 6 high schools

The Largest School Districts In Kentucky Offer Some of the Best Education

Kentucky is a state that has a low cost of living, beautiful green rolling hills, and some of the best bourbon. However, they also have some of the best and largest school districts in the United States. These school districts offer low student-to-teacher ratios, exceptional graduation rates, and diverse students. These school districts show families what schools are in the best cities and ultimately, what Kentucky can offer you.

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