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The 7 Largest School Districts In Nevada Are Massive

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The 7 Largest School Districts In Nevada Are Massive

When people think of Nevada, they may think of the biggest casino city in the United States, the city of Las Vegas. They may also think about desserts and Valley of Fire State Park. The one thing that Nevada is not remarkably known for is its education.

The U.S. News and World Report gave Nevada a ranking of 38th in education in 2022. While Nevada is not the best in education, they have some exceptional schools, from kindergarten to high school. However, instead of looking at these schools, it's important to look at the school districts. When you zoom out, you can see how these districts rank overall. It gives you a better idea of what choices are available to you if you live in a certain county or city.

In this guide, we look at the biggest school districts in Nevada. It will provide insight on where you can send your kids to school and where these districts and the schools in this district rank.

Clark County School District

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The largest districts offer more public schools that may better fit your child.


Nevada has 20 school districts, 668 schools, and 447,603 students. While there are abundant schools and districts, not all of them are the same. Some have poor-quality schools. Others have high-quality schools. Some districts are tiny. We look at the largest school districts to see what they offer families.

Clark County School District is the largest school district in Nevada, with 380 schools and 315,000 students. This district is located in Las Vegas. This district is also the no. 1 most diverse school district in Nevada. It was also ranked the sixth-best school district in Nevada.

These are the list of elementary and high schools in this district.

  • 308 elementary and middle schools
  • 72 high schools

Washoe County School District

Washoe County School District is another whopping school district with plenty of school opportunities for families. It has 114 schools and 65,000 students. Some of the best elementary schools in this district include Davidson Academy and Tmcc Magnet School.

This is the list of elementary and high schools.

  • 92 elementary and middle schools
  • 22 high schools

State-Sponsored Charter Schools

State-Sponsored Charter Schools is another large school district located in Carson City. As the third largest school district, there are 71 schools and 55,000 students. One of the differences between charter schools and traditional public schools is that charter schools will typically have extra freedom to innovate in the classroom.

Of the 71 schools, here are the number of elementary and high schools in this district.

  • 47 elementary and junior high schools
  • 24 high schools

Elko County School District

Elko County School District is another large school district in Nevada with 36 schools and 9,900 students. According to Niche.com, it's the third-best school district for athletes. Some of the highest-rated schools in this district are Elko Grammar School and Northside Elementary School.

Here's a breakdown of the 36 schools.

  • 28 elementary school and junior high schools
  • 8 high schools

Lyon County School District

Lyon County School District is also one of the largest school districts in Nevada, with 20 schools and 8,000 students. This particular district is the fourth-best school district for athletes. If you're looking for sports-focused schools, this district may be the best. Other information about this district is that the student-to-teacher ratio is 18:1, which is slightly higher than the national average.

This list shows how the schools are broken up.

  • 14 elementary and middle schools
  • 6 high schools

Carson City School District

Carson City School District is next on the list of the largest school districts, with 13 schools and 7,000 students. This district offers better-than-average schools. It's ranked no. 4 as the best school district in Nevada. Some of the best elementary schools are in this district, like Edith W. Fritsch Elementary School and Al Seeliger Elementary School.

Here are how many high schools and elementary schools are in this district.

  • 11 elementary schools
  • 2 high schools

Nye County School District

Nye County School District is the last on this list, but it is still one of the largest school districts in Nevada, with 27 schools and 5,000 students. This is a lower-than-average school district. It has a student-to-teacher ratio of 22:1. However, it is one of the most diverse schools in the district. The best elementary schools in this district are Hafen Elementary and Amargosa Valley Elementary School.

These are the elementary and high schools in Nye County School District.

  • 21 elementary schools
  • 6 high schools

What District Should You Choose?

While Nevada isn't recognized for its education, the state still has some incredible schools that rank high in Nevada and the nation. Knowing Nevada's largest school districts can help you determine where to live based on the best district. It can also give you a glimpse of what other schools may be better within the Nevada district you're already a part of.

While there's no perfect school, knowing your choices is important. Finding the right school is invaluable to your child's life. These large school districts give you more opportunities to find the right school.

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