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The 7 Largest School Districts In Connecticut Are Massive

The 7 Largest School Districts In Connecticut Are Massive

Finding the right school is becoming more and more important for parents of students. Choosing the wrong school can lead to failing classes, bullying, and a poor culture. Finding the right school can lead to outstanding grades, great friendships, and a thriving educational environment. That's why it's so important to find the right school in whatever state you live in.

It's no different when it comes to Connecticut. Although the state is ranked no. 8 in education, plenty of schools fall below the average educational standards. There are also exceptional public schools in every school district. Looking at Connecticut's seven largest school districts can offer insight into the best schools in your county or neighborhood. If you're considering relocating to Connecticut, you can see what districts are ranked the highest and what they are known for.

New Haven School District

In Elementary School Classroom Brilliant Black Girl Writes in Exercise Notebook, Taking Test and Writing Exam. Junior Classroom with Diverse Group of Children Working Diligently and Learning New Stuff
Larger school districts offer more schooling options for parents.


There are 172 school districts in Connecticut. The largest is the New Haven School District, with 37 schools and 19,000 students. New Haven School District may be the largest, but it's also not one of the best districts. However, some great schools perform well on state tests, such as Worthington Hooker School and Elm City Montessori School.

Here are some of the schools that are in this school district.

  • 28 elementary and middle schools
  • 9 high schools

Bridgeport School District

Another large school district is Bridgeport School District, with 36 schools and roughly 19,000 students. The average student-to-teacher ratio is 14:1. According to Niche.com, this school district ranks no. 23 for the most diverse school districts in Connecticut. While diverse, this school district ranks lower than school districts regarding test scores.

Here's how the 32 schools are divided.

  • 28 elementary and middle schools
  • 4 high schools

Waterbury School District

Another school district that stands out as one of the largest in Connecticut is Waterbury School District, with 29 schools and 18,000 students. It also has a student-to-teacher ratio of 14:1. Located in Waterbury, Ct, this school district offers some excellent elementary schools like Regan School and Waterbury Arts Magnet School.

These are the elementary and high schools in the Waterbury School District.

  • 24 elementary and junior high schools
  • 5 high schools

Hartford School District

Hartford School District has 39 schools and serves a little over 16,000 students. With a student-teacher ratio of 13:1, this school district offers some of the best elementary schools. For instance, some of the elementary schools that stand out are Glastonbury Public Schools, which ranks high in test scores.

Here are how the elementary and high schools are divided in this district.

  • 27 elementary schools
  • 12 high schools

Stamford School District

Stamford School District is also one of the largest school districts in Connecticut, with 21 schools and 15,000 students. It's one school district with a higher ranking than other school districts. For example, it's one of Connecticut's most diverse school districts, ranking no. 2 in the state. It's also ranked no. 62 out of 129 as the best district to teach in.

Here is how the schools are divided between elementary and high school.

  • 18 elementary and middle schools
  • 3 high schools

Danbury School District

Danbury School District is the sixth largest school district, with 19 schools and 11,000 students. Western Ct Of International Studies Elementary Magne and Westside Middle School Academy are the highest-ranked schools in this district. They offer some of the best teachers and supportive resources that help students thrive in school.

Here are the elementary and high schools in this school district.

  • 15 elementary schools
  • 4 high schools

Norwalk School District

Norwalk School District is another school district that has about 21 schools and 11,000 students. The average ratio in this school district is 13:1. Some of the best elementary schools in this district are Rowayton School and Wolfpit School, which have scored the best on state test scores compared to other elementary schools. Additionally, this school district is ranked no. 3 for most diverse school districts in Connecticut and ranked no. 49 for best school districts to teach in.

These are the schools that are part of this school district.

  • 21 elementary schools
  • 4 high schools

Is There a Perfect School District?

These large school districts offer a glimpse into Connecticut's best schools. It also helps families know their choices if they live in a certain Connecticut county or city. It helps families decide the best elementary or high school they can send their kids to.

These large districts provide an overview of what to expect if you live or are relocating to Connecticut. It gives families more peace of mind knowing they have more schooling options.

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