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The 13 Largest Schools In Kentucky Are Massive

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The 13 Largest Schools In Kentucky Are Massive

Kentucky is among the country's picturesque states, bordering the great Mississippi River in the west and the Appalachian Mountains in the east. But besides the stunning landscapes, the state is also home to welcoming communities and is among the best places to raise a family.

One of the major attractions to families in the state is its impressive quality of education. The region has 171 districts, comprising 51 independent districts and 120 school districts. These districts cater to over 1,400 top-ranking schools, part of which are among the most populated facilities.

So how massive are the largest schools in Kentucky? This complete review will answer you, taking you through the 13 largest institutions in the “Bluegrass State.”

River Ridge Elementary School

2772 Amsterdam Rd, Villa Hills, KY 41017

Opening our list of the largest elementary schools in Kentucky is River Ridge Elementary, situated in the Villa Hills suburb setting. The school is reputable for its world-class education standards, and students who graduate here are transition-ready to address 21st-century issues and be future leaders.

River Ridge Elementary School is home to 898 scholars between prekindergarten and fifth grade. This diverse student populace comprises 52% males and 48% females, with a 32% minority student enrolment. In addition, the facility enrolls 51% of scholars with financial limitations.

River Ridge hires 61 full-time educators working alongside one school counselor. This means each tutor caters to about 15 scholars, better than the teacher-student ratio of the district. In addition, all the tutors are board certified, and 91.4% have been preparing students for the future for over three years. 

The diverse student body, accredited and seasoned tutors, and a welcoming and caring culture have made River Ridge Elementary one of the district's top performers. The school ranks 253 in the state and 7th in the district. Furthermore, 57% and 60% of scholars passed math and reading. 

Mayfield Elementary School

1004 Backusburg Rd, Mayfield, KY 42066

Mayfield Elementary School is in a Mayfield rural setting, but the school offers unmatched education experiences to its learners. The reputable public school prioritizes learner achievement, and the dedicated staff members invest their wit and effort to deliver the best education possible. Mayfield is also one of the most highly populated facilities in the state.

Mayfield Elementary serves PK-4 to 880 scholars with a gender distribution of 54% males and 46% females. Students from minority communities form 59% of the populace, and 73% face financial limitations and leverage the schools incentivized programs and resources. The facility hires 52 tutors and two counselors, meaning each staff member caters to 17 scholars.

Mayfield Elementary ranks in position 279 in the state. Moreover, 47% of learners passed the math proficient level, and 46% passed reading. 

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New Haven Elementary School

10854 Us 42, Union, KY 41091

New Haven Elementary was established to create a challenging, engaging environment that nurtures independent learners to become productive and responsible society members. To achieve this, the school equips learners to embrace and overcome the emotional, social, and intellectual hurdles in today's constantly dynamic world.

New Haven serves PK-5 to 886 scholars, a population of 55% schoolboys and 45% schoolgirls. About 14% come from minority communities, and 30% of learners face financial hurdles. The diverse student population relies on 53 tutors and one counselor for guidance, so each professional oversees 13 students.

Besides its impressive teacher-student ratio, New Haven performs above expectations in statewide exams. The school ranks 302 in the state and is the fifth-best facility in Boone County Elementary Schools District. In addition, 61% of learners passed math proficiency, and the percentage that attained or exceeded the same level for reading is 63%.

Valley Elementary School

163 Douglas Park, Pikeville, KY 41501

If you're a resident of the Pikeville rural setting, then you wouldn't be surprised that Valley Elementary School makes it to our list of the largest elementary schools in Kentucky.

Valley Elementary caters to a student population of 859 from prekindergarten to eighth grade. This populace has an equal gender distribution, with male and female scholars forming 50% each. However, members of minority communities form only 2% of the population, and 71% of scholars face financial hurdles.

The diverse student population at Valley Elementary relies on 49 board-certified tutors, creating a 1:18 teacher-learner ratio. All these faculty members are accredited, and 97.9% have served for over three years.

Valley Elementary ranks fourth best in the state and is the top primary school in Pike County Elementary Schools District. Furthermore, 78% and 79% of scholars passed math and reading proficiencies.

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Marion C. Moore School 

6415 Outer Loop, Louisville, Kentucky

The first middle school in our list of largest facilities in Kentucky is Marion C. Moore School. The magnet school serves scholars from the Louisville, KY, city setting and is reputable for its immense contribution to the district's and state's education standards.

The Marion C. Moore Middle School caters to a student population of 2,367 between sixth and twelfth grades. This populace is predominantly male, comprising 48% females and 52% males. In addition, the school has a 65% minority student enrolment, and 65% comprises economically disadvantaged pupils. 

Marion C. Moore hires 145 tutors and six counselors. All these professionals are national board-accredited, and 65.9% have over three years of teaching experience.

Marion C. Moore School ranks 227-302 in the state, 20 in Jefferson County Public Schools District, and 14-18 in the magnet category. Also, 17% and 36% of students passed math and reading.

Campbell County Middle School

8000 Alexandria Pk, Alexandria, KY 41001

Nestled in a large Alexandria suburb is the reputable Campbell County Middle School. The public school is among the largest in the state and boasts a welcoming culture where learners learn to be respectful, responsible, and safe. The faculty members and staff in the facility strive to achieve each scholar's best potential.

Campbell County Middle shelters a student population of 1,198 from sixth to eighth grades. The culturally diverse populace has an equal gender distribution, and 11% comes from minority communities. In addition, learners from financially limited families comprise 38%, and the school hires 69 equivalent full-time instructors and five full-time counselors.

Campbell County Middle School ranks 225 in the state. In addition, the school boasts a reading Proficiency Rank of 178 and a Math Proficiency Rank of 147. Moreover, 44% and 58% of scholars passed math and reading.

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With the help of science, these ambitious learners are gaining an understanding of the amazing intricacies of nature.


Edythe Jones Hayes Middle School

260 Richardson Place, Lexington, KY 40509

Kentucky's Lexington city setting is also home to one of the state's largest middle schools, Edythe Jones Hayes Middle School; established in 2004, the school ranks among the state's technologically advanced facilities. The facility has maintained a reputation for its nurturing and caring environment, and the staff members are always dedicated to academic excellence.

Edythe Jones Hayes Middle serves 1,142 students between the sixth and eighth grades. The predominantly female population comprises 51% schoolgirls and 49% schoolboys, with a 40% minority enrolment. Also, students who need financial aid form 43% of the populace. The school hires 77 full-time teachers alongside three school counselors.

Apart from its huge, diverse populace, Edythe Jones Hayes Middle School stands out performance-wise. The school ranks 15th best in the state and second best in the Fayette County Public Schools District. In addition, 66% of students in this school passed math, and 74% passed reading proficiency.

Lafayette High School 

401 Reed Ln, Lexington, Kentucky

Lafayette High School is the first institution on our list of Kentucky's largest high schools. The school opened its doors in 1939 to replace Picadome High School. It was named after the legendary Marquis de Lafayette, the French general reputable for his accolades in the Revolutionary War. In 1998, the school building got a total overhaul, with the stadium renovation following later on in 2010.

Lafayette High School serves 2,357 scholars between ninth to twelfth grades with a 35% minority enrollment. Students who need financial aid form 41% of the populace. Consequently, 5% and 36% rely on the school's reduced-price and free lunch programs. In addition, the school is home to 123 full-time tutors, each addressing about 19 scholars.

Lafayette is a robust, academically driven learning facility that performs exceptionally in annual statewide examinations. The school ranks 1,462 nationally and 15 in the state rankings and is the second-best school in the Lexington metro area and Fayette County Public Schools District. 

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Cooperation and communication are essential skills for a successful future.


Eastern High School 

12400 Old Shelbyville Rd, Middletown, Kentucky 

Eastern High School is another massive Kentucky high school. The institution is reputable for its student-centered approach to education that delivers impressive performance and an outstanding graduation rate. 

Eastern High serves a total enrollment of 2,170 scholars between ninth to twelfth grades. The population is predominantly male, with schoolboys comprising 54% and schoolgirls forming 46%. In addition, 31% of learners face financial limitations, with 29% and 2% enrolled in the school's free and reduced-priced meal programs. Moreover, the institution hires 220 teachers, translating to a 1:20 teacher-student ratio.

Apart from Eastern High School's reputation as one of the highest populated facilities, the facility also triumphs in statewide test scores. The school ranks in position 1,567 nationally and is the 16the best high school in the state. The facility also ranks 9th in the Louisville metro area and is the sixth best in the Jefferson County Public Schools District.

Eastern High boasts a college readiness index of 48.1/100 and a graduation rate of 92%. 

Madison Central High School 

705 N 2nd St, Richmond, Kentucky 

Madison Central High School is famous for its population vastness and dedication to igniting greatness. The faculty and staff at the school aim to equip learners with the support, guidance, and resources they need to be successful. Consequently, the school has maintained its legacy of excellence in coursework, performing arts, and athletics.

Madison Central High School has a total population of 2,143 between ninth and twelfth grades. Females form 49% of the populace, while males represent 51%. The school boasts a 20% minority enrollment, and students with financial limitations form about half of the population. In addition, the school has 110 teachers, translating to a 1:20 teacher-student ratio. 

Madison Central High ranks 5,958 nationally and is the 73rd-best facility in Kentucky. In addition, the facility ranks third best in the Richmond metro area and has a college readiness index of 25.7/100 and a 91% graduation rate. 

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High school is a time for exploration, learning, and growth.


University of Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky 40506 

The University Of Kentucky is arguably Bluegrass State's largest higher learning institution. A world-renowned and top-ranking facility, the institution hosts vast resources on a single campus, and its broad array of programs enable learners to thrive in multidisciplinary studies. In addition, the school fosters a learning environment of cooperation.

The University of Kentucky has 30,390 students, constituting 41.58% male and 58.42% female students and a 21% minority enrollment. The undergraduate school has 12,467 female and 9,433 male scholars, while the graduate school has 5,287 female and 3,203 male scholars.

The top-ranked university has 4,117 part-timers and 26,273 full-timers. Additionally, 3,447 students are under the institution's online program.

The University of Kentucky boasts a 51% four-Year Graduation Rate, and 38% of its Classes have less than 20 Students. In addition, the institution boasts a 16:1 scholar-faculty ratio.  

Notable University of Kentucky Alumni

Devin Booker – American professional basketball player for the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association (NBA)

Anthony Davis – American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA)

Pat Riley – American professional basketball executive, former coach, and former player in the National Basketball Association (NBA)

Gina Haspel – American civil servant who was the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from May 21, 2018, to January 20, 2021


University of Louisville

2301 S. Third Street, Louisville, KY, 40292

The University of Louisville is Kentucky's second-largest higher learning institution. The state-supported research institution is nestled in the state's largest metro area and joined the US university system in 1970. Before that, the school was a municipally supported institution for decades. Today, the facility has three campuses, with the Belknap Campus sitting on a 287-acre space and hosting the institution's eight out of twelve campuses. 

The University of Louisville has a total enrollment of 22,140 students, with 44.98% male and 55.02% female students. The undergraduate school serves 8,705 females and 6,929 males, while the graduate school has 3,476 females and 3,030 males. In addition, 15,873 individuals study full-time, while 6,267 attend part-time classes. The institution also offers an online degree program to 4,211 scholars.

The University of Louisville boasts a 40% four-Year Graduation Rate and a 13:1 scholar-faculty ratio. In addition, 43% of its classes comprise under 20 students.

Notable University of Louisville Alumni

Lamar Jackson – American football quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL)

Diane Sawyer – American television broadcast journalist known for anchoring major programs on two networks including ABC World News Tonight, Good Morning America

Warren Oates – American actor best known for his performances in several films directed by Sam Peckinpah, including The Wild Bunch (1969)

Chris Dodd – American lobbyist, lawyer, and Democratic Party politician who served as a United States senator from Connecticut from 1981 to 2011


Furthering your education is an investment in yourself and can open up many possibilities for future career advancement


University of the Cumberlands

6178 College Station Drive, Williamsburg, KY, 40769

The University of the Cumberlands, the third largest post-K12 institution, is reputable for taking a personal approach to education. The institution values each student's success, which forms the primary goal of the educators in the institution. Thus, the faculty members strive to meet each learner's needs and guide them toward their aspirations.

University of the Cumberlands serves 19,272 scholars, with a gender distribution of 50.76% males and 49.24% females. The undergraduate school has 3,150 females and 1,688 males, while the graduate school has 6,340 females and 8,094 males.

Also, the institution serves 13,426 part-time and 5,846 full-time scholars, comprising 9,490 ladies and 9,782 gentlemen. The university also offers online degree programs to 9,791 students.

The University of the Cumberlands has a 20:1 student-faculty ratio, and 66% of its classes cater to a maximum of 20 students. 

Unlocking Your Potential through Investing in Education in Kentucky

Whether you're looking for a job opportunity or a diverse learning community to enroll your child in, Kentucky offers limitless opportunities. With vast options, it can be difficult to make an informed decision, but the above information will guide you to the most suitable choice.

Generally, your decision will be a personal one. For instance, when seeking employment opportunities, you should consider your needs, career objectives, and workplace culture. On the other hand, parents looking for enhanced learning experiences for their young scholars should consider their kids' capabilities, needs, talents, and aspirations. This way, you'll find your way to the right learning institution. So, invest in education and unlock your potential in Kentucky.

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