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The 10 Top-Rated Schools in Fort Worth Today

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The 10 Top-Rated Schools in Fort Worth Today

The phrase “everything is bigger in Texas State” rings true when discussing Dallas Fort Worth's diverse culture and world-renowned attractions. The region's reputation as a critical military city spans years ago, and between that and the western traditions, museums, and architecture, this is among the best cities in Texas.

Moreover, this location has one of the fastest-growing education sectors. The Fort Worth Independent School District has 83 elementary schools, 29 middle schools, and 18 high schools.

Of course, your choice of the “best school” is preference based, and what attracts you may not work for the next person. But you're sure to find an ideal learning institution for your young learner among the top options in the community.

All that said, let's explore the ten best schools in Fort Worth in terms of GreatSchools Summary Rating, performance on state-required tests, and other vital ranking factors.

Best Elementary Schools

Lily B. Clayton Elementary

2000 Park Place, Fort Worth, TX 76110

Lily B. Clayton Elementary has since established a standard of academic excellence that still exists. Situated in the Berkeley Place and Mistletoe communities, the elementary facility is a source of pride to learners, staff, and the neighborhood. A nurturing setting, rich history, and dedicated tutors deliver an unmatched Fort Worth elementary school.

Lily B serves PK-5 to 491 scholars, a populace comprising 52% boys and 48% girls. The facility also boasts a 54% minority learner enrolment, setting aside 43% of admission slots for young learners from financially disadvantaged homes.  

The vast and diverse student population depends on 32 qualified tutors and one counselor, all working full-time. Compared to the student population, this value means each teacher handles 15 learners. The ratio is relatively worse than that of the Fort Worth Independent School District, but this doesn't prevent the school from performing exceptionally.

Impressive performance, a rich culture, and qualified, dedicated tutors make Lily B. Clayton Elementary one of the best in the state at its level. 

Westpark Elementary

10202 Jerry Dunn Pkwy, Benbrook, TX 76126

Westpark Elementary isn't your average PK-5 facility. The faculty thinks through everything to the smallest detail, and students commute to and from school on special buses. Moreover, the school has one of the most intricate hiring processes. The professionals here are trained, qualified, and seasoned to ensure the highest academic standards and a serene learning environment. 

Westpark takes care of 736 students spread between preschool and the fifth grade. This population comprises 51% female learners, while their male counterparts comprise 49%. In addition, the facility sets aside 36% of admission positions for financially limited scholars and has a 38% minority student enrollment.

The staff population here is sufficient and diverse, comprising 45 experienced tutors and a certified counselor. Thus, the school's student-teacher ratio is 16:1, which is high compared to the independent school district's value. 

While a high student-teacher ratio mostly translates to an overburdened staff team, these dedicated teachers seem ahead of their population challenges. As a result, the schools perform exceptionally well every year. About 65% of learners reached or surpassed the Math proficient level, while 63% made it past the threshold for Reading. 

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Burton Hill Elementary

519 Burton Hill Road, Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Established in 1958, Burton Hill Elementary is many parents' dream. The facility prides itself on being the best learning environment for tomorrow's leaders and leads by example by ranking among the best in the state.

The public school serves communities adjacent to the Carswell Air Force Base. It serves PK-5 to 372 students, a female-dominated population comprising 53% girls and 47% boys. Moreover, the facility is renowned for providing 58% enrolment vacancies to learners facing financial hardships. Minority students form 66% of the populace.

These learners depend on 33 accomplished and licensed tutors and one school counselor. The team works full-time to ensure a conducive learning environment for every learner to gain the proper knowledge and skills for academic progression and community impact. In addition, each teacher takes care of 11 students on average, so learners receive dedicated attention to aid success.

The efforts of the facility's staff team are evident in its superior statewide and local rankings. Furthermore, 66% of learners made it to or exceeded the proficient level for Reading, and 69% were equally successful in Math proficiency.  

Tanglewood Elementary

3060 Overton Park W, Fort Worth, Texas 76109

Tanglewood Elementary School first opened its doors in August 1960. The top-ranking middle school has since grown from its humble beginnings to earn various community involvement and academic excellence recognitions.

Tanglewood's story begins with Cass Edwards donating part of his undeveloped property to the city for only a dollar. From this great beginning, academic preparation and community involvement have been the school's hallmarks.

Tanglewood Elementary School currently serves PK-5 to 428 students. Of these, the males lead at 54% of the populace, while the ladies form 46%. In addition, the facility boasts a 34% minority enrollment and reserves 12% of enrollment slots for learners from financially limited backgrounds.

The dedicated learners are under the guidance of 31 certified and experienced tutors alongside one school counselor. They all work full-time to ensure the ideal environment for each scholar's academic and personal growth. As a result, the population figures translate to a student-teacher ratio of 14:1, on par with that of the Fort Worth Independent School District.

Performance-wise, Tanglewood Elementary School stands out among the best in the state. GreatSchools gives the school a 10/10. Notably, 88% of Tanglewood Elementary students managed or exceeded the Math proficiency level, and 89% achieved the same for Reading proficiency. 

Best Middle Schools 

Young Men's Leadership Academy

5100 Willie St, Fort Worth, TX 76105

Fort Worth's YMLA is the first single-gender middle school focusing on boys. The faculty strives to nurture the whole student, ensuring that each child in the facility succeeds in class and life. The young men who pass through this school become promising learners, dedicated family members, and valuable citizens.

YMLA's rigorous program serves 387 scholars between the sixth and twelfth grades. Interestingly, 81% of this all-male population comprises students from financially burdened households. Moreover, the facility boasts an impressive 96% minority student enrolment, higher than its peers in this review.  

The student masses depend on 36 tutors and two counselors working round the clock to deliver the varied curriculum that nurtures problem-solving and critical thinking. Therefore, each teacher is in charge of 11 learners, which is relatively low compared to the Independent School Districts' average student-teacher ratio.

Learners perform remarkably well, as evident in their notable rankings. At Fort Worth's YMLA, 46% of learners achieved the proficient level for Reading, and 53% scored above that qualification for Math. 

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Daggett Montessori Middle School

801 West Jessamine, Ft Worth, Texas 76110

Daggett Montessori School opened in 1983 as the Independent School District's first public Montessori facility. Initially, the program ran within Daggett Elementary and Middle Schools. But it later moved to a different facility in 2002.

Daggett Montessori Middle School caters to 487 students between kindergarten and eighth grade. Females dominate the population, making up 54%, while boys are 46%. Moreover, 47% of learners come from economically disadvantaged households, and the school has a 67% minority student enrollment.

These students are under the care and supervision of 34 tutors and one counselor. When you compute this, you'll end up with a student-teacher ratio of 14:1, on the same level as the district's average. This low ratio creates a ripple effect that leads to fewer dropout cases, higher graduation rates, and better performance in state-required tests.

Notably, 50% of Daggett Montessori students attained or exceeded the Math proficiency level, while 57% achieved the same for Reading.

Young Women's Leadership Academy (YWLA)

401 E. 8th St. Fort Worth, TX 76102

The first single-gender school in the Fort Worth Independent School District, YWLA, was established in August 2010. This facility addresses young women's needs thanks to its outstanding college preparatory curriculum focusing on Technology, Math, and Science.

The school serves 504 scholars who experience dynamic learning that inspires self-confidence, encourages critical thinking, and nurtures academic and personal development. Thus, they come out ready for successful college education, career, or future life. Furthermore, the facility has an outstanding minority enrollment of 89% and sets aside 76% slots for financially disadvantaged learners.

Fort Worth's YWLA Middle School has one counselor and 36 seasoned teachers. One teacher handles 14 learners, on par with the district's average student-teacher ratio. Besides providing a favorable setting for learning, the staff team also takes scholars through challenging coursework, field exploration, and personalized counseling.

The results have been worthwhile, considering the facility's impressive rankings out of 1,942 middle schools in Texas. 

GreatSchools.Org. awards YWLA Middle School a summary rating of 8/10. Statewide, the school ranks #191. But it ranks top among its Fort Worth Independent School District peers. 

Moreover, the students performed well above expectations in Reading and Math proficiency, taking positions 78 and 745. 65% of learners managed or exceeded the Math proficiency level, while 77% excelled in Reading Proficiency. 

Best High Schools

Young Men's Leadership Academy

5100 Willie Fort Worth, TX 76105 

Fort Worth's YMLA High School is almost on par with its middle school counterpart, standing out as one of the best among its peers.

The whole idea and curriculum are based on boys learning differently from their female peers. Thus, the faculty recognizes their specific social, academic, and emotional needs and addresses them using custom instruction tailored for the male learner.

The facility serves 148 students and boasts a minority enrollment of 96.1%. Of this populace, 81% comprises economically disadvantaged learners, while those in the free lunch program form 80%.

Also, the facility has 36 teachers working full-time to ensure each learner experiences a rigorous and highly interactive learning environment. This translates to an 11: student-teacher ratio. The team delivers instruction in a conducive environment with a strong mutual trust and brotherhood culture.  

Students can take Advanced Placement sessions, with the school guaranteeing an AP participation rate of 86%.

GreatSchools.Org rates the high school at 4/10. But how does Fort Worth's YMLA High School rank based on graduation, state-required examinations, and student preparedness for college?

Well, it's pretty much above average. YMLA is the third best in the district and ranks position 53 in the Dallas Metro Area. Moreover, the institution ranks in position 178 among Texas high schools and #1,739 nationally. 

Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences

300 Trinity Campus Cir, Fort Worth, TX 76102 

Another top-ranking high school in Fort Worth, Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences (TABS), is situated within the state-of-the-art Tarrant County College campus at Trinity River. The facility serves learners from all backgrounds who are passionate about the medical field.

The faculty and school's primary objective is to provide learners in the early college environment with a rigorous curriculum that prepares them for the Medical career demands and experiences. Moreover, the staff strives to raise well-educated youngsters who can succeed in their professions and offer value to the community.

TABS has a total enrollment of 364, of which 76% are learners from financially disadvantaged homes, 74% are under the free lunch program, and 2% signed up for the reduced-price lunch program. Furthermore, the minority enrollment at this school is 87.9%.

The facility has 23 teachers working full time, translating to a 16:1 student-teacher ratio. These tutors take learners through the facility's Advanced Placement program with a 100% AP participation rate. The staff team's efforts pay off if the latest results are anything to go by.

Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences has a GreatSchools.Org summary rating of 9/10. The school also ranks #15 in the Dallas Metro Area and #44 in state rankings. Nationally, the high school ranks in position 258. 

Young Women's Leadership Academy 

401 E 8th St, Fort Worth, TX 76102 

Like their middle school peers, Fort Worth's YMLA High School also ranks high among the best institutions in the state at its level. The facility serves an outstanding college preparatory program for 236 students. In this all-female population, learners from economically disadvantaged homes form 76% of the population, equal to those in the free lunch program.

The facility has 36 teachers working full-time, with each tutor overseeing 14 learners. As a result, the student ratio is quite fair, and students can get the attention they need to improve academically.

Learners can sign up for Advanced Placement studies and sit for examinations. In fact, the facility boasts an AP participation rate of 100%. Performance-wise, the school is among the top ranking based on state-statutory exams, graduation, and learner preparation for college.

GreatSchools.Org rates YMLA High School at 8/10. The school tops its peers in the school district and ranks at position 8 in the Dallas Metro Area. Statewide, the institution takes up position 21. Compared to its peers across the nation, the school ranks #130. 

Today marks a proud moment. Looking forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.


Never Compromise Your Child's Education

The Dallas Fort Worth Community offers multiple choices for parents seeking the best learning institutions for their learners. Every top-ranking school in this list, elementary, middle, or high, is guaranteed to take your child to the next level academically and regarding self-development.

To choose the right school, you must heed several vital considerations. For instance, you want a facility close to your home, one with qualified staff, and one with exceptional performance in state-required exams. Also, consider schools with programs befitting your young learner's talent, capabilities, and passions.

That way, you'll ensure your child gets the best quality education for their whole development.

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