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The 10 Top-Rated Schools in El Paso Today

The 10 Top-Rated Schools in El Paso Today

El Paso doesn't enjoy the travelers' attention of other major hubs, but the borderline “City in the Sun” has many surprises. 

Besides its family friendliness and easy climate, the city is home to the state's 12th-largest independent school district. This region comprises 46 elementary schools, 14 middle schools, and 10 high schools. 

Of course, the “right” choice may vary based on preference, but you want a safe learning facility with qualified teachers and a child-centric curriculum. If you're looking for a school with all these, we got you!

Here's a comprehensive review of the ten best schools in El Paso based on GreatSchools Summary Ratings, state rankings, Math or English proficiency, and online reviews. 

Best Elementary Schools

Lamar Elementary

940 Belvidere Street, El Paso, TX, 79912

Situated within walking distance of the DoSeum, Botanical Gardens, and Witte is the PK3-6th grade Lamar Elementary. The institution opened its doors in 1955 and has undergone numerous reconstructions and additions over the years to reach its current status.

Lamar Elementary is home to 301 students, with 47% representing the male population, while females are the majority at 53%. All these are under the care of 24 full-time teachers and a school counselor, all certified. This translates to a 12:1 student-teacher ratio, way better than the 15.3 national average.  

The institution fairs well when it comes to overall rankings. It occupies the second position among the district's elementary schools and ranks number 223 at the state level, which is quite impressive. In addition, scholars achieved reading and math proficiency ranks of 611 and 102, respectively.

The percentage of students who scored at or beyond the Math proficiency level was 82%, while 62% achieved or went past the reading proficiency level.

All these impressive performance stats explain why the institution manages a GreatSchools Rating of 6/10. Moreover, the institution boasts a great reputation, as evident in the numerous positive reviews.  

Polk Elementary

940 Belvidere St, El Paso, TX 79912

Established in 1981, Polk Elementary School is an exceptional Independent School District institution. The institution is situated on the western side of town on the corner of Belvidere and Westwind and boasts a long story of excellence.

According to the institution's website, the school educates the whole learner, prioritizing academic excellence and life skills.  

Polk Elementary houses 627 learners. Of these, 48% are females, while 52% are males. The institution also enrolls economically disadvantaged students, who comprise 46% of the population. These learners depend on 42 full-time teachers and a counselor. Consequently, the student-teacher ratio is 15:1. This is higher than the district's average and lower than the national ratio.   

Learners in the institution are among the best performing in the state, holding the 179th position among their peers. The school has a reading proficiency rank of 203 with a 73% pass rate and a Math proficiency rank of 260 with a 75% pass rate.

Former Polk Elementary students and parents of the schools have a lot to laud the institution for, contributing to the numerous positive reviews regarding the institution. The 8/10 GreatSchools Summary Rating highlights the experience you should expect.

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Tippin Elementary

6541 Bear Rdg Dr, El Paso, TX 79912

One of the most recently established elementary schools on our list, Tippin Elementary began operations in 2004. The institution got its name from Mary N. Tippin, 

Tutors leverage a strategic plan prioritizing enriched instruction, robust intervention programs, and continuous progress monitoring. They use this to offer a progressive, challenging, learner-focused program in a healthy, safe learning environment.

The public elementary school serves a population of 570 learners from kindergarten to the fifth grade. Unlike Polk and Lamar Elementary schools, the male population dominates Tippin at 54% while the girls trail at 46%. Moreover, the institution serves economically disadvantaged learners and minority students, making up 32% and 82% of the scholars, respectively.

Tippin Elementary relies on 44 equivalent full-time teachers and a full-time counselor. Thus, the student–tutor ratio is 13:1, better than the district and national averages. This means students get full attention, and the impacts are evident in the institution's statewide rank of 304.

Interestingly, 71 percent of learners attained or exceeded the math proficiency pass threshold, while 74% earned or surpassed the reading pass mark. The #177 reading proficiency and #421 Math proficiency ranks make it one of the best institutions in the community. The school also has an 8/10 GreatSchools Summary Rating.   

Cielo Vista Elementary

9000 Basil Ct, El Paso, TX 79925

This remarkable elementary school is at the heart of El Paso's Cielo Vista area. Learners begin at the Pre-K level through fifth grade, then proceed to MacArthur Middle School before joining Burges High School. The staff's primary objective is to ensure each child attains their maximum potential.

Cielo Vista Elementary takes care of 309 learners. Out of the population, 52% are boys, while girls comprise 48% of the population. Furthermore, the school allocates 57% of slots for economically disadvantaged students, and the minority learner enrolment is 92%.

The institution's 28 full-time teachers collaborate with a school counselor to serve this student population. This translates to a student-teacher ratio of 11:1, the lowest of all top-rated elementary schools in El Paso. As a result, tutors can focus on teaching and grading quality instead of quantity.

Cielo Vista Elementary exhibits impressive academic performance. When placed against the 4,446 institutions in Texas, Cielo Vista Elementary ranks at position 411. Furthermore, the institution ranked at position 611 and 566 for reading and math proficiency, respectively. Overall, 67% of learners scored above the math proficiency level, while 62% scored above the reading proficiency level. 

The elementary school has a GreatSchools Summary Rating of 7/10. Although it's the lowest in this list, it's a relatively high performance considering the institution ranks among the top 10% in the state.

Best Middle Schools

Richardson Middle

11350 Loma Franklin DR EL Paso, TX 79934

When looking for the right middle school for your young scholar, you want an institution with a unique learning environment and culture to aid your child's learning. You also need a school with a hands-on, challenging, and relevant curriculum. 

RMS got its name from Coach Nolan Richardson of the Texas Western College. He's the only head coach to win the NCAA, NIT, and a junior College National championship. 

One of El Paso's most reputable learning institutions for sixth to eighth graders, Richardson Middle School serves a student population of 729. The number comprises 53% male learners, while the rest (47%) are female. RMS also dedicates 62% of enrolment slots to economically disadvantaged learners, and the middle school has an 87% minority enrolment rate. 

A total of 46 full-time teachers serve the learners alongside two full-time counselors. As a result, the institution has a student-to-teacher ratio of 16:1, quite higher than the national average. But despite the seemingly immense workload, the institution still exhibits exemplary results every year. 

RMS ranks at position 553 out of 1942 middle schools in El Paso. The school registered a 54% and 53% pass rate in Math and reading proficiency, respectively. Moreover, the institution's statewide reading proficiency rank is 526, while math proficiency is at position 694. 

A 7/10 GreatSchools Summary Rating and numerous impressive online reviews make Richardson Middle one of the district's best 6th to 8th-grade institutions. 

Young Women's Steam Research & Preparatory Academy

2231 Arizona Ave, El Paso, TX 79930

Established in 2017, this new learning institution aims to empower STEAM students to dream, create, and deliver valuable solutions to improve the world. Moreover, staff members always strive to sustain a healthy culture that entails.

The institution serves 433 students, engaging and exposing them to STEAM-centered innovation and design. All learners undergo Project-Based Learning, gaining valuable knowledge aligned with real-world contexts. This population is entirely female, with 61% comprising economically disadvantaged learners and 87% coming from minority communities.  

Learners receive the attention of 23 teachers and one school counselor, all working full-time. This means that the student-teacher ratio is 16:1, which is pretty burdensome but insufficient to affect the institution's remarkable performance record. 

Young Women's Steam Research & Preparatory Academy ranks 588 among the state's middle schools. Only 48% of all learners scored above the Math proficiency level, while 60% exceeded the reading proficiency level. The institution ranks 310 and 949 for reading and Math proficiency, respectively. 

While this is a much lower Math proficiency ranking than its peers, very few institutions in the district can match this preparatory academy's rankings. In addition, the school has a GreatSchools Summary Rating of 6/10. 

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Lincoln Middle School

500 Mulberry Avenue, El Paso, TX 79932

Named after the United States 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln Middle School is also among the El Paso middle schools you can count on. Besides its outstandingly conducive learning environment, learners between the sixth and eighth grades also gain immensely from the school's learner-focused approach.

Lincoln Middle School serves 713 students. The male population takes up 51%, while the females are 49%. Furthermore, the institution has a minority student enrolment of 89% and dedicates 67% of enrolment slots to economically disadvantaged learners.

One school counselor handles the student's needs alongside 44 certified full-time teachers. A quick calculation reveals a student–teacher ratio of 16:1. While this is a pretty high number compared to the district and national averages, it places the institution on the same level as numerous reliable middle schools in El Paso.

Lincoln Middle School is also among the top performers in the district, with a statewide ranking of 782. About 53% of learners reached the Math proficiency level, while 47% scored above the reading pass threshold. This contributed to the 745 and 744 reading and Math proficiency rankings, respectively.

Besides being one of the most reputable learning institutions in El Paso, Lincoln Middle School also boasts a GreatSchools Summary Rating of 6/10. 

Best High Schools

Transmountain Early College High School

9570 Gateway N Blvd Ec, El Paso, TX 79924

Transmountain is among your best options if you're looking for a reputable El Paso high school. It's among the 13 El Paso Independent School District's high schools and serves as a T-STEM Academy and an Early College High School. In essence, students here complete Distinguished Achievement Graduation Plan (DAGP) coursework for high school while participating in a college Associate's Degree.

While Transmountain Early College High School prioritizes STEM learners, it accepts applications from anyone who earns a promotion to 9th grade. Scholars can earn EPCC associate degrees before graduating from high school. Furthermore, advanced students can attend the University of Texas courses in their senior year once they finish their associate degree.

The fact that scholars can take on AP coursework and exams is a plus. Moreover, the institution boasts an impressive participation rate of 87%. Out of the entire population, 67% comprises economically disadvantaged learners.

Notably, Transmountain Early College High School ranks as the 68th best-performing school in the state. The school also ranks second in the El Paso Metro Area and is the best of all El Paso Independent School District High Schools. Nationally, it's at position 428 with a 9/10 GreatSchools Summary Rating.

Northwest Early College High School has a GreatSchools Summary Rating of 9/10. 

Valle Verde Early College High School

919 Hunter Dr, El Paso, TX 79915

Valle Verde Early College High School (VVECHS) is situated within the El Paso Community College, near Hawkins and North Loop. One of the region's top high schools, it opened its doors in 2007 with only five teachers and 125 students. Verde is among the ten schools within the Ysleta Independent School District. 

The learners complete their coursework with a 100% reading TAKS passing average, a feat no other high school had achieved in the district. Fast forward over two decades later, the institution has become one of the state's most reputable. 

Students in this institution get to undertake Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum and examinations at a 100% AP participation rate. Economically disadvantaged learners form 55% of the population, and the institution registers a total minority enrolment of 97%.

Interestingly, VVECHS prides itself as home to students of intense academic rigor. Learners in the institution are best suited to take on high school and college coursework concurrently. They never disappoint in terms of performance.

Valle Verde Early College High School ranks at position 345 nationally. It's also number 60 in the state's high schools and ranks first among institutions in the El Paso Metro Area and Ysleta Independent School District. With all these accomplishments, it's no surprise that the institution has a GreatSchools Summary Rating of 9/10.

Northwest Early College High School (NWECHS)

6701 S Desert Blvd Building N, El Paso, TX 79932

The Northwest Early College High School, also called NWECHS, is a collaboration between El Paso Community College and the Canutillo Independent School District. Established in 2008, this school is among the institutions offering the unique opportunity to pursue an associate degree and a high school diploma. 

NWECHS provides a highly rigorous study environment for a college education head start. It's within EPCC's Northwest Campus, and select scholars complete their high school coursework and college-level classes under the guidance of highly-qualified tutors and professors. Like its peers, Northwest Early College High School boasts 100% participation. The school also has a 92% total minority enrollment, and 53% of learners are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. 

NWECHS is one of the two high schools forming the Canutillo Independent School District. It takes up position 449 in the national rankings and is among the best-performing in the state at number 72. The institution is also the third-best high school in the El Paso Metro Area. 

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Don’t Compromise on Your Child’s Quality of Education

Understandably, it can be difficult to pick the right school for your young learner considering the numerous learning facilities in the El Paso Metropolitan Area. But with the above information, you now have a glimpse of the best-performing schools in the El Paso Independent School District, whether you're looking for an elementary, middle, or high school slot.

Each option in this guide has unique attributes, so be sure to prioritize your child's abilities and needs before settling on one. When you make the right choice, your student will enjoy a fulfilling learning experience in a fun environment that guarantees success.  

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