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The 10 Top-Rated Schools in Delaware Today

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The 10 Top-Rated Schools in Delaware Today

Delaware isn't just President Joe Biden's home state; it's also the second smallest state in the USA after Rhode Island. But don't let tiny geography fool you; the region packs a lot within the adjacent borderlines, from a rich culture and vernacular architecture to one of the best education systems in the country.

Whether you're looking for an elementary, middle, or high school opportunity for your child, you can always count on the schools within the region to offer the best curriculums for all-around growth. The only problem comes when you have to choose a good institution from the vast options available.

Generally, your choice will depend on personal preferences. But the following ten top-rated schools in Delaware can offer the best learning environment for your child.  

Best Elementary Schools

Lake Forest East Elementary School

124 West Front Street, Frederica, DE 19946

The Frederica community is also fortunate to experience the true value of the Lake Forest School network. Serving K-3 to 282 students, the Lake Forest East Elementary School ranks among the best in the state, if not nationwide. Current and former parents laud its far-reaching curriculum seeking to maximize learners' academic potential and nurture talent.

Girls dominate the student population here, comprising 53%. Boys form 49% of the populace. Furthermore, the facility dedicates 43% of slots to minority student enrollment.

The entire group of students benefits from the services of 22 tutors and a school counselor. Compared to the number of students in the school, every teacher serves 13 students, which is better than the district's student-teacher ratio. In addition, the staff team provides a comprehensive curriculum for academic, emotional, and social well-being.

Students also exhibited remarkable performance in math and reading proficiency, with 77% of them attaining or scoring above the proficiency levels of both subjects. As a result, the facility ranks seventh and eighth out of 109 elementary schools in the state.

Academics aside, the facility is also reputable for identifying and nurturing the talents of young scholars and building valuable citizens who can contribute to societal growth. The facility manages a greatschools.org summary rating of 7/10. 

Lake Forest North Elementary School

319 East Main Street, Felton, DE 19943

Situated in the mid-size suburb of Felton, DE, Lake Forest North Elementary School serves 462 students from kindergarten to the third grade. 34% of this population represents the facility's minority student enrollment. Furthermore, the populace is male-dominated, with boys forming 51% and girls trailing at 49%.

A seasoned and dedicated staff team serves the interests of students. The school has 37 teachers collaborating with a school counselor, all working full-time. This translates to a student-teacher ratio of 12:1, which is better than the district's statistics.

The setup means that teachers deal with less workload. Thus, they can dedicate sufficient attention to each student and aid them towards the best outcomes. Consequently, the facility always delivers exemplary yearly performance, as evident in its impressive rankings.

Lake Forest North Elementary School ranks second among its state peers. On the other hand, it's the top elementary school within the Lake Forest School District.

The facility's reading and math performance are well above expectations. At the movement, the school boasts a reading proficiency rank of #8 and tops the ranks regarding math proficiency. This results in 82% of students achieving or surpassing the math proficient level and 77% making it past the same level for reading.

To sum up the impressive rankings, the school has a greatschools.org summary rating of 8/10.

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Allen Frear Elementary School

238 Sorghum Mill Road, Camden, DE 19934

Camden isn't lauded as a home to too many top-ranking facilities. Still, Allen Frear Elementary School is sure to tickle the fancy of parents seeking to nurture their young learners' talents at a tender age. The elementary school was named after Joseph Allen Frear Jr (1903-1993), an American politician and entrepreneur. The Democrat served as Delaware's Senator between 1949 and 1961.

Besides its academic excellence, the facility is also reputable for its enviable accolades, including its status as a National Blue Ribbon school. The school's current population is 663, serving from grades one to five with a 43% minority enrollment. Females represent 49% of the population, while boys dominate at 51%.

The Allen Frear Elementary School staff team comprises 44 teachers and one school counselor, all working full-time. A quick calculation leaves us with a student-teacher ratio of 15:1, similar to the Caesar Rodney School District ratio.

At the moment, Allen Frear Elementary School ranks as the third best among the elementary schools in the state. It also tops the Caesar Rodney School District Elementary Schools category.

These enticing rankings can be attributed to students' impressive performance on state-mandated examinations. They also indicate that the facility prepares students adequately for the next phase of learning, which is middle school.

Also, Allen Frear Elementary School boasts a reading proficiency rank of 3 and a math proficiency rank of 14. This performance comes from 71% of students scoring at or above the math proficient level and 83% achieving the same for reading. Additionally, on greatschools.org, this school has a 9/10 summary rating.

Newark Charter School

200 Mcintire Drive, Newark, DE 19711

A group of visionary teachers and parents established the Newark Charter School. Their primary objective was to create an academic alternative inside the public school system. The State Board of Education sanctioned the institution's charter a year later.

Newark Charter School first opened its doors in 2001. Since they couldn't secure a permanent premise then, they used rented trailers as their first classrooms. During the first year, the school enrolled 435 students spread across grades 5, 6, and 7, who used the trailers until the 2003-2004 academic year when they could finally afford a permanent facility.

About two decades later, the school has become the top in the state. The facility serves K-12 to 2,436 learners and has a 40% minority student enrollment. Again, the male and female students share the spoils in terms of population, representing 50% each.

All these students are under the care and guidance of 141 tutors working alongside eight counselors. This number translates to a student-teacher ratio of 17:1, on par with the district ratio.

Performance-wise, this is arguably the most competitive school in the state. Delaware's Newark Charter School ranks in the top position in Delaware state rankings and among the Charter Elementary Schools in the region.

Furthermore, students display exemplary math and reading proficiency results, and the school ranks second in both categories. 87% of students in this school attained or exceeded the reading proficiency level, while 83% achieved the same for math.

Newark Charter School's greatschools.org summary rating of 9/10 is well deserved.

Best Middle Schools

Dover Air Force Base Middle School

3100 Hawthorne Drive, Dover, DE 19901

Dover's Air Force Base Middle School wouldn't miss any review of the best intermediary facilities in the state. The institution supports a student population of 177 spread between the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Of these, 48% are boys, while 52% are girls. Furthermore, the facility has a 43% minority student enrollment.  

A team of 14 tutors and a school counselor care for these learners, leading to a student-teacher ratio of 13:1. This is better than the district's average, meaning students can receive special attention, a crucial component of individual academic triumph.

Dover Air Force Base Middle School takes pride in maintaining a culture of academic excellence, as evident in its enviable rankings. The institution ranks fifth in statewide middle school rankings and is the best in the Caesar Rodney School District.

The school also performs well in math and reading proficiency, ranking fifth and fourth, respectively. This achievement comes from 82% of students attaining or scoring above the reading level and 67% surpassing the math proficiency threshold. On greatschools.org, Dover Air Force Base Middle School boasts a 9/10 summary Rating.

Southern Delaware School of the Arts

27 Hosier Street, Selbyville, DE 19975

The Southern Delaware School of the Arts is another impressive option for parents looking for a top-ranking Delaware middle school. Situated in Selbyville, this facility serves K-8 to 450 scholars. 

Out of this student population, 22% represents minority student enrollment slots. Moreover, the female populace is more dominant, representing 61% of all learners. On the other hand, boys fill up only 39%.

One of the most attractive aspects of this top-ranking middle school is the dedicated staff team that's always out to create well-rounded students who succeed in class and outside. Students depend on 32 experienced tutors and one school counselor, all working full-time. This makes the student-teacher ratio 14:1, similar to the Indian River School District ratio. 

Southern Delaware School of the Arts boasts impressive rankings thanks to the joint effort between tutors, learners, and their parents. For instance, it's the fourth-best middle school in the state. The facility also ranks atop all the Indian River School District Middle Schools and the state's Magnet Middle Schools. 

Students also score highly in math and reading proficiency. 84% of them attained or exceeded the proficiency level for reading, while 73% passed the math level. The facility is the fourth best in the state in reading proficiency and ranks in position seven for math proficiency. Moreover, it boasts a greatschools.org summary rating of 8/10.

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Sussex Academy of Arts and Sciences

21150 Airport Road, Georgetown, DE 19947

Sussex Academy of Arts and Sciences is a top-ranking charter school in the mid-size city of Georgetown, Delaware. It has one of the largest student populations in this review, serving 1,126 young learners between the 6th and 12th grades. 

The girls lead in the populace, comprising 54% of students, while the boys represent 46%. Furthermore, the school has a 25% minority enrollment rate. 

Each staff member has a part to play in ensuring a secure and conducive learning environment. The team comprises 62 tutors and a school counselor, all working full-time. The school's performance in state-required assessments, graduation, and student preparation for high school clearly shows that the efforts are bearing fruit. 

At the moment, the Sussex Academy of Arts and Sciences ranks as the second best among the state's middle schools. It also takes up the second position amongst Delaware Charter Middle Schools. These impressive rankings can be attributed to the 93% of students who attained the reading pass mark and the 78% who succeeded similarly in math proficiency. 

Academics aside, this facility offers numerous opportunities to leverage collaborative extracurricular activities. 

In the News

In June 2023, Milford Live reported that several Eagle Scouts were graduating from local schools. One of those Eagle Scouts, Nicholas Schimmel, attended Sussex Academy. Achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, which is the highest rank in the Boy Scouts, is incredibly difficult and takes a lot of dedication. Only about four percent of all Boy Scouts become an Eagle Scout. These boys' troop initially started with 25 members; only seven of them attained the Eagle Scout status. That's more than most troops average. One of the Eagle Scouts attributed their success to their ability to motivate each other.

Best High Schools

Cab Calloway School of the Arts 

100 North Dupont Road, Wilmington, Delaware 

Wilmington, DE residents looking for a reputable fine and performing arts school can find solace in Cab Calloway School of the Arts. It's among the Red Clay Consolidated School District's seven high schools and boasts a 47% minority enrollment.

The 507 students in this top-ranking Delaware high school undergo a rigorous curriculum that combines academics and arts. This approach helps learners develop their creativity, critical thinking, and independent investigation skills. Afterward, students learn how to apply the acquired skills innovatively.

The student-teacher ratio of 20:1 isn't burdensome to teachers; hence students get the attention they need from their tutors. Graduates typically demonstrate a mastery of social, academic, and artistic capabilities that boost their creativity, productivity, and civic responsibility as global citizens.

Students specialize in communication arts, digital media, dance, instrumental music, technical theatre, strings, piano, visual arts, theater performance, and vocal music. They're free to enroll in advanced placement programs, and the school boasts a 90% AP participation rate.

The institution celebrates a 100% graduation rate yearly, and 98% to 100% of graduates qualify for post-secondary programs.

Greatschools.org rates Cab Calloway at 8/10 thanks to the school’s impressive performance in statewide examinations. The facility ranks in the top position in the school district and position 3 in Delaware. It also ranks #128 among its STEM peers, #69 in the magnet category, and #8 in the Philadelphia Metro Area.  Nationally, Cab Calloway ranks in position 330. 

The primary factors contributing to the high school's success are students' passion for their craft and coursework, constant engagement by caregivers and parents in their children's learning, and the safe learning setup that motivates and inspires education.

In the News

On April 19, 2023, State of Delaware News reported that Cab Calloway's Race Team won the 2023 Junior Solar Sprint. The competition involved each team building their own solar-powered model car. Teams received points for their design, speed in the race, and overall portfolio. Cab Calloway's team scored the most points, allowing them to secure their championship. An environmental expert remarked that the competition demonstrates competitors “commitment to taking on the environmental challenges we face today”.

For another story about Cab Calloway, check out this article from January 2023.

Newark Charter High School 

200 Mcintire Drive, Newark, Delaware 

Like its elementary and intermediate school counterparts, Newark Charter High School stands out among the best in Delaware. Shortly after opening its doors in 2001, the facility changed its address, and students chose “The Patriot” as the school mascot after the 9/11 attacks.

It was not until April 2012 that the State Board of Education voted overwhelmingly for the inclusion of a high school section. As a result, Newark Charter is the first K-12 school in the state. More than 950 students have graduated from this facility since its inception. In 2020, the facility awarded diplomas to the first group to complete the entire K-12 curriculum.

The school's location is what used to be the Lear Corporation factory, which served the Chrysler Newark Assembly plant with car seats. At the moment, it serves 723 students at a teacher-student ratio of 17:1. Here's how it fairs in rankings:

Newark Charter School boasts a greatschools.org summary rating of 9/10, which is quite impressive. It’s the second-best high school in Delaware and ranks in position 7 in the Philadelphia Metro Area. Furthermore, the facility ranks 72nd and 246th in Charter and STEM high schools. Nationally, the facility ranks #296. 

Typically, the facility allows scholars to enroll in advanced placement programs. It boasts an AP participation rate of 77% alongside a 40% minority enrollment. Furthermore, it's the sole high school within the Newark Charter School family.

In the News

On May 16, 2023, 1st State Update reported that Newark Charter School had selected Sam Golder as its new Head of School. Golder remarked that with the growing success and popularity of the school, it's a great time to join their community as their new head. The search for a new Head of School was a months-long process that evaluated talent from all over the nation. Golder's engagement with the community was highlighted as one of his best strengths. Golder has over 25 years of experience working in education.

For more stories about Newark Charter School, check out this article from April 2023 and this article from April 2023.

Charter School of Wilmington 

100 North Dupont Road, Wilmington, Delaware 

Established in 1996, the Charter School of Wilmington was among the US's first independent charter learning institutions. Since then, the facility has experienced tremendous growth and is currently one of the country's top-ranked high schools.

The team of employees at this school strive to create a welcoming environment and inclusive culture that supports and highlights the community's diversity. Furthermore, the school serves 965 students who study in a discrimination-free environment. The student-teacher ratio is 20:1.

Students complete a curriculum strongly emphasizing science, math, engineering education, and technology. These subjects provide about half of the credits they need to graduate.

Besides academics, students participate in extracurricular activities like mock trials, debate and speech clubs, and multiple athletic teams. The facility's state assessment scores usually rank #1 in the state. Here's how the school performs in other areas:

Charter School of Wilmington boasts the highest greatschools.org rating of 10/10. The facility ranks top in the state and is the third best in the Philadelphia Metro Area. Furthermore, it takes positions 128 and 16 in the STEM and Charter High Schools categories. Nationally, the school ranks #76. 

All these impressive rankings make Charter School of Wilmington one of the most desirable schools in the city and state.   

The pressure of achieving good grades can be daunting, but it's important to remember that hard work and dedication always pays off.

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How to Make the Right Choice

While we crafted our comprehensive review to give you a sneak peek into the Delaware education environment, picking the school that suits your needs from the available options can still take time and effort. As you already know, there's no standard definition of what makes a good school. There are multiple considerations that you must heed to make the right choice.

For instance, you want a top-ranking school that's within your location for commute convenience. It's also wise to consider the facility's services or programs, placing them against your young learner's learning capabilities, interests, and talent. You also want a school that stands out in terms of graduation rate and one that offers extracurricular activities your child enjoys.

With all these in mind, you'll easily choose an institution that befits your young student's needs.

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